Top 100 topics for informative essays

Essay writing is one of the numerous assignments you’ll continue to tackle as a student, and even after graduation – an informative essay is the most common of them, which implies that you can’t escape it. Therefore, before you choose to write an informative essay, you need to fully understand what it means and how to choose one. There are tons of excellent informative essay topics you can write on, and this article will reveal to you the top 100 we have out there.

What is an informative essay?

Simply put, an informative essay is a write-up that is focused on gathering relevant information that brings to light something new or adds value, in some way, to your readers. It is called “informative” because it is meant to pass relevant information – concerning your topic – to your audience. As long as you have a good topic and credible source, an informative essay is one of the most interesting tasks you’ll always enjoy doing.

An informative essay is centered on revealing and teaching your readers about your chosen topic. You can always choose any topic you are well familiar with, interested in, or comfortable with. The end goal is to explain to your readers something they most likely do not know. To achieve this is also important that you are able to engage them till the end of your essay. Also, note that the idea of an informative essay is not to share your views or opinions with your readers but rather to state facts that support the information you’re trying to pass.

How to choose informative essay topics?

It is common to find people who find it more difficult to choose a good informative essay topic than to actually write one – the fear of choosing the wrong topic is greater than writing. This is completely understandable, as the wrong choice of topic is the beginning of failure when writing in any form of essay, especially informative essays. However, choosing a good topic is very easy once you know how to go about it.

One of the major reasons for this challenge is that most topics are too broad, and narrowing them presents another challenge for some people. What you need to consider first is how important and engaging your choice of topic is to your target audience. The next vital consideration is sticking to the guidelines provided by your supervisor. Taking both factors into consideration is a sure way to handle the issue of choosing an informative essay topic.

How to source informative essay ideas?

The truth remains that there are unlimited sources to get informative essay ideas, but there are always some of the level doubts that come with it – is it persuasive enough? Is it interesting and engaging? Nonetheless, we’ve to provide you with different categories of the top 100 informative essay topics that are generally relevant and interesting to read. All you have to do is keep reading, as there are some critical factors you have to understand before choosing your topic.

Understand the type of Assignment/Task you’re given before choosing your informative essay topic

As long as you’re looking to work on an informative essay, know that this task is a form expository paper of its own. The major difference is that an informative essay describes what the paper does. Meanwhile, an expository paper explains how it is done by expounding. Writing on a topic and including everything you know is not enough; you should understand the topic well enough to include authoritative sources and select the updated info for your readers.

Personal pronouns and anecdotes belong to the category. However, in the academic field, the essay should be organized and formatted according to the standards without using slangs, jargon, or any other form of informal language. Additionally, colloquialism, personalization, and contractions are vital factors a student should stay away from while working on an informative essay.

Excellent Informative Essay Topics

To start writing excellent informative essays today – given that it is challenging to come up with excellent topic ideas – it can be very helpful to borrow ideas from some of the top essay topics out there. We have listed 100 of the best topics to give you some inspiration. You can choose to coin yours from the list below, or you can pick anyone you feel comfortable writing on. Nevertheless, if you prefer to have it written professionally, you can always get the help of an expert from professional essay writing services.

Informative Essay Topics for Middle School Children

In this section, we have compiled the top topics that are simple and very informative for readers. They consist of informative topics about life and animals. Below are some examples of informative essay topics for middle school:

  • Does wearing school uniforms unite children?
  • Can we keep wild animals as pets?
  • How to keep an train a pet?
  • Importance of a national park
  • The important human health vitamins
  • The meaning of dreams
  • Is it bad to watch television violence?
  • How to score top grades in class
  • How to enjoy vacations and road trips
  • My favorite subject in my class
  • What are the important life skills?
  • How to make use of a compass?
  • How to read a map?
  • Why are television shows monitored for kids?
  • Healthy foods for children
  • The best vitamin to give children
  • How can training damage the skin?
  • The benefits of becoming an exchange student
  • How can music enhance intelligence?
  • Discuss the story of superman

As a middle-school student, informative essay topics on music are a very interesting field writing because it is usually at this stage, the interest in music formulates.

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Informative Essay Topics for High School Students

High school is where essay writing is well-organized and developed to meet the standard. Several high school teachers prefer to give their assignments in the form of an essay. It is taken as a means to develop students’ ability to communicate their thoughts and findings in writing. Amongst the tons of writing a high school student have to write, an informative essay is the most interesting, and here are some of the top topics to write on in this category:

  • Is bullying damaging to one’s self-esteem after school?
  • Is it necessary to go to college to be successful?
  • How can society tackle child abuse?
  • The poorest regions in the United States
  • The significant events that led to World War II
  • Significant moments and events in World War II
  • The Iraq war
  • Discussing Adolf Hitler and World War II
  • The gun control debate
  • The United States branches of government
  • How does solar electricity work?
  • The dangers of global warming
  • The largest stadiums in the world
  • Discussing the effects of civil war
  • Who are the richest in the world today?
  • The evolution of the Indian culture
  • Why is it important to get a college degree?
  • The biggest music events around the world
  • How to build a career in gaming
  • What are the effects of OCD?

Informative Essay Topics for College Students

For college students, it is expected that your ability to communicate credible information in writing has improved. At this point, you are assumed to be able to a persuasive, engaging, relevant, and informative essay on almost any topic. The availability of information today is like never before, which makes it more easy and fast to pen down an informative essay. Here are some topics for inspiration:

  • Presidents and leaders who have made a difference in the world
  • Why should we be disturbed about global warming?
  • What is cybercrime, and how has it evolved?
  • The dangers of acid rain
  • Vegan lifestyle and what it effects
  • How can you secure your dream job?
  • Online college education and what it entails
  • Why you should reduce your carbon footprint?
  • The consequences of restricting free speech
  • How the UK parliament functions?
  • What is the usefulness of the House of Lords?
  • The biggest white-collar crimes in history
  • The socialist engine against capitalism
  • What does a solar eclipse mean?
  • Obesity and life expectancy
  • Education in highly ranked universities: benefits
  • How can recycling save the planet?
  • How does the law-making process work in the United States?

Informative Essay Topics on Education

The education sector is very critical even though it doesn’t get as much attention as it should. There are tons of topics to be written on education, and as far as academics are concerned, there will always be different creative and informative essay topics to write on. Here are a few:

  • Keeping up your grade and maintaining a healthy social life in school
  • How to protect yourself from violence on campuses?
  • Switching majors in the university without duplicating courses
  • Do ESL students have the chance to take a standardization exam in their native language?
  • The benefits of social events and workshops on campuses
  • Including religious curriculum in high schools
  • The effect of field trips in the early development of students
  • The most crucial factors that influence the performance of college students
  • The importance of higher education in landing a job
    Studying abroad and its effect on a student’s level of comprehension.

Informative Essay Topics on Science

There’s a lot to write about science, ranging from present issues to innovative ideas. These days, just about anyone can write essays on any field, given that the works of credible authorities are well referenced. It is not enough to write a well-articulated informative essay without consulting relevant authorities in the field. Here are some topics you can borrow or get ideas from:

  • How do some specific allergies ward off certain types of diseases?
  • How can nanobots help in solving health issues and diseases?
  • How do calories generate excess body fat?
  • What is the relationship between genetics and the human aging process?
  • How can the string theory help scientists create more efficient travel?
  • European modified-food-crops ban: is it economics-related?
  • Why Autism can be treated more effectively today
  • The importance of black holes in the way the universe works
  • Epidemiological research and its help in combating some particular types of diseases
  • How do some specific allergens help combat certain diseases?

Informative Essay Topics on Government

Issues concerning the government are very broad, and there is an unlimited source of ideas to choose a topic. However, it is important to know how to narrow and structure your topic. Here are a few topics for inspiration:

  • Ways in which the government can help keep homeless people safe in shelters
  • The causes of the rise in the number of homeless people in the cities
  • The branches of government in the United States and their individual functions
  • How democracy rose to prominence in the first-world European countries?
  • The best ways to get medication for people without Medicare
  • How does the United States’ constitution affect other nations in structuring their governments?
  • How does the Senate differ from the House of Representatives in representation?
  • How can the government include profession, education, and technology in decision making?
  • What are the measures the government can take to prevent parental child abuse?
  • How can organizations be treated as individuals in how they make gains from donations?

Informative Essay Topics on Health

Whether you are in the medical field or not, you can come across informative essay topics that relate to the health sector, and it is important that you know how to build your topic excellently. Below is a list of informative essay topics on health you can write on:

  • The history of illnesses
  • The evolution of nanotechnology in medicine
  • Compare and contrast bulimia and anorexia
  • Why are minerals so important to organisms?
  • Adverse effects of plastic surgery
  • Importance of vitamin C
  • How the brain can be altered by an improper eyesight?
  • Explain how viral infection occurs
  • What are the health benefits of minerals and vitamins?
  • Why is breastfeeding important for young infants?
  • Travel tips for pregnant women
  • What advancements have been made so far in finding an HIV/AIDS cure?
  • The use of nanobots to treat diseases
  • What are the effects of plastic surgery?
  • What are the advantages of normal childbirth?
  • Which foods are rich in vitamin E?
  • Which foods create strong bones?
  • What are the major strains of cancer?
  • How to treat cancer effectively.


In conclusion, there are several other informative essay topics that are very relevant, such as essays on business and management, also if you order paper from legit writing services. Informative essays can also be written on sports amongst other areas where we have dedicated fanatics who are waiting to hear the latest development about their passion.

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