Positive and negative effects of social media essay: writing tips and examples

Social media has a significant impact on essay writing. The thought process of essay writers is driven by the features they interact with on social media. Research has indicated that the human mind process information available on digital media impacts the artistic capacity of essay writers. It is important to identify the level of positive or negative impact social media has on essay writing.

Social media is the modern way of interacting with friends, business partners, family members. It is often called a limitless communication platform. Social media gives you the chance to connect with anyone in the world in just a matter of seconds. Time is a critical factor in modern society and social media has made human life more convenient.

Therefore, if you are an essay writer who has a strong presence on social media, your essay writing and thought process are directly or indirectly affected by social media. Essay writers need to identify the level of the positive or negative impact that social media could do on their writing skills.

Positive effects of social media essay

There are different types of positive effects of social media essays. It is important that essay writers identify the key positives of social media and get the maximum advantage of it when writing a new essay.

The level of creativity

Social media is based on creativity. In other words, social media exists because of its creativeness. The producers and owners of social media platforms conduct research to innovate the platform continuously. Further, they invest large sums of money to make sure the creativity level is at the top level. For example, Facebook changes its online visibility during the 2020 Olympic Games with track and field events-related graphics. It ensures that the social media source is well integrated with timely matters. It makes more space for a better user experience and more engagement.

When an essay writer is using a digital social media platform with a high level of creativity, his mind gets adjusted to creativity in a quick time. It has a positive impact on essay writing skills as it boosts the inner thought process to come up with innovative ideas. It has always been the creative and innovative ideas that have produced great essays and other scripts.

For example, Google has customized its features to match the social and cultural values of different communities. If a particular nation is celebrating a cultural festival, Google would adjust its graphics to engage more with the people. It is a pure outcome of a high level of creativity. Essay writers could also utilize similar, strategies to have more creative ideas within their context.

Up to date Information

Social media platforms are set up in a way that they help the users to stay updated on real-time information. If you are an essay writer and not aware of the current circumstances in the context of political, natural, and cultural areas, it would mark you as outdated. Social media platforms update the users with live information via live streaming facilities, real-time notifications, status updates, live post sharing, image tagging, political news updates, etc.

An essay writer using social media on a regular basis would know the important matters in different fields. For example, if there is a natural disaster in Europe just a few days before the essay submission due date, a social media user will know about the disaster with a wide scope of information. He can quickly update the essay on a related topic with the latest information on natural disasters. The essay writer would get a competitive advantage over the others as he has related to the latest changes in the subject area.

On the other hand, someone who is not using social media might find it difficult to learn the recent changes in the subject area. It indicates that social media helps you to stay up to date in all circumstances. Further, it helps you to write a timed essay with the latest information. Essay writers need to understand the importance of continuous professional development. It is facilitated by learning and growth with real-time information. Social media helps you to stay up to date with related information. Social media platforms have the ability to track user information and automate suggestions in the area of interest. The essay writers gain more knowledge and work as a tool for improving skills in terms of essay writing.

Social media as a pool of knowledge

A good essay writer would always try to learn more and add a lot of depth to the essay. It gives an indication of rich knowledge to the reader. They start using the essay as a knowledge hub for their personal work. The essay writers often disregard social media as a valid source for pooling knowledge. The conventional method of gathering knowledge is books, journals, blogs, articles, etc. The time has changed and the knowledge-sharing platforms have evolved significantly.

Along with the evolution of knowledge-sharing hubs, social media has begun to be a reliable tool for up-to-date and accurate information. It depends on how the users are using social media to obtain information. For example, if an essay writer is writing about the history of football, the writer can use football-related pages on social media to gather knowledge. It is important to use accurate information sourced from verified journalists. If not, there are lots of rumors about the players’ transfers and revenue details. An essay writer could easily be misled by such information. The writers should be mindful to use reliable and accurate sources on social media when using it as a source for gathering knowledge.

Negative effects of social media essay

Social media usage is dependent on the user and the scope of interest. An essay writer could have a negative impact on the essay due to his social media usage. Social media could as a distraction to the thought process. It could also provide information with less accuracy and reliability.

Social media as a distraction

Essay writers need to have an open-minded thought process to generate creative ideas. Social media might act as a distraction in this scenario as it has the ability to keep the users engaged with the media for a longer period of time. The calmness of the mind might get affected due to the over usage of social media. Research has revealed that social media users have a poor presence of mind compared to people who don’t use social media.

Therefore, it is important for essay writers to understand the concept of social media and use it as a tool for knowledge sharing. If they lose control over their usage, social media would become a distraction.

For example, if an essay writer is using social media to gather information on the subject area and clicks on unrelated content, the thought process might get distracted. The social media platforms have the motive to show the users content in their area of interest. The essay writers should not get caught in this trick when sourcing information on social media. They should focus on the subject matter and use social media for the core purpose only. If not, the external content would disturb the thought process of the essay and has a negative impact on the overall quality of the essay.

The accuracy and reliability of the information

Social media is often criticized for the spread of inaccurate information. If you are using social media on a daily basis and there is a good chance that your essay might consist of important information sourced on social media platforms. It might not be direct information as social media content has the ability to address the deep and hidden thoughts of our mind which are prioritized when writing an essay.

For example, if you are writing an essay on an emotional subject, your thoughts are the most important factor as they work the best when acting independently. If you have used social media recently and trying to write an essay, a meme post that you shared or liked on social media about a life quote might affect the thought process of the essay writing. If the essay is about personal life coaching and you have seen life quotes on social media it might be difficult to get your mind out of the content you originally saw on the social media platform.

Therefore, the originality of the work and the suitability of the application are linked to social media usage. Essay writers should try to come up with their own content with unique and real meaning. Social media might be an obstacle in this attempt as some of the information available on social media are not reliable.

The level of interactions with other people on social media

The main purpose of social media platforms is to provide a stage for people to interact and connect with others. When the level of interaction has no limit, some people might find it difficult to manage. An essay writer could be facing a similar situation. If someone is having a huge number of followers on social media, there is a good chance that their personal life is exposed to other people. It could have a direct impact on the essay writing ad people start judging their work based on the writer’s content they see on social media.

In most cases, it ends up being a disadvantage to the writer as people start to connect his essay writing to his personal life. The events of personal life could be different from writing as it is an art. However, some readers might not understand this difference and have a negative impact on the script.
For example, if you are writing an essay about health and fitness while posting unhealthy eating habits on social media, it might cause a distraction in the reader’s mind. The reader might see you as not maintaining fitness and writing about fitness goals. At the end of the day, it is the perception of the reader and it is important to maintain a good image as a writer. Social media might expose your true nature and it might conflict with your writing content.

Again, it depends on how the users are handling social media and the essay writer could turn it into an advantage as well. For example, if an essay writer is maintaining a solid image on social media, it could add more value to the writing. The readers would have an image of the level of professionalism of the writer and have an advanced understanding of the content.

Social media essay writing tips

Social media could work as an advantage as well as a disadvantage for the writer. It depends on how well the writer is using and maintaining social media Some essay writers totally ignore the social media usage and it is not evidenced as a positive move. Writers need to have a proper understanding of social media to add value to their essays, like for Romeo and Juliet essay.

On the other hand, if the writers are using social media without any limit and not maintaining proper social media profiles, it could also act as a distraction and source of poor knowledge and information. A good essay writer would strike a balance between social media usage and maintenance to gain the best use of it. If you know how to manage social media, you can add creativeness and uniqueness to the essay.

In conclusion, social media has both positive and negative impacts on essay writing and writers need to find the current balance. The most important factor is to have control over personal social media usage while blending thoughts and skills with social media. An expert would try to gain the best use of social media to add value to the essay in a way that helps the essay to stand out from the rest. There is a clear difference in an essay that had a positive impact from social media compared to a conventional essay.

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