Free essay writers: myth or reality?

Are you stuck with your essay? Worry no more, there exist numerous platforms where you can get incredible free essays writing. A student may have lots of activities or assignments to cover hence making it challenging to write an essay. Students will turn to essay writing services to help them with their essays.

Legit cheap essay providers have helped a lot of students in doing the essay. However, you need to be careful as some companies are not as legitimate as they claim. You can get excellent essay writer free services with great free essay editors.

In this article, we will discuss the best writing companies, essay generators, that will write an excellent free essay or low cost paper for you.

There are some popular absolutely free or cheapest price essay writers


Essaybot is the best AI writing tool to write your paper faster and cheaper, and you can get low or middle quality content for 1 hour.

  • Pricing. After creating the paper, you are asked to subscribe. The subscription is not free. It is very cheap as you only pay $ 2.95 for a week, a monthly $ 9.95, and yearly $ 59.40. These services are affordable compared to other services
  • Discount. EssayBot does not provide a discount to the customers. It is very pocket-friendly; however, you do not spend huge bucks of money when getting the services from it.
  • Paper quality. EssayBot will give you a plagiarism-free paper. You also participate in the writing of the article. However, it will rephrase your essay which will lead to very hard readability of your text
  • Delivery time. EssayBot beat the deadline and will submit your paper on time
  • Customer services and other services. The website does not have a live chat but a FAQ section only where they have given answers to all your questions. There is nowhere you can contact the website owners for clarification
  • It provides other services such as grammar check, plagiarism check, etc.

Essay generators

What is an essay generator?

It is a tool or a website that will take your topic and creates an essay that you require. They allow you to ask them all types of questions and uses keywords to make an excellent essay for you. No matter the topic you are writing on, the essay generator like EssayTyper will give you the report of the article.

They are excellent tools for students by making their school life very easy.

  • Write an essay on any subject.
  • Write essays automatically
  • Unique content is produced since it is excellent in paraphrasing
  • know the number of words in the essay
  • Create a bibliography of cited words
  • Plagiarism free content
  • How do they work and how to use them

Choose a topic

Most of the essay generator will not do all the work for you. You need to provide the topic for them. The keywords you want to be integrated into the essay must also be provided. The keywords will assist the generator immensely in focusing on the things that matter. The essay generator will research keywords for the topic and gathering useful details from them to be added to the essay.

This is among the reasons why it is dubbed as a search engine.

Start typing

It is not necessarily an important step, and you may not do it for some essay generators. Most of the best essay generators will provide avenues of having a feeling of writing the essay by you. Typing randomly on the keyboard leads, to the article appearing on the screen. It just plays with the keyboard as you see the words appear.

Go through suggestion

It also an optional procedure you can decide to do. Essay generators that are the best will give you numerous paragraph options in the essays. You will determine the ones that fit the theme and topic best. This process will make you have full control of your essay.

Check grammar mistakes

Checking grammar is an essential factor in all essay writing. Some exits mistakes will appear on the paper even after being composed by a high skilled person. However, these generators are crucial in correcting errors. They will go through your essay, highlight and fix all the mistakes, and ensure you receive a high-quality paper.

Plagiarism check

His is our last but most important point. There are many consequences of submitting a plagiarized essay, such as being expelled from the institution.

This step will ensure your article is unique and not copied. Make sure the essay passé all the plagiarism checking software before submission. Essay generators will help you with this.

99 papers writing service

99papers is one of the best websites that will produce an excellent cheapest essay paper for you. It is a legit incredible company offering exceptional services. The prices are fair and balanced, thus being pocket friendly for most of the students. An essay is usually longer; hence these services will hugely favor students. Looking for a better place to get a good research paper that will ensure you get excellent grades? 99 papers are the best place to be. There is a discount that is very juicy for first-time customers after making an order. A student can rewrite their article as it provides a platform for that.

The length, deadline, academic level, expertise of the writer are the factors that determine the price of your essay. Clients can choose the type of writers they want, ranging from standard, experienced, and top writers.


PaperHelp essay writers

PaperHelp is one of the best quality low cost writing services in the world.

  • Prices and order. PaperHelp website provides a lot of many writings. A student chooses what type of writing they want the level they need and what tie you will wish for your paper. These factors will be put into consideration and final price calculated to you depending on what you have chosen.. PaperHelp offers students that are not satisfied with a refund of their money and also If the websites fail to meet the deadline or submit a shoddy work. This helps the company look honest in front of its clients.
  • Deadline. A student should provide the deadline for their work. PaperHelp will strive to give you your work on time. It may be even delivered before the actual time reaches. The website manager is online throughout to assist the students requiring clarifications.
  • Plagiarism. Most students worry about the quality of their assignment. They do not want to know whether the assignment was copied or not. A professor will not grade your work if it is copied. PaperHelp helps you write an original work that has never been published anywhere from scratch. They vividly follow your instructions provided to them to submit quality work. PaperHelp does not provide samples, but you will not find the work submitted anywhere even from the internet.
  • Security. Many students tend to worry about the privacy of their information and data. They are afraid that their data may be shared by a third party or other unnecessary parties and accessed by anyone. PaperHelp is safe and secure since only the ID can be seen after registration.

From the above points, PaperHelp stands out among other websites offering services. PaperHelp will be very useful to do your assignment, paper or any academic work. Most students prefer the services of this website.


It is among the most reliable cheap essay writing providers. They have been in the industry for more than eight years providing essay writing services. They have qualified experts as most of their writers have masters and PHDs, making them proficient for your work.

Their writers are qualified in every field and can cover all types of essays. The proficient writers will follow the right guidelines and requirements to write the best work for you. 1essay has ca calculator on its website to enable you to calculate your price before making an order.

The amount of money you pay will depend on which services you be provided with.your work will be delivered on time. The process of ordering from the services is straightforward since it involves filling an easily understandable form.


EssayPro – the cheapest service

EssayPro is one of the best essay writing providers in the world. It is a top legal essay provider. It will allow you to select the writer’s expert level that will write your essay according to how much money you have. EssayPro lets you interact with the writer directly to understand him/her before placing an order.

This will enable you to discuss the topic well with them and know your needs and know what you expect. This factor ensures that you see how the service is legal and genuine before buying it; most of the company reviews are positive; you will not be able to find any negative reviews of the essay.

EssayPro will ensure that you receive your essay on time. If their re any issues arising from your essay, you will be given back your money. This is arguably the best place you can purchase your essay and get good grades. If you are looking for a professional writer, EssayPro is the best place to get one.


EssayBox – popular essay writers

EssayBox is a legitimate company that offers research paper writing services. You will get high-quality content papers. EssayBox will ensure you get good grades that will improve your GPA. The company has a great understanding of the customers, thus making it trustworthy in the eyes of the students. Most of the company’s reviews are positive.

EssayBox will provide you with the content that is plagiarism-free and will pass all the plagiarism checking software. EssayBox is very reliable, cheap, and among the legit research paper writing companies.



There exists many free online essay programs that help people with their work. They will provide the job at very affordable prices. Going through this article will help you understand the best companies offering these services and some of the essay generators.

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