What are the best attention grabbers for essays?

Strive to make your audience satisfied and interested in reading your essay by making a fascinating introduction. The best method of achieving this is by using attention-grabbing methods. An attention grabber words are known as hooks and comprise of a broad range of things such as questions, surprises or quotation that builds an urge to continue reading to find out what happened next.

Always use attention grabbers to serve the readers maximum attention and continue reading. They are the first 1-4 sentences of your essay. In this article, we are going to provide guides on how to write the best attention grabbers for your pieces together with correct examples of each one of them.

Top Attention Grabbers for Essays

The following are the top 7 attention grabbers that will make your readers enjoy the articles:

  • Question hook
  • Declaration hook
  • Statistic hook
  • Metaphor/simile hook
  • Story hook
  • Description hook
  • Quotation hook

Question hook

Question hooks are critical. They involve asking questions relating to what you are writing about. It will make the reader reread interested in reading the whole essay to determine the answer to the issue. People are naturally curious when they see a question or hear about it.

They will want to know the solutions to the question. People will strive to know the exact answers to the particular question you have asked in the introduction part. If an introduction part has an exciting question hook, it will attract readers to keep reading the essay.

Here is an example of the right question hook:

“What are the differences between successful football players and unsuccessful football players?”

The aim of this question hook is to help you find out what successful football players do and what unsuccessful ones do bad so that they fail to succeed.

Declaration hook

A declaration hook is a sentence consisting of an assertive claim relating to the topic. It joins the thesis statements and gives out the need for your essay. It does not depend on whether the audience agrees or disagrees with the statement.

This makes a definite statement, a proper technique to use in your introduction part of your essay. Readers will read the article to find out how you support this statement.

Example of a declaration hook:

“Online marketing is cheaper and effective than in-person marketing. This declaration statement may support what you are discussing about online marketing or argue against.”

It will make readers glued to the essay wanting to know your actual stance.

Statistic hook

Numbers and facts provide correct information on your topic, thus hooking the reader to the essay. Facts and statistics are essential in the introduction despite the quality of work you have written. Readers can be impressed easily with your proficiency and knowledge by giving proofs in the opening of your topic.

Provide accurate, exciting and reliable figures and facts about the topic. Look for credible sources to fetch your sources.

Example of a statistic hook

“Approximately three-quarter of Russians loves football.”

The statement has provided statistics about how many Russians love football. The reader will continue reading the essay to find out more information on the here quarter of Russians that love football.

Simile and Metaphors

Similes and metaphors make readers engaged in the essay as it makes them figure out more information about the topic in a different way. Readers are surprised with what exactly are you meaning and how you link a topic to something that can be connected with it.

A metaphor compares objects directly to another although the things may be unrelated.

Example of a metaphor:

“His brother is a rat.”

The statement does not necessarily mean that his brother is a rat but has behaviours that resemble a rat.

A simile is also like a metaphor since it compares two unrelated objects. An analogy, however, uses words ‘like’ and ‘as’ to connect the separate objects. A metaphor is substantial in comparison compared to a simile.

Example of a simile:

“Doing an exam is like running a marathon at 100 degrees Celsius.”

Story hook

It involves starting your essay with a short story relating to the topic. Most readers love well-written, memorable story. Ensure the story connects to the headline you are writing about directly. You can choose your own story or another person’s story. The story hook can be longer but should not take a large chunk of the essay.

Put your audience into consideration also. Ask yourself if it will be acceptable. Ask qualified people such as professors to get their view if it will be appropriate to put a story hook if you are not sure about it.

Description hook

It is a hook that involves in-depth description of the scene to draw the attention of the reader. A good description will enable the reader to know what will happen next. In writing, the narrative essay is the common forms of writings using this method but can be used in all types of essay writings. However, like a story hook, you need to know if it will be acceptable to use it.

Example of a description hook:

“The cat howled in pain and limped on the corridor. His left bag was cut, and blood was streaming down his legs.”

This statement will make you want to find out what will eventually happen to the cat

Quotation hook

It is a hook that involves beginning your essay with quotation marks. The quotes can be from a very famous or popular person, but it is not essential. Anyone can be quoted if they are connected to the topic you are writing about.

If you are writing about the technology you could start with:
Bill Gates said,

“Technology is the best thing, and we should embrace it.”

Make sure you use the correct words while quoting someone. Quotation hooks should be used in instances where words are powerful, memorable and striking.


Essay writing may look easy, but not as it entails attracting readers. It is not just writing but also to keep the needs of the audience first. The introduction aspect is the key to attracting the interests of the readers. The above article has provided ways in which you can write about an essay using the best attention grabbers or hooks.

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