The most popular common app essay questions

The common app essay is the personal statements; these statements will give you deeper chances into your interests, passion, and strength. Any student could find the instructions and questions on the Common App essay.

You can see the common app account with the various options, and you can click on the writing button. And in a result, you will see multiple common app essay prompts. Your essay word limit should be 250 to 650.

If you wanted to discuss anything, provided the topic questions you have almost chosen from the common app. This app is free from the rules. And there is no restriction on telling a story.

This application form is the best one and thus provides a box that is essential to write the essay. However, it is a compulsory thing that you have to write your essay in a word document, google docs, and any other word processor. Therefore, put together your essay into the word file before drafting and pasting.

You will admit that a common app essay is the best place to submit your essay without unnecessary rules and regulations.

Importance of common App essay

For college and school students, a Common App essay is a vital part of their application submission. According to the study, almost 55.9% of colleges required personal statements. And these statements are moderately and the consideration of the admission process of the candidates. Selective colleges and institutes emphasize the essay writing process for admission.

The highly considerable thing is that “the more selective the college, the more writing matters” the list of the essay prompts of the common application has been released. Following are the prompts of the common essay application, which the students choose.

Getting started….

Administrations officers need something from the students, like students, to need to disclose something about themselves, which makes them different from others. Bluntly, they want something on which they choose over thousands of students.

The application will not be accepted If it does not cover the word limit. Your aim of writing should be closer to 650 words.

Common App essay prompt

On this app, it does not matter which question you answered. Instead, the thing which matters a lot is the story you choose for the book essay.

Question 1: Something meaningful

Many students have a strong background. They have a super strong identity. They think that their application would not be complete without such barriers of identity and background.

The meaningful question is considered as the broad one, with a lot of latitudes. The question requires a valid answer with the mix-up of passion and other things which define the inner you.

The challenge of defining something creative about yourself is pretty critical. To answer such a question, you need to find out the meaning of your life. Therefore, the central idea of your question should be around yourself. The best essay is that which needs to be told in a way in which people could easily understand your motive.

An identity background means that you have to write about your religion, residency, or ethnicity. Also, write any experience which you faced in the brought up. Or any situation which makes you and your family unique.

The more important thing in describing your background, you have to tell the specific something about your past and how your history has affected who you are and how you approach your life with the same feeling.

Suppose you want to write anything about your talent or interest. Then keep it in your mind that you don’t have only to describe the good; you have to express how this talent shaped you on an intense level. in general, you have to reveal extreme information about yourself, as more than what you like or what you want.

Question 2: Overcoming obstacles

Obstacle’s question needs an answer about your life obstacles, how you encounter them. Recall the time and convert your feelings into words. Recount that time when you were at your low phase of life when you faced many failures. And how this situation affected you and your mind. And what steps you have taken to overcome the problem.

For this question, admissions wanted to know your exact feelings and strategies, like how you cope with your most challenging phase of life. Wat lessoned your learned from the bad experiences. Is the lesson positive or negative?

A great answer to overcoming obstacles requires an explanation that tells what kind of person you were. And how you channel the terrible or good lesson into a personal victory.

Do not choose such an obstacle in which you have to write about everyday situations. Choose the actual and valid obstacle which shows your suffering. Do not write anything illegal which you have done in your past. If you don’t have anything positive writing about the obstacle the try to avoid the question. Such kind of illegal experiences might take you into unnecessary writing.

Question 3: Questioning a belief

When you came to the belief questioning, write about how you faced challenges on any belief or idea. And what thinking attacked your mind, and what was the outcome of such a situation.

Challenged a belief is a situation in which you took any action about the idea. This action would be on your behalf or anyone’s behalf. The answer to such questions needs your passionate and decisive response.

Your writing should be in a speaking manner. The story should contain the starting, mid and final action of yours. Further, you have to express your answer to recover that time and how it affected you. The responses to the actions should contain your personal experience. But you have to make sure that your ideas should not be controversial.

Because you have no idea bout the reader, and your intention must not be harmful to anyone. The aim of your writing is not to offend anyone. Show that you are an open-minded person who knows the sensitivity of the belief. Your purpose is to provide an experience through your writing. And your writing should consider the respecting factor of an idea and thought.

The admission committee of this application includes this question in their essay for such students who have challenged themselves that they are reconsidering their beliefs while growing up. Or those students who have proved that these beliefs affected them. And they are happily willing to stand up for these beliefs.

Ideas of the essay should pursue such activity in which you have faced something brutal like an adult might tell you that you are not a good writer or you won’t succeed. Then this idea shows the challenge you accepted and how you followed. Your essay could also contain any activity in which you can explain any unfair behavior; that behavior could be faced by you or any other person who is the part of your life.

Question 4: Problem solving

This question is about reflection. You can be asked how someone has done something with you, and it would be a surprise. You have to answer the question positively, like how happy you were when you saw the surprise or something that made your day.

This question is the new addition to the common app essay. It is the replacement of such a question that is difficult and barely answered. This question provides a chance for the students in which they could remember something good about their life. And such moment in which they feel happy and relaxed.

The author asked a tricky question to disclose the information, which meant everything to you. For instance, if your parents surprised you with something you want for a very long time. And someone does something to help you.

But admissions also wanted to know the impact of such a moment of your life, whether that moment inspired you or not. And how your behavior affected after that. They wanted to know how that helped or surprised helped you in growing up. Like were you motivated or not?

This part could be emotional, but it brings so many memories, and you could quickly write a fascinating answer. The question brings so many feelings. And how such feelings affected your future actions.

Your answer should have the power to impress the reader. First, write about your motivation and how it helped you in essential phases of life. Then, it would help if you wrote about the outcome of the motivation. Suppose you agreed with your results or not. If the question is considered the special one and essential, don’t skip this one at any cost.

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Question 5: Personal growth

The answer to this question needs an event in which you can show your personal growth. And an event in which you can say that you achieved a new and happy version of yourself.

This question is typically asking about your achievements and realization. Leave such type of writing which is open towards the readers. The writing should need to create a balance between good and evil. Write an event that starts from a formal and ends up to eye-opening.

Remember that admissions are searching for a way in which they could scan your life. Such a life that changed you so much as a person. Everyone indeed has different life stories and different realizations through some events. Your achievements could in the form of awards or earning milestones.

If you wanted to write some informal realization, it could be about your personality, like being gay and an alarming realization for you. Your topic needs to be simple. Like if you revisit an old neighborhood after a hard time. Or it could be associated with your favorite meal which you wanted to eat for a very long time.

You have chosen the right question to tell a story. The accomplishment is the heart of the essay as it helped the reader to understand you and your actions. Try to say to yourself more deeply to know that you have learned something good from each life lesson. And how these lessons made you capable and responsible.

Question 6: Passion

In this section, you have to describe something that you find engaging. And how this thing captivates you and your time. This entire answer needs to know your passion for anything. Those students who choose this prompt need to start writing from the beginning and tell the reader how the first you connected to your lifelong passion.

Writing could be an idea and how this made them curious, and then they become passionate. This kind of question is like exploring yourself. Students have to describe how they learned about passion. And when they understand that, they become passionate about any particular idea or thing.

In the last part of the question, admissions wanted to know how your passion captivated you or did you find someone who becomes your mentor in that time? These all questions need to be answered sequence-wise.

Do not choose such a topic that ends on a negative point. Instead, always select an inspiring subject. Take a common passion and make your journey of passion fantastic with your writing skills.

Question 7: Your choice

Share any essay in which you can write freely according to your choice and will. The topics must own your identity and must have a unique design. This is your chance to submit an essay that is your life story.

Ensure that what you write in the above section must inspire and give great light to your personality. Your writing should explain each step of your personal growth and passion.

Final verdict

The common app essay is the most incredible way to express your statements. It has various requirements and seven prompts that need to be fulfilled, and each section should correctly answer with a positive attitude. All answers are in the shape of storytelling. you can not deny the fact about yourself as it is the requirement of the essay writing.

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