Is it legit to use an essay writer bot?

With the advancement in technology, a lot of things have become possible, and part of it is writing an essay. Unlike the strenuous process of trying to write on papers, you can now compose an essay easily and effortlessly. one of the ways to do this is using an essay bot; however, a lot of question has been asked whether using the software is legit or not. And that’s what you are about to find out in this article.

What is an Essay writer bot?

Essay writer Bot is a service that allows you to generate text uniquely. It is a type of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that produces real text on a specific topic. It is beneficial to use this service because its plagiarism appears to be real. On the other hand, it can be quite risky and mundane because it is impossible for you to write a unique text, the website might not have a live chat, and you have to pay for the subscription.

The essay bot generates an essay by using the essay question and keywords as input and then generates high-quality without plagiarism in a few minutes as it is completely automated. Regardless of the topic of the essay you want to write, the essay generator will excellently complete your essay without any problems. Therefore, it is always best to use the essay bot if you need any immediate assistance with any writing task, including assignments, essays, articles, and reports. In a few moments, the outcome might even amaze your teachers.

The essay bot was developed to facilitate essay writing as it can:

  • Generate essays and articles on almost every topic
  • Write topics automatically
  • Produce unique works by paraphrasing words and using words with synonyms
  • monitor the number of words in an article to meet your writing requirements.
  • Provide a bibliography to specify the details used to create the essay
  • Rewrite and shuffle the content to make sure your essay pass Copy cape and plagiarism checks.
  • Add images to articles to make essays more professional.

The essay writer bot makes sure that your writing is of the highest quality at all times – whether it’s an article, a report, a task, a thesis, or a test, you can rely on the essay bot to prevent the risk of errors. Therefore, if you have a homework assignment or want to review a book, or better yet if you want to enter a writing contest, you can use the software! This software is also advisable for SEO content writers who want to generate unique articles for their websites.

NOTE: The above-mentioned points will depend on the website in question. According to online reviews on a certain website, it has been found that using an essay bot to write might not be totally safe as some of them complained of getting a poorly written text while some complained of plagiarism. Therefore, before using an essay writer bot on a website, ensure that you go through the review from their past customers.

How to Use an Essay bot?

Using the essay writer bot is straightforward, even if you have never used it before. The steps to generate the essay would be stated in the tools itself. However, we will provide a guideline that we see as a general procedure to generate essays so you won’t have any issue while using it.

Input the topics and press the keys

Unfortunately, one of the downsides of the essay generator is that it cannot help you to select a topic. You will have to select the topic yourself and then leave the rest for the essay bot. Simply insert the topic in the empty space of the tool and afterward click the “Get an essay or Generate essay button.”

NOTE: The procedure might be different depending on the website you are using.

After clicking on the Generate essay button, the website directs you to another page to get your essay. However, some website like Essay typer makes it look more fun. After clicking their “Get free live essay” button, you will be directed to a blank page. The blank page was designed to give you a feeling of writing the essay yourself. As the blank page will not go until you start clicking on it, the moment you start pressing, the essay begins to appear automatically; however, this is not the same as other websites.

Is an essay writer bot safe for writing?

The answer to this question will depend on the complexity of the writing. You might not have a problem with a simple high school assignment. At the same time, there might be a problem when you are trying to do a college writing assignment. Writing the topics only might not get some works done; you might need to include some relevant sources before you can get good content. The research capabilities of the essay bot might be lower as it does not have the ability to compose a paper as good as the one human will compose.

The reason is that writing academic content can be complicated than just rewriting some content from other sources. It might be appropriate for other types of writing, but some tasks will require your human expertise and deep thinking. And when something like this happens, essay writer bot is not in the best position to help you out.

What is the quality of writers and editors?

As long as no publisher or editor is involved in the editing, proofreading, and writing process, it is difficult to judge the quality of the service.

However, it is important to note that some of the essay bots contain an excellent plagiarism verification tool so that your essay is properly scanned to make it unique. In addition, your grammar will be checked, and you can format the text in APA or MLA style, as well as the fonts. Some of this bot also go to the extent of checking the grammar and also format the essay in APA or MLA style and also the sources.

However, the quality of the essay bot can be deduced from the reviews of the customers. On the website, you will be able to know whether the past users are satisfied with the service or not. As mentioned earlier, some of the things that users complained about while using the essay bot are the originality and the quality.

What are the types of assignments and services that the essay bot provides?

To be sincere, the main purpose of using Essay bot is for you to have a guide on how to write your article; however, it cannot exactly compose an article for you. Since there is no real writer behind this AI bot, you should be able to regulate that AI-generated work. You will have to enter a relative title in the search bar, and Essay writer Bot will do the rest for you.

In addition, you can select a specific source for the bot to paraphrase and edit the essay for you. Essay Bot will leave the article without plagiarism, but perhaps one of the disadvantages of this help is that the text might be hard to read. When typing the words in this program, you will find the possible way to start the sentences. In addition, Essay writer Bot provides access to a huge database so that your article has reliable sources.

So, after some information has been provided on the essay writer, the question now is whether it is legit to use the service or not. Below are some of the things that made us conclude that the essay bot is a legit online service.

Is it legit to use an essay writer bot?

  • It includes its terms of service for users.

First of all, the Essay bot is legal because its terms and conditions are on the website. To be considered a legal entity, you must follow certain rules. One of them is publishing its conditions. The websites using the essay bot outlines the conditions that customers must accept before using the services. The other one is stating its disclaimers. All of this help website users to understand the guidelines on the website, as well as the validity of the information gotten from it.

The disclaimer saves the company from legal recourse if the user is facing the consequences. It also helps to define how the website function, primarily as a service that allows content users only for research and reference purposes. This makes the site legal because it is not defined as a site for plagiarism in itself. Thus, the essay bot is legally exempt from any claims that involve plagiarism because it shifts the burden of morality and ethics to students, who are required to use the work offered to them as a point of reference. Therefore, the description of the conditions and terms of service on the website helps to emphasize the legality of the website, as it prevents students from presenting their work as original work, therefore making the company legal.

  • Transfers full copyright to the users

Another reason to determine the legality of the essay bot writing services is under the copyright laws. Generally, plagiarism is seen as a big offense as it does not encourage a world of originality literally. However, some academic writing services promise original content free from plagiarism for their users. And this is why some writing services transfer the full right to the user.

The writing services translate that are viewed as the best transfers all rights of ownership to the user. This means that the customer is the sole owner of the product, given that the use is private. This transfer is considered ethically acceptable and, therefore, legal before the law, as the completed work belongs to the person who ordered the service.

Writing services are meant to be a pointer for students and are therefore not considered to comply with the rules set by schools regarding cheating. The transfer of intellectual property rights facilitates the existence of companies under the law because the criminal prosecution of these online entities leaves no trace of the user.

  • It encourages originality

Also, the essay bot is a legal entity as it is meant to help the students get the right thing needed to write an original essay. Primarily, its function is not to outrightly create essays for students. Some of the essays generated by the essay bot will be detected by the plagiarism checker in school as not being original as the essay cannot be ready for submission unless the student personally works on it. The essay most times might not be refined, hard to read, and completely plagiarized. So, it’s merely a rough composition, and it is left to the student to make it original.

  • Registration under the law

Another obstacle to legality is being registered on the law. According to the legal doctrines, every entity offering services to the public must mandatorily register under the law. The essay bot provides a freelance writing service using Artificial intelligence. Because the writing services using the essay bot offers services to people, they also register under the law in order to make them more credible. The essay bot is like assistance for the student as it streamlines the writing process by providing the materials student are meant to focus on while writing the essay.


The legality of the essay bot might depend on the user because it is meant to help you gather information. Then it is left to the student to arrange those pieces of information together to craft out a meaningful essay. So, if you are confused about whether the tool is legit, you can go through the article to know a few things that make it legal and illegal. Below are few things to note when using an essay writer bot:

  • The approach is too raw: you would still need to work on the content before you can finally submit them.
  • It will just give you a focus and will not compose articles for you.
  • The originality will depend on the user and not the bot.
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