How to write a book title in an essay correctly?

Book titles are one of the most critical aspects that will attract more readers to your article. You should spend a colossal time and energy while looking for your book’s title essay. Most of the best writers or companies have usually set aside considerable time when writing the book’s title, that is why they come up with the best titles for their books. A title is an essential thing for your essay as it tells the readers what the book is all about.

In this article, we are going to discuss how you can write an incredible book title for your essay.

What is the importance of the book title in an essay?

A title plays a considerable role in the marketing of your book. It is the first thing that creates an impression to the readers even before the covers of the books sometimes. The title creates a first judgment to the reader.
The title will determine which grade you will get in your essay. It must be attractive to ensure that your professor reads the whole book.

Features of a good title

A good title should have the following traits:

  • Attention-grabbing

A title is one of the first things that attract readers to work. An excellent title will make you stand out and create a superb first-time impression. No one will go through the say if the title is boring much. There are several ways of grabbing the attention of the readers. They include:

  1. Provocative;
  2. Controversial;
  3. Exciting;
  4. Make a promise;
  5. Your title should be so good that will make people stop what they are doing to have a glimpse of your piece;
  6. Memorable and shareable.

A good title should be able to stick to the mind of the readers. The title of the book is the first understanding the readers have about your book essay, and it will lead them back again to work. If you have a robust title that is very difficult for someone to memorize, it will be challenging for people to share it. The title of the book should be easily searchable. The title should be straightforward to enable people to look for it and find your whole essay on platforms such as Amazon and Google.

  • Informative

It is very crucial to give readers the readers a clue on what the body of essay entails by including subtitles. If you make the people understand the title easily, then there is a very high chance of them going through the whole essay to find out the information related to the topic. Do not overthink while writing the title as you will end up writing an unfortunate title.

Ensure you use clear and easy grammar for all the people since if you use hard vocabularies, only those understanding will be interested in the work. Using these words will contribute immensely on failing of your essay. However, you need to be very careful to ensure the book title does not state the whole ideas of the book.

  • Comfortable and not embarrassing to say

Ensure that the title created will enable people to understand and respond to the words and phrases they can easily understand. If the title is written using hard concepts that are very difficult to pronounce or phrases that sound awkward when pronouncing them, they will not be interested in the rest of the work.

Brainstorm on how you think people will take to feel when reading the title that you have selected. Do not use a title that will make a person feel stupid when pronouncing it.

  • Short

Do not write a very long title. A title is not a very long sentence. A short title is very memorable and very more comfortable to say to the target audience. A short story will ensure the book cover has enough space. It is recommended to use a one-word title as they are the best. The title should be the core idea of the essay, and it will be perfect if you use five words or less than five words.

A subtitle should be a little bit longer and give a summary of what the readers should expect in the essay.

How to choose the best book title in an essay?

  1. Write the title last. Write the essay first before the topic. It may sound excellent writing the title first, but writing last will incredibly benefit you. Some of the best writers do not begin their essays with the topic. You may have a glimpse of the topic and the arguments to back it up but writing the essay first before the topic is an excellent idea as it will give you tip of what should be included in the topic. Reread the essay after writing and know the topic you will write that will be pleasant to the reader. Crating the title last will see you save a lot of time. You will reduce the amount of time you will take figuring out what the topic should be and instead channel the time on doing research.
  2. Use the thesis statement. This process also involves writing the topic last. A title should be able to help the reader to continue reading the paper. The thesis statement will give you this idea that you wrote in the introduction. Try integrating a part of the thesis statement on the topic.
  3. Use phrases and clichés that you can rework on. You can apply some of the best phrases and clichés to the topic of the essay. Make topics that will attract the attention of the readers. The topics should be very eye-catching hence the need to use an amusing phrase or brings out the pun. Use some clichés that you can twist to adapt to the topic.
  4. The tone of the essay. The tone of the essay can help you write an excellent topic for the essay. If the essay is formal, it requires a lot of seriousness; hence you need not be silly, witty in the subject. You can be funny, silly if the essay is a personal statement, and includes anecdotes, but you also need to be very intelligent. The tone of the essay should match with the title. However, you should put in mind whatever the essay you are writing on, and you need not use jargon and abbreviations in the essay.
  5. Use the central idea/quote. Use this rule where applicable, as it is not a general rule. You can use a quote about the topic you are writing on. If connected to the essay, use lyrics. Use a thought-provoking quote from the essay to write the topic.


An essay title is the best thing that ensures that people will read your essay or not. Going through this article will help you come up with the best title for your essay.

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