Top rated narrative essay topics for college

When assigned a narrative essay, some college students tend to assume that they are expected to provide their opinions and personal views, but that’s not always the case. You can write an interesting essay by making up an entire story from scratch. It could also be you describing a memorable event in your life or writing about your mentor. To create a masterpiece, you must take your time in choosing the right topic and ensure that you fully understand the topic. There are tons of essay topics you can find, but we have come with the best narrative essay topic for college students you can find online.

However, if you choose to come up with your own topic and all you need is inspiration, you can use our topic selection as an inspiration. Before choosing a topic that will engage your readers, you should check our list to know how best to structure the topic. After concluding on the topic you want, perform thorough research to ensure your masterpiece is completely original and not just another replication of someone else’s work. You also have to pay attention to citations that were necessary to show your competence as a college student. Ensure not to derail from your topic and try to flow naturally to fully engage your readers. As long as you’re writing a narrative essay, it is imperative that your readers flow with your story.

The Meaning of a Narrative Essay

A narrative essay allows students to delve into their personal experiences or storytelling in a written and articulated way to engage their readers. It is basically a storytelling piece of work that is meant to delve an audience into the writer’s experience or a completely fictional story.

Well-written narrative essays share common features that make them compelling and effective to readers. Quality narratives find ways to engage the reader rather than only retelling events. Narrative essays create scenes and mental pictures for the reader, paying attention to details. It also makes use of contrasts to build tensions and other emotions as a component of personal storytelling. Additionally, a narrative essay isn’t just about a fictional story or personal experience; it should have a message, a purpose, or an idea it is trying to pass.

When coming up with a topic for your narrative essay, it is important that you consider what particular experience you want to tell and to what extent you are willing to go. This implies that you should at least make a mental note of how you want your narrative to go and how you intend to end it. While as a teacher or a supervisor, you should consider the diversity of your student as some might have a very complex life in contrast to those who live a simple and idealistic life. So to choose a single topic might not always be the best, which is why it is usually recommended that you allow your students to choose their informative essay topics themselves.

Why it is Important to Come up with an Excellent Narrative Essay Topic?

There are typically two options for students when given the task to write a narrative essay: come up with a topic or use the topic provided by the instructor. An excellent topic choice is a major factor in the success of the entire write up, which is why if you can’t handle it yourself, you have the option of hiring the services of professionals.

Regardless of what your instructor assigns, a narrative essay must be interesting and engaging to readers. One of the best ways to be sure you’re choosing the right topic is to go for a topic you find passionate. A narrative essay is the only academic writing that allows you to explore your creativity and imagination to the fullest. While writing a narrative essay, you can do without strict structures that govern other academic writing – a good reason why students prefer this type of essay writing.

Narrative Essay Topics for Social Media

Social media have risen to a point in society where it is now the ultimate gathering for mass communication around the world. Its rise and relevance in the world come with tons of topics to write on. Here are a few narrative essay topics for social media:

  • How would you describe your Twitter experience?
  • Do social media sometimes make you feel depressed?
  • The rise of social media
  • Why you would consider deleting your Facebook account?
  • The most memorable moment you ever had on social media
  • How often do you visit Instagram?
  • Why do you enjoy sharing videos and photos?
  • A video that went viral on Facebook
  • A tweet you wish you never read
  • Do you envy those you see on Instagram?
  • Have you ever considered deleting your social media presence?

Narrative Essay Topics for Music Lovers

It’s difficult to imagine our world without music. There are tons of legends who have changed the world with their music, which creates a fountain of topics to write on. It could be on a personal experience or a fictional story about the music world and those who have made it what it is today. As a writer and a student, you cannot lack topics to write on music, but if you find it challenging, below are some topics you can write on or use to draw inspiration:

  • The top songwriters of today’s generation
  • Best artists to listen to for motivation
  • Describe your favorite music of all time
  • A memorable karaoke experience
  • Your favorite artiste
  • How did you come to love your favorite music?
  • The artiste who changed the music industry around the world
  • Your favorite pop stars and their personalities
  • The rise of hip hop culture in the United States
  • Why Afro Music Pop is taking over Africa?
  • What genre would you go as an artist?

Narrative Essay Topics for Sports and Games

Sports and games are one area where people have an immense passion for, and there is always something to talk about in sport. Even if you aren’t a sports person, someone in your household is most likely one and would probably be glad to have your listening ear to whatever he or she has to say. Here are some topics for inspiration:

  • Your most memorable childhood games
  • An injury you got on the field when playing
  • Your most memorable world cup event
  • The biggest sports show you ever attended
  • Have you ever felt the impact of exercise?
  • Your favorite sports show
  • Why football is the most popular sports in the world today?
  • Which club would you coach if given the opportunity?
  • A most exciting experience you ever had as a gamer
  • Your favorite video game
  • What would you change in basketball if you can?

Narrative Essay Topics on Sexuality and Gender Roles

There will always be personal experiences and stories to tell concerning sexuality and gender roles. There are a number of liberation movements in the United States and other countries that can be successfully narrated for readers. Here are some topics to consider:

  • Differences between male and female roles
  • Do you think more is expected from daughters than sons?
  • Gender biases in colleges and their impact on students
  • Your first sexual experience
  • Catcalling and being harassed publicly
  • What do you think of Feminists?
  • How would you address pornography as a parent?
  • As a lady, have you ever been pressured to have a perfect body?
  • What are the biggest issues with patriarchy?
  • Your worst body-shaming experience

Narrative Essay Topics on Religion and Morality

At one point or the other, we are always caught in a position where we have to defend our beliefs and sense of morality. Nonetheless, as far as you are looking to write an excellent narrative essay, also if you use essay writer bot, here are some topics to consider:

  • Your most memorable ethical dilemma
  • Why do helping others is a moral obligation?
  • Why you believe in God?
  • Your experience in learning other religion
  • The rise of Islam in the middle east
  • How would you describe your religious life?
  • What do you consider the biggest fraud in religion?
  • Why do you think people believe there’s no God?
  • What was your most shocking experience about religion?
  • How religion has changed the world?

Narrative Essay Topics on Technology

Tech advancement and innovation are gradually changing our lives. Nevertheless, there are numerous people that still don’t know much about technological advancements. Here are a few engaging topics for your narrative essay:

  • Which are your favorite viral videos?
  • Why are you always distracted by video games?
  • A scamming experience you won’t forget
  • Steps to open a website for your business
  • The lack of anonymity and its consequences.
  • What was your favorite video game as a kid?
  • Technological advancement in transportation in the next ten years
  • Your favorite apps on iPhone and Android
  • Technological tools which have a massive role in your life
  • Why your phone has become your closet friend?

Narrative Essay Topics about Role Models

Almost everyone has at least one celebrity that they can’t explain their love for – ranging from artists to movie stars and even athletes. Here are some topics for inspiration:

  • What would you do if you get a chance to dine with any celebrity?
  • What do you know about your favorite celebrity?
  • Role models who have had a significant impact on your life
  • Things you would say to Michael Jackson if you had the chance.
  • Best advice you’ve heard from Barrack Obama
  • The top leaders that changed Africa in the past
  • Which athletes would you have over for dinner?
  • What do you know about Nelson Mandela?
  • Which political position would you like to occupy if you had the chance?
  • Your most memorable moment with a role model

Narrative Essay Topics on Relationships and Dating

Relationship and dating essays are very effective topics that easily connect with readers. Here are some examples of narrative essay topics on relationship and dating:

  • Do You Think Dating Is A Bit Too Traditional?
  • Why Is It Essential For Everyone To Have A Close Friend?
  • How To Interact With People From Different Walks Of Life?
  • How To Handle The End Of A Long Friendship?
  • Did You First Fall In Love?
  • Basics You’ll Need To Handle Breakups
  • Why Do You Believe In Marriage?
  • Most Meaningful Relationships You’ve Had So Far
  • What Would You Tell Someone Who’s New To Dating?
  • Why Did Your Parents Allow You To Date In High School?
  • Reasons Why ‘Deep Discussions’ Are Essential To The Success Of Any Marriage

Narrative Essay Topics on Traveling

This is one of the favorite areas to write on when it comes to narrative essays. Everyone has something to say about where they’ve been to. Here are narrative essay topics on traveling:

  • The craziest adventure you had with your friends
  • Your unforgettable road trip
  • How traveling affected your life and personality?
  • Your trip thousands of miles away from home
  • Your dream vacation
  • The coolest experience you had on a trip
  • Would you like to visit a foreign country?
  • If you had the chance to travel anywhere, where would it be?
  • The biographies of space tourists
  • The most popular landmarks you’ve seen


In conclusion, aside from all the topics mentioned above, there are still tons of interesting and engaging narrative essay topics to write on as a college student. It’s always interesting and creative to write and share your experiences with your readers. As long as you write as naturally as it comes to you, you’ll tend to pass the passion in your story through your writing, thereby connecting to your audience.

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