Racial profiling essay writing tips

Before talking about “What is?” or “Racial Profiling Essay Writing Tips,” let’s first talk about the meaning of the essay.

Dealing with a single subject or short formal piece of writing is called an essay. It is generally written to try to persuade the reader using selected evidence of research. An essay or paper should be logically organized, “stick” together, and flow smoothly. In other words, a formal piece of writing is called an essay when everything in writing should make sense to a reader and have a single clear central idea.

Typically there are three parts or sections in the essay, and on behalf of these parts or sections, a good essay is written. Some of you would think about it that does the topic of the essay affects the basic essay writing strategy, but yes, it would remain the same no matter what type of racial profiling essay you choose to write; the basic strategy to writing the essay always remains constant after picking up a suitable title just like “racial profiling” and after finishing your research about the selected topic of the essay, Now its time to reorganize the main ideas or points. The best and suitable way to do this is to make an outline of the essay about the “racial profiling” title.

The three basic outline, strategies or elements which must use to write an essay about any topic is as follows:

  1. At the beginning of every essay, an introduction of the essay is written. This introduction gives an idea to the reader of what is about to learn and present in the whole essay. Don’t give much information or detail in the introduction; otherwise, the reader will only read the introduction instead of reading the full essay. Keep this into your view that the introduction should comprise of 10-20 % of the text in the whole essay.
  2. Secondly, the middle section or the body of the essay is written, which gives evidence to the reader which is used to persuade or prove the reader to accept the reader’s point of view. on average, the body of the essay would be about 60–80% of your whole essay, and in some cases, if you are writing a lengthy essay then the body can also take up to 7–10 pages.
  3. At the last but not the least their comes conclusion is written, and this is the part of the essay is very important in the essay and majority of the readers love to read it and if it is not written in the essay, the interest of the reader to read the essay vanishes. The conclusion is a point that summarizes the entire content written in the essay. So it should be about 10–15% of the whole text in the essay.

Never forget that the main body or the middle section of the essay should have at least three paragraphs in which you will put your arguments with the support of the evidence.

Composing a thesis statement is also very important at this stage. The thesis statement provides signals, focus and the idea of about the topic you are explaining in the essay. It is always written at the last of the introduction of the essay and becomes the focal point of the essay. Today, too more student get professional essay writing help from the best services.

Tips To Write Essay on Racial Profiling

Writing an essay about Racial profiling is not a general or common topic. Because it’s very unfair and offensive that always causes protests and strikes in support of people of color. This always happens when people are suspected of their ethnicity or skin color for committing a crime.

Whenever it comes to composing an essay on racial profiling, there are some things that we always need to keep in mind and are very essential to write in that essay to make it more interesting or engaging. While no one can never deny the existence of races, there is also truth and it is the common sense that conducting racial experiments would never be the safest thing to do.

Because of the sensitivity of writing an essay on this issue, many of people will suggest to you that you have to hold some interviews with people of different races to write an engaging essay but literally, you don’t need to do that. Because when you will hold some interviews with the people of different races, then few from them will freely respond to you in the first place, many will not because of the hesitation and majority from them will find it very repressive interrogation so this can make it very difficult for you.

The following are some useful tips that would help you to write an essay on racial profiling:

Gather Evidence

Before writing the essay about racial profiling, you must have to gather a lot of pieces and facts to support your points in the essay and there are many ways from where you can get the evidence for instance, by reading people researches on this topic, from their interview videos etc.

Reasoning is the key

Some people believe or advise other people who are writing on racial profiling that only reasoning will never stand with your writing in the essay on racial profiling. But they are somewhere true in this case, so you need to rely more on instinctive reasoning, and this the way which can make it work.

Powerfull introduction

For setting the tone of the Racial Profiling essay, the introduction is written. You should write a powerful introduction that would grab the reader’s interest and inform them clearly that what exactly you want to say in the essay. Your introduction should comprise of 10-20 % of the text in the whole Racial Profiling essay.

Hook your reader

The sentences and the points you would say in the introduction of your Racial Profiling essay should meet the curiosity and interest of the reader. These sentences of the introduction are called a hook because it hooks your reader to the essay to read it with complete interest. It might be a surprising fact, bold statement, intriguing question emphasizing the relevance of the topic.

For instance, in writing a Racial Profiling essay you should know that what do you want to write in the whole essay, what poins you want to disscuss in them and what conclusion you want to write in the essay about Racial Profiling so according to this all you would have to write the introduction and moreover, your introduction should be well researched and very clear about the topic to hook the reader to your essay.

Provide background on your topic

Secondly to make your essay’s argument more understandable to the reader while reading about Racial Profiling , its very important for you to give the context. This might include explaining difficult terms in the topic, background information and giving an overview of important points of Racial Profiling. While writing the essay’s introduction, keep this in your mind that donot give much information or detail in the introduction; otherwise, the reader will only read the introduction instead of reading the full essay. Keep this into your view that the introduction should comprise of 10-20 % of the text in the whole essay.

Present the thesis statement

The thesis statement provides signals, focus and the idea of about the topic you are explaining in the essay. It should usually consist of one or two sentences long.

Map the structure

If you are writing a long essay about Racial Profiling, then you can end the introduction of your essay by briefly describing or giving the signals of what you will talk about in the essay.

Maintain the neutrality

While writing an essay on racial profiling you must have to face the difficulty of being neutral in your essay. All you need to do is to look at the things from a proper perspective. Because there are 60% of people who believes in racial profiling that it is a reality and it exists in this present world while the other 40% people do not believe in it by saying that it is just an experiment, but you must have to maintain neutrality in the essay neither you need to explain the perspective of that 60% of the people, nor you need to explain the perspective of those 40 % people in the whole essay.

However, you need to be neutral in the essay and have to explain both of the perspectives in order to do justice with it.

Use your instincts

In races, a lot of instinct involves. You cannot combat this with reasoning and logic because this measure is so high from that. You will have to use your instinct at some points in your essay.

Main body of Racial Profiling essay

The middle section or the main body of your essay is the section where you provide evidence, develop your ideas and make arguments supporting your thesis. Its main purpose is to analyze, present, interpret the sources and information that you have gathered to support or clarify your arguments.

Length of the main body text

The length of the middle section or the main body depends on the type of the Racial Profiling essay you are writing for as if you are writing an essay for the graduate school essay of 6,000 words, for a high school, the length of the essay should be about three paragraphs long, on average the body of the essay would be about 60–80% of your whole essay, the body can also take up to 7–10 pages.

Paragraph structure

It is very important to organize it into paragraphs to give your research essay a clear structure and a good look. While writing each paragraph explain at least one main idea or point in that paragraph.

The main idea or point is introduced in a topic sentence. The topic sentence will then generally lead on from the previous paragraph and introduce the main point to be made in this paragraph. To create clear connections between sentences, Transition words can be used.

After presenting the topic sentence, describe the evidence such as quotes, data and examples from the relevant sources. Be sure to explain the evidence and interpret it and show it how it helps you develop your overall argument. Moreover those evidence would help your reader to believe in your writing about Racial Profiling.

Understand the prejudices

In different parts of the society, there are many prejudices. In racial profiling, these prejudices have a significant role to play in formation of ideals and ideas. Everyone always do researches on understanding the negative effects of these prejudices but for the excellent output instead of mentioning these effects, you need to mention the positive effects that might have been ignored. In order to learn more about racial profiling and how it works you should have on the way in which authors in the past reached to racial profiling as well.

Conclusion of the Racial Profiling essay

The conclusion is the final or last paragraph of an essay. It should be about 10–15% of the whole text in the essay. A robust conclusion:

  • Returns to your thesis;
  • It shows why your argument matters;
  • Ties up your main points;
  • In conclusion, you should have to avoid;
  • Including new evidence or arguments;
  • Undermining your arguments for example “This is just one approach of many”;
  • Using concluding phrases in the essay’ conclution like In conclusion or To sum up etc.”;
  • A tremendous and robust conclusion should finish with an impactful and influential.

The memorable sentence, which leaves the reader with an impressive final impression and always keep it into your mind that in writing the conclution of Racial Profiling you donot have to write whatever comes into your mind but instead of this you should have to write the conclution of the researchers in simple words when you will watch the interview you will see that in ever interview they always adds up the conclution of the whole interview, so you just have watch 3 to 4 conclution and should have to write the collective conclution of the Racial Profiling your essay

Take Help From the Existing Work

On the issue of racial profiling, there are many pieces of research that have already been conducted in the past. If they are not available conventionally, you will also find these work somehow or the other.For writing an engaging essay on racial profiling this would surely give you a better perspective.

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