What is a research essay and how to write it?

The research essay is the type of essay, the writer can analyze someone else’s work and compare his ideas and thoughts. The research essay genre is clearly a well-written and well-organized form.

It is a piece of academic writing arguments, interpretation, and analysis with detail. It has contained some detailed assignments. It enhances your writing skills and enhances those skills, which are helpful in scholarly research.

This essay involves researching sources and then write them down with your ideas and words. The purpose of seeking help from someones else is to learn new ideas and knowledge about the topic.

This essay needs more time as compared to the others. The research essay contains a thesis. The thesis is the central part of the research essay; in this thesis, the writer researches the topic and then writes it with their own words. 

Research essay has its structure similar to other essays, introduction, body, research survey, and conclusion. Introduction requires substantial knowledge about the topic, various sources, and affected contribution to the debate. 

Start your debate with a question form to let the reader know what to expect from your research paper. Research papers are the most demanded paper in the market of writing. 

How to write a research essay?

A research essay is the most significant piece of academic writing. The research essay is the time taking and scholarly writing. You can not write anything without knowing the background of that topic. Here are some tips for writing a successful research essay and paper. 

Choose the research essay topic carefully

There are many ways to generate your ideas for a high-quality research essay, from brainstorming with paper and pen to talking with your class fellow and professor. 

Do not make a mistake by choosing a complex topic

Choose an informative topic, like writing down the research essay on health, marketing and education. These social topics are highly recommended because they can provide you with millions of research and citations.

After choosing an interesting topic, you can try free writing. In this writing, you can check the ability of our thinking. You can think about the topic in two to three minutes and write down the most highlighted vital points. 

You can also take an impression of other research work and then compare your knowledge from this writing tip. You can know how much this topic can provide you data and complete such word counts in that topic.

Understand the topic

Completing a research essay is a precarious thing. The first tip you can use while writing is understanding. Before starting, make sure that you thoroughly read the topic. If you find anything confusing in your topic, it Is better to ask your professor and clarify the doubts.

Do not forget to identify the TOK essay goal, length, deadline, and formatting before starting. Take some bulleted list of key points which you gather from your ideas. 

Once you read and evaluate the information from the topic, then write it on a rough page. Keep track of your reference material which will help you at the end of the thesis when you are inserting the citation, and from this, you can build the bibliography of your research material.

Use authentic sites for citation, like cite this for me. Use google scholar to gather information. Still, sometimes google scholar did not provide the correct citation, and that’s how it will affect your research with a negative impression.

To secure your valuable time, there is a pro tip. Try to secure your data in the spreadsheet. Create some columns for those elements which you wanted to add to your research. You can save the author’s name, link, page number, and word count for your topic in columns. 

Write introduction

The introductory paragraph should be firm and full of primary information about the topic. Try to put questions in your introduction to catch the interest of the audience. Use what, why, and how to involve the audience in your thesis. 

Organize before start writing

The research essay spawned tons of ideas. Now try to organize your essay. Do not skip the organization step; it is critical for your research paper. Your essay will lack focus without this step, and you will spend more time compared to usual. 

Without organization, your ideas will be jumbled thoughts. Everything requires organization; without organization, it becomes a problematic state for your thesis.

Start searching for reputable sources

Our research essay contains all the facts and statistics data from authentic sources. Use such types of sources in which you can see the statistical data. In essay writing, it is vital to use verified and legal sources. 

The most significant sources are google scholar, books, and Microsoft academic. These sources allow you to access the articles, journals, and books on your topic. 

Here are some tips for using these sources

Use of websites with gov or Edu extension only. Online libraries articles and journals are worth seeing. These articles have all the essential information about every topic. You just have to select the category and then click on the search option.

While making a list of sources, try to write a short paragraph with each source to not find difficulty when adding them to the thesis. Every source should be about your topic; no outside source will be written down in your thesis.

Create a precise thesis statement

A thesis statement summarizes your research essay. A thesis statement should be creative and catchy. A thesis statement is like the whole header of your essay; it should preview your supporting points in the essay.

The thesis statement should be at the end of the introductory paragraph. It is not the requirement, but it will ease the reader when he proofreads your work. It is a wise decision to put down the thesis statement as you begin to organize your research essay.

Select the draft of the research essay

The first draft of the research essay won’t be perfect, but you can polish it later. Set your priorities at that stage so you can not waste much time. 

Maintain forward momentum to start your writing, and don’t think about perfection at first; just go with the flow. Don’t break your momentum. Later on, find out the major mistakes and perfect them.

Drive your attention towards the precise organization and logical ordering of paragraphs of the essay and the structure of the sentences; this step will help you in the second draft.

Try to express your ideas clearly, so your teacher should know what you are trying to say. You don’t need to start research work from the beginning. Begin where you feel it most natural.

Some writers are comfortable writing the hard part of the research first, and some are comfortable writing the easiest part of research first. If you created an outline, then use it as the map of the research.

Do not try to delete the large section of the text. If you find that something is irrelevant to the topic, then do not lose it altogether; move it to another document as the backup. you don’t know if it might be helpful in the future

Paragraph structure

Paragraphs are considered the building blocks of the essay. Each paragraph focuses on a single idea. And paragraphs should not be too lengthy. Use in-text citation to make your paragraphs strong and well informative. 

Each para contains the idea of your thesis argument, so the reader should easily pick that; you have mentioned every argument related to your topic in your writing.

Readers should believe that you addressed all the issues in a related way. And you did not make your research paper in non-informative form.

Essay Outline

For your convenience and high-quality work, make an outline of your topic. An outline will help you to organize your thoughts. After putting the thesis statement, try to put down only those points which are related and informational. 

The purpose of outlining is that if any information does not suit your topic, you can remove it before indulging in it. Keep your focus only on your related thoughts. Don’t try to think excess information. And avoid the kitchen sink approach.

Formatting and word count

The formatting style of your research essay and paper is based on the rules of citation style. For example, MLA and APA formatting style is used. APA is used for the title page, and MLA is used for headings. 

These all tips are available everywhere, and these are essential tips in research essays and papers. Above all, if you are not managing your time for writing the research paper in USA, you have the option of online writing services; these services are working for the help of students. 

Many companies provide writing services according to the customer demand, and most of them are equally famous because of their quality.

Write conclusion 

The conclusion of the research paper should be in argument form like it should given all the sense of finality. Trace the resource’s data and emphasize it in a way that will prove the thesis statement of your research.


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