How can I write the best essay in the world?

Having to write essays is often the worst part of being a student. Whether you are writing an essay for a class, a scholarship, or a contest, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the thought of writing the best essay in the world. While essays can be massive projects, there are plenty of ways to break the process down into more manageable parts. Here is your seven-step guide on how to write the best essay in the world.

Choose a Topic

You may be given a topic to write about, or are told to choose a topic of your own. If the topic is assigned to you, then take some time to consider the kind of paper you want to write about it. Do you want to write a detailed analysis or just a general overview? Narrow down your focus until you have a good idea of what you want to do.

It takes a bit more work than usual if you’ve been told to choose a topic. Getting to choose your topic does give you more room to choose one that appeals to you, though. Start out by defining the purpose of the essay. Is the article written to persuade people, or inform them about something? After deciding on the purpose of the piece, it’s time to do a little research on things that matter to you.

Think about what intrigues you and interests you. Make a note of the ideas you come up with. Go through your options and consider them. If you want to write an educational piece, then it helps to choose a topic you know about. Choose a topic you are passionate about for a persuasive essay. The point is that it should be something that interests you.

Prepare a Diagram or Outline of Ideas

Every successful essay begins with organizing and sorting your thoughts. Take what you’re thinking and put it down on paper to see the connections between different ideas and how everything flows together. Doing this gives you a strong foundation for the paper. Create a diagram or an outline of your thoughts where you can put them down and organize them.

Brainstorm ideas by writing the topic of the piece in the middle of the page. Draw some lines branching off of those topics and write down your main ideas for the paper. Draw new lines from those ideas and then write thoughts for those particular ideas.

If you’d prefer a straight outline, then write down the topic at the top of the page. List down your main ideas and leave some space under each idea. Use that space to write smaller ideas connected to the main idea. Putting your thoughts to paper like this shows the clear connections between ideas so you can write an organized essay.

Write the Thesis Statement

Once you’ve picked your topic and categorized your ideas, it’s time for the thesis statement. This thesis statement will inform readers as to the purpose of your essay. You can come up with a compelling thesis statement by going through your diagram of ideas. What are some of the most critical ideas that stand out to you??

The thesis statement comes in two parts. There’s the first part, which states the topic, and the second part, which indicates the purpose. For example, if you were to write about how Bill Clinton affected the United States, then your thesis statement could be something like; “Bill Clinton had a profound impact on the country during his time as president.”

Write the Essay Body

The body of an essay takes the topic and argues, describes, or explains it. The different main points of the outline become an individual part of the body for the piece, but every body paragraph follows the same structure. Start by writing out the main idea as an introductory sentence for a paragraph. From there, write down the supporting ideas as sentences.

Be sure to leave a few lines of space between the different points. This gives you the room to include examples and evidence that support your position. Use the space to include relevant information to connect smaller ideas and create a larger argument.

Write Your Introduction

Once you have developed the thesis and body for the essay, it’s time to write the introduction. This introduction works as a hook to grab the attention of readers and compel them to keep reading. The introduction could include a shocking statistic, a piece of dialogue, a quote, a story, or just an exciting summary of the topic.

No matter how you choose to handle your introduction, make sure that it fits the thesis statement, which should be the final sentence in the introduction.

Write a Conclusion

The conclusion ties everything together and offers some closure on the topic. Use the conclusion to give readers one last perspective on the subject. This conclusion should be made up of a few sharp sentences. Just review the main points of the thesis – and back them up – in four or five sentences.

Add Some Finishing Touches

Your work isn’t over just because you finished writing the conclusion. You should go back over your essay again and pay attention to the small details. Look at the order of paragraphs for a start. You should start and end with the strongest points and have the middle points in the middle. Make sure that the paragraphs are in the right order as well. It’s no good to describe a process in an essay and then have it be out of order.

Double-check the instructions for the essay. Students are generally required to follow set formats for their essays, so you want to make sure yours follows any guidelines you have been given. Last but not least, go through the paper and ensure it all makes sense. Double-check for errors and make sure sentences flow correctly.

Once you’ve done all of that, then you can rest easy knowing you’ve written one of the best essays in the world. Also you can use one of the best essay writing service from our list.

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