Essay writing guide: Abortion should be legal or illegal?

‘’You never understand life until it grows inside you’’ is a famous saying by Sandra Chami Kassis which clearly emphasizes the beauty of being a mother to a child as a woman or how a woman sees or feels when she gets to know she’s pregnant for the first time. Writing an essay about abortion is hard and here you can find some useful information and simply types and guidelines how to do it: writing introduction and conclusion, some interesting topics, definitions and examples.

Pregnancy can be stated as a life-changing event that takes place in an ordinary woman’s life and is a dedicated man’s life who’s willingly waiting to take the biggest responsibility ever to his hands to take care of both mother and the child.

Pregnancy is not just being in motherhood and fatherhood as it comes with plenty of responsibilities. Since the baby is conceived in a mother’s womb there’s a huge process of connecting the baby and the mother until he/she is ultimately born into the world is the most precious or I would say the most beautiful stage of life a woman could ever be a part of. It’s an incredible and most awaited bunch of moments and memories where life is growing inside another life.

When a woman and a man get married, the next the most burning desire or the moment they longed for, a dream they always dreamed of their lives is to have their own kid. The mother is holding the baby for 9 months bearing all possible pains she could ever bear to see the little creature growing slowly inside her womb little by little, connecting with her, to hear the heart beating for the first time, to feel the first kicks and eventually when the moment comes to deliver the baby to this world safely. She bears every possible pain that she could for a healthy delivery of her child. But this whole beauty of pregnancy or the preciousness of pregnancy can be conveyed by another person in a negative aspect based on his or her perspective due to the causes of pregnancy whether the pregnancy was caused due to a secured and planned way or whether it occurred as a result of unsafe sexual intercourse.

When a pregnancy takes place due to an unintended sexual activity usually occurs between a man and a woman due to several reasons such as lack of sexual education sexual harassment, sexual abuse, addiction to pornography, temptations, molestation, misleading advertisements, etc. This would eventually end up leading to an abortion. However, there are pros and cons of abortion when it comes to real-world situations so therefore it is indeed difficult to come to a conclusion to state that abortion should be legalized or shouldn’t be done since there are different scenarios that may cause or limits us leading to a conclusion. But according to my opinion, No one should encourage abortion since no one has the right to take away the life of someone who hasn’t even been born yet to this world.
What is Abortion? It can be technically defined as a deliberate termination of human pregnancy but when it comes to the conscience of a human Abortion is a horrible heartbreak that doesn’t even take 10 minutes to leave the rest of your life a million regrets. Once the ovulation of the fertilized egg begins to grow the Love, compassion, care grows in a mother’s heart limitlessly, but abortion breaks this apart. In Laymon’s words, ‘s can be simply defined as taking away an unborn child’s life due to a sexual cohabitation done outside the marital relationship.

This is where marriage is considered as the securest way of bringing a child into the world. But there arises a question can abortion be conducted only when a child is born outside the marriage due to the stigma that can be faced by society and families. When a woman who’s not inside marriage gets to know that she’s pregnant and about to have a baby, the next possible thing that comes to her mind is unacceptance from the family, society, and in many cases, it can be even from the partner. She will start to feel insecure so therefore the most secure or the safest way to have a pregnancy is after marriage since not only the social aspects such as love commitment but also economic wise there should be the stability of income as well to bring up a child, but this could also be different from country to country based on their culture. As an example, in a country like America, people start working in their early ages around 16-17 therefore there will be an income flow since then so being pregnant at that age won’t affect severely but it cannot be said that there won’t be any difficulty that the mother has to come across. In many countries, abortion is stated as a legal act wherein in some other countries it is illegal. In countries that have not yet legalized abortion, the laws pertaining to abortion remain restrictive. Therefore, Abortion is illegal unless the life of the mother is at risk. Someone would say abortion is legal and it must be done if the life of the mother is in danger and vice versa.

For an instance, If a girl and a boy sexually cohabit with each other outside the marriage and if a child is conceived and if they decide to abort the child, this can be considered illegal and bad since there is no danger to the mother’s life and it is merely done for the sake of securing each other from the stigma that they could face from the society and families. These types of situations can be usually seen in the present generations mostly due to a lack of proper sexual education which often leads to unintended sexual activities. If a person is educated on safer methods or ways that can be followed when having sexual intercourse, these types of situations can be eliminated.

Teenage pregnancy is one of the key areas that can be highlighted under this. Teenage pregnancy is where an instance of pregnancy takes place where the woman hasn’t even reached the maturity age or usually the pregnancies happen to teenagers who are below 18 years. This age limitation can be deferred based on the country’s laws and economic situations. Due to this, the teenage abortion rate has gone up rapidly compared to the general abortion rate around the world.

There are many challenges of teenage pregnancy from both social points of view and physical conditions. I would say, it is very important for a woman to have reached her maturity and to have a good health condition before planning to go for pregnancy. Usually, the average length of the pregnancy period goes up to 280 days or 40 weeks. During this period, it will cause many changes in a woman’s body such as morning sickness, migraines, low blood pressure so when considering the above scenarios, it is very important to have a healthy body for a healthy birth of a kid.

Therefore, surviving pregnancy and delivery is quite difficult for a teenager to come across since the teenage bodies are not done growing. From a social perspective, it is indeed very difficult to move on with life due to social harassment, criticism, and neglect from society when it’s revealed of teenage pregnancy. This can be more often seen in middle east countries where it has also become one of the main reasons for the rapid increase in teenage suicides since it’s very difficult for a teenage mother to survive mostly with poverty and without social support. This could be eliminated with proper education where a child should be educated on safe and secured ways to engage in sexual activity.

In another perspective, aborting a child can be legal and good when a mother gives birth to a child within the marriage and when the mother’s life is at risk whether the father has to choose between mother and the unborn child whose life should be saved. In such a situation, it is difficult to come to a conclusion that aborting the unborn premature baby is illegal or legal since it’s a decision taken by risking a life that can eventually cause death to both the mother and the child. In this case, it is a decision between life and another life so therefore in such a situation’s abortion may not be considered an illegal act. Whatsoever, in general, causing an abortion is a criminal act since it is merely taking a life of an unborn creature who was about to come into the world, who also has the right to embrace the beauty of the world since nobody has the right to take away a person’s life. This could be punishable in some countries based on their general laws and they can be imprisoned for years with or without a fine.

Abortions themselves have two different sides such as safe abortions and unsafe abortions. Out of these two unsafe abortions can be often seen in present society due to many inherent issues and since they follow many unsafe methods which may risk both mother’s life as well as her fertility which may risk the future generations as well. It should enhance that almost all these deaths of morbidity have occurred in the countries which have severely restricted abortion by their laws. Therefore, it cannot be said that implementing severe laws and policies to prevent people from abortions are not very effective when it comes to real-world since enforcing rules and regulations will not create a major difference in the rate of abortion or a significant rise in the population growth rate in a particular country. Abortions can be permitted to do or can be legal and good to save a woman’s life if it is an unavoidable situation since it has no clue what should be done and what shouldn’t be done.

It is very important to note that it is not taken place due to a result of an intended act such as unsecured sexual intercourse and also, abortions cannot be permitted to do or can be illegal and bad of the abortions are done merely for the sake of mental health physical health, economic and social issues such as poverty and instability of finance, sexual cohabitation outside marriage, based on person’s requests, etc. Sometimes it is fair to admit that legalizing abortion may have cons since it cannot be judged that since it depends on the situation therefore even when legalizing the government should take measures to prevent or control the rate of abortions by taking measures in advance such as Having a reasonable cause for the abortion. Economic wise abortion may cause many adverse effects to the economy as well such as a significant decrease in population growth, economic instability, economic security, etc. Even though a particular country has legalized abortion it is not very healthy to encourage abortion since it is basically similar to a murder of a human even if it kills a premature baby who’s not even born yet. Therefore, abortion depends on whether abortion to be conducted is good or bad totally depends on a particular circumstance, and the law Remaining to abortion should be interpret based on each circumstance and shouldn’t be strictly labeled as legal or illegal.

Based on the above-mentioned scenarios, it is clear that it is an argumentative topic to state whether abortion should be legal or illegal since different people may have different perspectives so people may come up with different ideas since this is something that is connected to human life.

Therefore, it is very difficult to conclude that abortion should be legal or illegal but in my opinion, it can be said that even if the abortion is legalized or illegal in a particular country, as humans the most important thing that should be done is not encouraging abortion since it is as similar as a murder so a human has no right to take another human’s life away.

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