How to write “Romeo and Juliet” essay: tips and examples

Before we start writing the analysis article for Romeo and Juliet, let’s make some claims and issues about what you’re analyzing. Analysis articles generally focus on how the book or poem is structured. For example, how similarity or use of metaphors brings precise meaning to the incident and how a particular topic describes in the story. In other words, analytical essays must examine small parts of books, plays and draw a whole picture by explaining them.

Tips for writing

  • Read the play carefully. You may have earlier view hundreds of little summaries, but it’s worth reading them yourself. It helps you better understand the plot and allows you to see the details that overlook a brief overview.
  • Ask Question. When you read a play or search for information about a question, write down the question that has arisen and look for the answer. That way, you can evaluate the characters and their actions in your way, and you can come up with a topic or a hook for your paper. It is another method to boost plans by self-questioning whenever reading the issues of the essay. Another way to encourage ideas is to ask you questions while reading the subject of the paper. By asking yourself these questions, you can think more clearly and generate more ideas.
  • Use Quotes. The essay “Romeo and Juliet” is a great way to insert a short quotation from a tragedy as a literary work. Proper citation will be a powerful example of the content you claim and, if used correctly, will help support your reasoning line. When quoting, always enclose the text in quotation marks to accurately represent the mentioned page number. Please note that the number of citations should not exceed 10% of the total.
  • Let’s throw away the clichés. If you want to ask rhetorical questions in the essay of Romeo and Juliet, “What’s in a name?. By using famous phrases in plays such as “may not be the best idea unless you are analyzing particularly rhetorical questions.” The same goes for phrases like “star-crossed lovers” and “good night, good night.” It would help if you didn’t use it unless it helps to prove your point.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help. You can always ask for help. If you need help with your Romeo and Juliet essay, you can ask your teacher for advice, visit a writing center, check online tips, or ask a professional for writing advice online. No matter what directions you get, make sure you’re applying them to see if they help your lighting process.
  • Incorporating Your Opinions. The most effective way to write a fulfilling essay is to include your personal opinion in the text. Imagine that the topic of an essay is a question from a friend and express what you believe and what you think about it. It is also more manifest to use relevant examples and examples in your essay.
  • Make a plan. Brainstorming and organizing your ideas can be a great way to write a composition. Put your proposal and supporting details on the web. Before you start writing, take about five minutes to brainstorm your ideas. Take a pencil and write down as many different aspects and perspectives as possible related to specific issues in your essay. Examinees can get more points by planning and organizing their ideas in the perfect paraphrase manner. You can save your time and write faster by executing this because you already prepared the whole sketch in your mind. You print your mind ideas on pages.
  • Make a draft. Read the paper many times to make sure the text is coherent and that the paragraphs are connected smoothly. Check grammar, spelling, and punctuation, and make any necessary modifications. Remove irrelevant parts and change vocabulary to enhance expressiveness. Make sure that you are following a fixed number of words. Then, write up the final draft and submit it by the deadline.

Romeo and Juliet Essay Outline

The outline is a vital action in the method of writing an essay. By outlining, you can organize your ideas and manage the proper sentences from the start. Here is some necessary suggestion which you need to know about the outline writing.

Romeo and Juliet. Think about the title of the essay

To think of the title of a great Romeo and Juliet essay, you need to:

  • To finish the paper. To do this, you need to finish writing the paper and understand which ideas you included and which ideas did not become the final version. Therefore, there is no possibility to add anything unrelated to the title. Check out your papers and critical points. These will be the best grounds for the title.
  • Write out a few choices.. It doesn’t matter whether it is short or long. You can check the title that fits your paper and then modifies it to the length you want later.

The introductory part for Romeo and Juliet’s essay

In the essay “Romeo and Juliet,” the Introduction paragraph plays the most critical role. You have to engage the reader and show why your topic is essential. It needs to be there to do it right. Here you can know more about common app essay questions.

Something that catches Romeo and Juliet essay’s attention:

  1. It is the first sentence of the intro, so it should be something that readers would like to know more about the topic. A good hook for Romeo and Juliet’s essay may be a citation, relevant factual information, or a question.
  2. When you finish writing the hook, give the reader background information on the topic and justify why you decided to study it. If you use fact information in this section, be sure to quote it.
  3. Here we need to list the main issues that will discuss in the body of the paper.

Introduction Writing Tips

  • It attracts readers with its attractive first sentence.
  • Begin with an example.
  • Make sure your argument is contextual.
  • Review the paper structure
  • To make a unique disputable paper, Move to the first paragraph and summarize everything.

Main part of an essay

It is the most comprehensive and most information-intensive part of your writing. This section will review each of the above discussions and support them with the information you find during your research. It is desirable to check one or more issues per paragraph and to transition between them carefully.

Body Lighting Tips

  1. First, input an essential idea in the form of a sentence.
  2. Apply textual evidence (concrete details, summary, direct quotes, rephrasing).
  3. Write points supporting the main idea, i.e., quotes from sources, rephrasing’s, facts (discoveries and statistics from the conducted research).
  4. Tie the above facts to the main idea (analysis) of the paragraph.
  5. We should do the transition from paragraph to paragraph smoothly.
  6. Explain the importance of your claim.

The conclusion of Romeo and Juliet’s essay

First of all, I will represent my thesis and briefly outline the points mentioned in the body of the paper. Next, I’ll answer the question “so what” so that the end of the Romeo and Juliet essay is insightful, and I’ll explain why what I’ve been discussing so far is essential. Finally, don’t forget that the reasonable conclusions of the Romeo and Juliet essay leave a great impression on the reader and encourage further consideration. To do so, please mention the most critical points of play. And be aware of re-emphasizing it, linking what has been said so far to a larger context, or calling for specific actions to take by the reader.

Tips on how to write a conclusion

In conclusion, don’t start a new theme:

  • Summarize it short
  • Challenging the reader with questions.
  • Consolidate rather than summarize. Don’t repeat what you said in your paper.
  • It changes the direction of the reader by giving something that the reader can chew.

You can also add some background data to support the quality of the article.
Also, add quotes from the scholar about this and their point of view.

Proofread a paper

Once you’ve finished writing your essay, read it back several times, preferably a day or a few days later, to evaluate the quality of your writing with fresh eyes. Also, show your essays to your friends and family. They will not only find the mistakes you have overlooked, but they will also tell you if your writing is consistent and professional.

Tips for Fixing

To write a perfect essay, you must always re-read your paper and correct all mistakes:

  1. Keep the format simple.
  2. Key points include support and evidence.
  3. Check grammar and spelling.
  4. To make sure that the essay’s intention is not “to speak” but “to show.”

Essay Example with topic “Romeo and Juliet”

One of the greatest love tragedies written by William Shakespeare is “Romeo and Juliet.” The theme of this work is love and destiny. This story was originally an old Italian story and translated into English in the 16th century.

If you express this tragic love story in one line, it means, “By the death of two young lovers who have become stars, will unite their families. This play is famous and recommended to teach this in universities and colleges. And in many scenes, the play “Romeo and Juliet” is performed very often.

Romeo and Juliet’ named after the main characters’ men and women, respectively, Romeo and Juliet. And both Romeo and Juliet belonged to two powerful but antagonistic families, Romeo was of the Montague, and Juliet of the Capulets; The stormy relationship between the two families was deep-rooted, and even their servants participated in the dispute.

In the play, images of the sky such as stars, suns, moons, and heavens express different views of human responsibility. Like the prologue, the protagonists are called “lovers beyond the stars,” representing the general belief that celestial bodies have the power to control what happens on earth. As if it was an inevitable fate for Romeo and Juliet to fall in love, it seems to be often associated with the stars.

In Act I, No. 4, when they approached the Capulet ball, Romeo expressed the fear that the results of his actions “hung on the stars,” which means the astrological power of the stars used to predict destiny.

But in the next scene, which mentions the stars in the play, Romeo doesn’t talk about the astrological connection but uses the stars to express the alien beauty of Juliet. Similarly, Romeo’s love for Juliet compared her to the sun, so she also said her wish to cut her into stars when he died. In this way, these images of the heavens are associated with Romeo and Juliet. Rather than the fate of God.

Romeo, a man of great impulsiveness, whose rash actions frequently afflicted him and his dear Juliet; for example, on the night he met Juliet, he pushed her down over the wall of her house to bind her to himself. It is no exaggeration to say that Romeo’s careless actions led the whole play to tragedy when he killed Tibolt in anger. At the end of the drama, Romeo venomously kills him after hastening to conclude that Juliet was expired.

The play ends with a powerful condemnation of the character’s acts. In the closing panel of the drama, the Montague and Capulet people gather around the main character’s grave in unison to see the end of the tragic event. The story ends with realizing that this tragedy was caused not by fate or the gods but only by blind hatred between the two families.

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