What are some interesting proposal essay topics?

Writing an argumentative essay is not an easy task; it will consume a lot of your time, so it is essential to choose a topic suitable to your interests and tastes, making it attractive enough to captivate your readers.

The topics for essays can be very varied and interesting. You can currently write about climate change, pollution, animal rights, space exploration, artificial intelligence, migratory crises, poverty, and feminism, among others.

Before you start, remember that an essay’s purpose is to formally argue an idea, criticism, or a statement on a specific topic.

In this article, we will mention and write some ideas where, in addition to the main topic, more specific subtopics are included that can be the main idea of ​​any essay.

An argumentative text is written presenting different opinions regarding a central idea but always maintaining objectivity. In this sense, we can say that it amounts to an “explanation” of why something is one way and not another.

Each of the following examples could be used “as is” they can also serve as a starting point for your research. Environmental issues:

  • Can we protect wild areas and animals by promoting ecotourism?
  • What can we do to help have clean water?
  • The danger of oil spills in the ocean.
  • Should municipalities adopt classified garbage deposits to promote recycling?
  • Is hunting good or bad for the environment?
  • Why you have to conserve oil.
  • Does being a vegetarian or vegan help the environment?
  • Should everyone ride public transport to mitigate pollution?
  • Are electric cars as environmentally friendly as they claim to be?
  • Should the government do more to end dependence on non-renewable energy sources?
  • Should the government regulate or ban oil drilling?
  • Why should we use reusable bags?
  • Does recycling make a difference?
  • Should households do more to recycle the garbage they produce?
  • Disposable diapers are dangerous to the environment.
  • Should supermarkets charge for plastic bags to encourage the use of reusable bags?
  • Should our country do more to encourage recycling? How?
  • Can use LED lights instead of traditional bulbs make a difference?
  • What is household hazardous waste, and why is it important not to throw it away?
  • What is deforestation? How does it happen, and what can be done to stop it?
  • Species in danger of extinction need protection.
  • Should all the cars of the future be hybrid vehicles to minimize environmental damage and pollution?
  • What is fracking? Is it worth risking so much to nature?
  • We must fight for a society without papers.
  • What is a carbon footprint? How can we change our carbon footprint?
  • What are the dangers for people living in cities with high pollution?
  • Is Nuclear Power Safe?
  • What is the best way to handle our garbage? Are landfills a good idea?
  • Tropical forests need to be protected.
  • Should car owners pay more taxes as a result of environmental damage caused by pollution?
  • Should people face harsher penalties as a result of littering?
  • Should businesses found guilty of dumping toxic waste and materials be shut down?
  • Is our country doing enough to reduce CO2 emissions?
  • Are humans responsible for climate change?

General topics for writing essays


Essays on legal topics are prevalent among students. These include topics about hypothetical lawmaking or reforming existing laws. Among the legal issues, the following stand out:

  • Should the consumption of cigarettes and other products containing tobacco be prohibited?
  • Are the medicinal benefits of marijuana sufficient justification to legalize it?
  • Is the age to consume alcoholic beverages appropriate? Should it be higher or lower?
  • Should nuclear weapons be banned globally?
  • Does the prohibition of illegal substances and narcotics increase their illicit trade?
  • Is abortion a right of women? Are there situations in which abortion should be allowed or prohibited?


Essays on moral issues cover a wide range of dilemmas, including matters concerning humans and animals’ treatment. These topics are perfect for argumentative essays since they are debatable.

The most common moral issues are:

  • Is it necessary to use animals to test cosmetics and drugs?
  • Is it correct to buy products that come from countries that support child labor?
  • Do patients have the right to assisted suicide (euthanasia)?
  • Is the exhibition of works of art that show nudes appropriate in museums that are for all audiences?
  • Are believers more moral than atheists? Does morality depend on religion?
  • Does freedom of expression give people the right to direct malicious speech towards other people or situations?
    Do people who commit heinous crimes deserve the death penalty?


Social issues are related to legal and moral topics but are separated from them because they deal with how individuals function in society. Also you can use these topics for narrative essay.

Some of these topics are:

  • Men do most of the high-level jobs. Should the government encourage a certain percentage of these jobs to be reserved for women?
  • Zoos are sometimes considered necessary, but they are inferior alternatives to a natural environment. Discuss some of the arguments for and against keeping animals in zoos.
  • The problem of bullying
  • Debate on the right age for young people to start working
  • The difficulty of achieving economic independence
  • Financial freedom
  • Most so-called reality shows are highly contrived and bear little resemblance to real life. Using one or more specific programs for your examples, explain why you agree or disagree with this observation.
  • The government should impose limits on household waste.
  • Life in the country is better than life in the city.
  • Are teenagers under much pressure to go to college?
  • At what age is it appropriate to begin exercising the right to vote?
  • Should immigrants have more rights?
  • Why should women wear less conspicuous clothing to avoid “attracting” unwanted men? Aren’t men responsible for their actions too?
  • Is it correct that imprisoned citizens have the right to vote? Are there cases in which it should be prohibited?
  • Should there be a curfew for underage citizens?


In our society, the media have acquired great importance. Media essays include how television, radio, social media affect our society and what content should be allowed. Among the highlighted topics are:

  • Should the transmission of scenes with explicit sexual content be allowed during family hours or all public?
  • What is the level of tolerance that should exist regarding violence transmitted on television?
  • Do journalists have a duty not to take any sides when reporting?
  • Are public figures maltreated in the mass media? Should the privacy of celebrities be more respected?


Advertising is closely related to the media since it is often transmitted through these. Some relevant issues in terms of advertising are:

  • Is it correct to allow the use of advertising within schools and other educational institutions?
  • Is it correct to allow companies that produce alcoholic beverages and tobacco products to use advertising?
  • Should advertising include the warnings and side effects of promoted products?
  • Is print advertising obsolete?


Essays on familiar topics cover a wide range of issues; This is because families are very diverse. Some general issues regarding family are:

  • Do children deserve or need an allowance/pay?
  • Is it correct for parents to monitor their children’s internet use?
  • Is it proper for a father to hit his son to “teach him a lesson”?
  • Should parents encourage their children’s participation in extracurricular activities, such as sports or music?
  • Should single people be able to adopt children as quickly as a couple?

Educational system

Essays on the educational system are one of the most apparent options because they allow constructive criticism of the system we belong to. Some topics in this area are:

  • Questioning the current model of secondary education
  • The current paradigm of secondary education
  • Importance of renewing educational models
  • The use of video games in the classroom as a teaching tool
  • The role of communications in social networks for modern education.
  • The role of technology in the classroom
  • Do school children need to learn a second language as soon as possible?
  • What is “innovative education”?
  • The use of telephones in class. Pros and cons
  • Ideas to encourage reading in class
  • Should there be a dress code for teachers?
  • Should boys and girls attend separate classes?
  • Is it okay to allow students to use their phones in elementary school?
  • Should schools promote the study of languages ​​other than English?


  • Most political figures are male. Should governments promote the entry of women into political life?
  • Should the government create laws to regulate the consumption of junk food?
  • Should the government intervene in matters concerning individuals, such as family planning? Should the number of births per family be regulated?


  • Do you agree that the destruction of the world’s forests is a necessary and inevitable consequence of technological advances?
  • What should we do to protect and preserve animals in danger of extinction?
  • Are zoos cruel to animals? Is the existence of these necessary?


  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of technological advances?
  • Should laptops and tablets replace textbooks?
  • Are we very dependent on technology?
  • To what extent technology has changed the way we work?

Climate change

Essays on climate change are booming due to the critical environmental situation. A problem that looks for the different considerations to improve the problem.


A similar case to the previous one being one of the main factors of climate change, pollution takes on much relevance when it comes to asking ourselves where this problem is heading and how we can solve it.

Animal rights

The vision of man towards animals has taken a step further, and the treatment of these has evolved notably, for example, occurs with veganism. Questions about whether we are giving the right place to animals and their rights are some of the most frequently addressed essay reasons in recent years.

Space exploration

The conquest of space, the arrival of man to other planets, and what we can find are some of the questions that the essays on space exploration address, an activity that has developed notably since the early 2000s.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is one of the technologies most valued by companies for all its applications.
However, it is a great unknown to society in general, giving rise to rethinking many questions about its present and future.

Migration crises

Migration has taken on particular importance in Europe, which is experiencing a real crisis due to the arrival of thousands of refugees and immigrants from Africa and the Middle East. Questions about migration policies or how to combat xenophobia give rise to the elaboration of several essays.


With the arrival of the fourth wave of feminism, that movement seems set to change the course of history definitively. Wondering about the antecedents, evolution, and consequences are fascinating topics.

The topics for essays can cover any field of human knowledge: matters of social interest, topics about education, politics, art philosophy, psychology, among many others.

Topics for an essay on sports

  • The real relationship between food, fitness, and weight
  • What are the adverse effects of diets?
  • Society should fight anorexia.
  • Steroid users should be excluded from team sports activities.
  • Is team spirit more important and valuable than lifting a trophy?
  • Is swimming the best kind of sport?
  • Hockey and other dangerous sports.
  • Topics for an essay on health
  • E l abuse of energy drinks
  • The problem of work addiction
  • The problem of sexually transmitted diseases in young people.
  • Marketing about healthy foods and their impact on the health of young people
  • Image as marketing
  • Marketing and its role in shaping superficial paradigms in young people
  • Debate on the legality or not of drugs
  • The drug problem in students
  • Debate on euthanasia
  • Being a vegetarian in a world of fast food
  • Children with autism and the challenge of education
  • Abortion. Arguments for and against its legalization
  • A healthy diet does not mean eating little.
  • The legality of drugs does not solve the problem of addiction in young people.
  • Why is junk food so addictive?
  • Is it a good idea to drink bottled water?
  • Do Fad Diets Work?
  • Does Eating Gluten-Free Make People Healthier?
  • Which fast food restaurant serves the best food?
  • Where are the best places to eat cheaply in the city?
  • Which is better, Starbucks or your local coffee shop?
  • What is the best diet for an athlete?
  • Is it worth paying more for “natural” or “organic”?


We hope that in this article everyone was able to find the necessary and useful topic for their essay. If you suddenly have difficulty in writing paper, you can turn to the help of professional essay writing services. You can find the best ones on our main page.

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