TOK essay writing guide: structure, examples and requirements

There are many kinds of essay, but now I am talking about the TOK essay. Most of us are not aware of this term. The other name of the TOK essay is the theory of knowledge essay. Normally it has a word count of 1200-2000. And the topics are given by your professor through a list. Students usually write these essays in IB diploma.

The nature of this essay is comparative, and students have to discuss the specific problem that why they contract and compare the various way of information on the subject. The instructor in your notes also gives the criteria of the grading.

The knowledge of different areas can be reason, language, emotions and others. TOK essay writing requires a lot of understanding issues of the examined knowledge. Then you have to focus on the knowledge and analyze them. Then you can create a comparison and links.

Understanding and comparison should be sophisticated and relevant to the topic. Then you can demonstrate independent thinking and give various examples that are best and support your thesis perspective.

The analysis of the TOK essay requires a lot of digging, justification, implication, argument and assumptions. You can also use counterargument. Remember that the ideas you are using to support your thesis are well structured and accurate.

You can submit your paper with references and key points. Writing a TOK essay is so different from the others essay. But you don’t need to worry, here are some guidelines about writing it and examples. You can read them and make your TOK essay successful.

This essay has moderate demand because only IB diploma students have to write it. But yes, it is hectic work because students have to write every point with full of attention and bunches of knowledge.

Tips for writing a TOK essay

Writing o TOK essay is referred to as four C’s so-called term. And these four C’s are the best tip which you can use to make your essay superb.

Creativity – your essay should be very creative. You can make it by applying your ideas as thinking. And make it purely independent writing. Independent writing could always give you positive marking and good grades.

Above grades, your teacher will be impressed with you. Personal thoughts are the major key to gain the attraction of the audience.

Content – the context of the essay should be on accurate issues. Do not try to give irrelevant arguments. In Irrelevant arguments, the audience will lose interest so easily.

Clarity – clarity of the essay is the critical part. Your ideas, thoughts and words are in a well-structured form. Do not try to fumble words. Sentence structure should be so strong that anyone can easily get the main point of your argument.

Critical thinking – only submit such arguments and counterarguments which you think are deliverable to the audience. Don’t fill your work with every argument. Just don’t make it complex writing. These all arguments you should make in your own words.

Requirements of TOK essay

Reasonable TOK essay requirements are necessary. These requirements will help you to make a successful theory of knowledge essay.

  • Picking a title

Firstly. Pick a title, that title that sparks something immediately. When you are reading them, then you will be some points which make no sense. It happens to everyone. Cross these points and move forward. There are so many topics which you think are easy, then go and pick an easy one.
But If you wanted to make your essay wonderful and interesting, then go for the challenging topic. The easiest one does not result in a good essay. But the challenging one gives you so much arguments and information.
Then spend some time with the topic and make some arguments and areas of knowledge to start the writing process. This title goes on the top of the document and in bold context. After putting it, you can say it is 1% of your writing

For example, you choose the title:

What is it so interesting about science that makes them so convincing?

Check the metaphor before placing it in the title

  • Set a knowledge question (KQ)

A KQ is the questions derived from the title, and this will be a question that your essay will answer in the form of an argument. Try to create something that covers a large part of your essay in United States. The knowledge question is ways to start with the “what” extent.

Choosing the open and end question will lead you to an excellent and inspiring conclusion. There is a perfect way to start the essay, make a KQ and put it in the introductory paragraph.

  • Picking area of knowledge

After choosing the title and knowledge questions, it’s time to choose the Area of knowledge. You have to pick at least two according to the title. If you wanted clarity in your essay, then only go for the two areas of knowledge and keep digging in these two.

Avoid too many titles and AOK. The Area of knowledge is the indigenous knowledge system, mathematics, arts, science, natural science, history, ethics and religious knowledge. Now pick two AOK according to your title and stick with these to carry out the viewpoints.

From this, you can have a great debate. The debate could be on religion, ethics, or could be on science rated topics. For science subject, go with the natural science debate.

  • Defining terms

The prescribed title has a bunch of unique terms, which we do not use in our daily life, or one word can have multiple meanings. If you are using these terms, then it is important to define them properly. So examiner would not think that you copied the material.

Defining terms will help in developing the interest of the writer with your essay. In this way, the examiner can check each page. It also works as a disclaimer. Make sure that the examiner would not criticize you for not choosing the critical aspects of the topic.

By these terms, your structure of the essay will become more strong and successful. So don’t forget to define unique terms in your TOK essay. This essay is an outlet based on your creativity. .use such terms which you are aware of and those which are explainable.

Do not add every term. Only those terms which are matched the concept of your topic. This will give you a lot of word count. This portion will be 8% of your topic. In this way, you don’t have to write down each paragraph.
Define your ideas and thoughts in this paragraph to make it more strong. You can use some notes before starting the writing.

  • Claims and counterclaims

In this, you have to give an idea to the writer where your argument is going. Try to explain every claim mad counterclaim of your topic.

Use some tricks to write the claims and counterclaims. Practice it before writing in your original document. Use your both AOKs in these claims and counterclaims. This part is the midpoint of your essay. Because in this paragraphs, you are discussing your while agenda of writing.

Note down some ways of knowing to clear the concept of the arguments. The most recommended structure of claims is counterclaim is. Forts write an introduction, then use claim AOK1, then write counterclaim AOK1. This is a way to put claims in your essay. Like this, put your second claim and counterclaim it.

For every TOK, we need an argument that will answer all the KQ, and counterclaim gives a different perspective to the thinking. The coming claim would require critical questioning and their answers with personal experiences.

  • Conclusion

These all steps are the requirement of the TOK essay. Before writing the conclusion, check all the key points and sentence. You don’t have to read the whole article. Just check the last and first lines of the paragraph.

Check that all AOKs used and presented in a perfect way. Check all the claims and counterclaims and then link up the mini conclusion.

Structure of the TOK essay

  • Introduction paragraph

The word limit of this paragraph is 150-200.put keywords and make a good thesis statement. The introductory paragraph includes all the necessary elements of the topic. Try to set the parameters of your essay so that the structure of the essay will be smooth and strong.

Parameters include what will you cover, what will not write and what you should write In which context. After checking the parameters, give a short review of your essay to ensure that you did not go out of context.

For such important questions, try to put them first so the reader will easily get the point. The introduction structure should be refreshing. Don’t out overload in this paragraph. Try to remain to relax in this part.

  • Body paragraphs

The word limit of these body paragraphs,200-400. These paragraphs are consists of several building blocks.

Topic sentence- this part covers the theme is the topic, says what to focus and what kind of analysis is required. If you are researching natural sciences, then this is highly reliable because of rigorous standards. This is basically an answer to a sub-KQ

Topic sentences usually show the reason of something. To create a good topic sentence, you have to narrow down the claims parts. Viz, why X influences Y? And what is influence? What are the aspects of X and Y?

A good topic sentence puts forward all the independent ideas, which you are using from the title. A good sentence should not be general use critical thinking. Try to write it in short sentences and straightforward words.

  • Explanation

After introducing the topic sentences, you have to explain them a little more and painting out all the assumptions and ideas that led you to the explanation part.

  • Evidence

The TOK essay needs to be supported by appropriate evidence. Put your analysis evidence in the essay to make it more reliable. Students could use their life experiences in the evidence paragraphs. This evidence should not be over-described. They should be used briefly and properly analyzed by using the TOK concept.

  • Analysis

This part is the most important part of the TOK essay. It is considered the main structure of the National Honor Society essay. It shows that how you examine and evaluate the claims and examples of the title. Students used analytical language in this part.

The TOK concepts are also used here. You have to address all assumptions, methodology, objectives, reliability, omissions, and exceptions in the analysis part. The six types of Socratic questions are also used in the analysis structure.

The questions which are used in the structuring of the TOK essays analysis are, the first question is about the clarification. The second question is about the probe assumptions, which means what we assume in this analysis or how can this assumption approved or disapproved.

The third question is about probe reasons and evidence, what is analogous, and its example and according to you, what could happen in that stage and why?

The fourth question is about viewpoints and perspectives. In this analysis question, you have to answer what would be an alternative to this assumption? What ways are used to look at it? Explain its benefits and necessity to the audience.

The perspectives include similarity, strengths, weaknesses. And counterarguments are also explained in this structure paragraph.

The fifth question is about the probe implications and consequences. In this paragraph, you have to tell about the generalization, consequences of the assumptions. What are you implying in this assumption? How does this affect your thesis?

The final question is about the previous questions, which means what was the point of those questions you apply in the thesis? Why would you ask this question? How it’s related to our daily life?

The structure of the TOK essays include these things, and you have to clear each and every part of the essay.


The TOK essay is analyzed and theory-based. Students find it challenging to write it, but the advantage of this essay is that it has an average word limit. You don’t have to write many words. Write just basic analysis and requirements.

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