The most popular proposal essay topics for college in 2021

A robust proposal essay topic crafting is the best way to start your proposal essay. Crafting a suitable topic will help you ensure that you focus on the topic in that you have interest, and you feel comfortable writing about the crafted topic. When you choose such a topic for a proposal essay, it also ensures that you will spend serious time searching and finding reliable information. Only a robust topic selection ensures your essay’s success in making protective arguments, and you can offer the best solutions.

We have researched different proposal essay topics, and we have found the top 50 popular proposal essay topics in 2021 for college students. We will share such popular essay topics for college students with you in the below content in detail. Read the content and know powerful proposal essay topics to write a powerful essay.

What does it mean Proposal Essay?

Before knowing about the popular proposal essay topics, we would like to share the proposal essay’s concept. Once you understand what does it mean proposal essay, it will help you understand different things.

When we come to define a proposal essay, then different teachers and experts offer different opinions. Some teachers refer to it as “research paper with solutions,” while the other teachers refer to the proposal essay as “argumentative essays with research.” But there is no exact definition, and both of these terms are incomplete.

We can say that a proposal essay offers us to understand the issue or problem and then finding the solution for that problem, sharing the idea or method of solution. In a proposal essay, lots of evidence included in the form of research.

From such evidence, an essay offers the demonstrating platform and clarifies why a concept or idea is best of action. Such essays are common in subjects-focused areas such as business society, sciences, political and governmental problems. Still, technically they are helpful and better elaborate the things in any area of the subject.

What are helpful tips on writing a good proposal essay for college students?

Here are some helpful tips that ensure good proposal essay writing; follow them when writing the proposal essay.

Choose the topic that you care about

When you are writing a proposal essay and want to write a good proposal essay, then keep in mind that you have chosen the topic that you care about. You should select the topic you have a strong interest in and love to write about that topic. Here you can read more about the best research essay topics.

On researching about the vital tips about writing good proposal essay for college students, above technique is highly recommended and appreciated because proposal essay writing needs a tremendous amount of research, you need deep research about the topic and for examining the highlighted problems from each possible angles with solid commitment and dedication. It is only possible when you have a genuine interest in the subject and love to do research, finding information, search for possible solutions, and ability to present solutions.

The topic should have a wealth of research and resource behind it

The second helpful tip to ensure a strong proposal essay is that you always make sure you choose the topic that has sufficient resources for the research behind it. It will allow you to find supportive evidence and examples to quote and make your essay more robust and acceptable for the readers.

It is noticed that it is a big challenge that cannot be achieved most of the time when you do not have good examples or evidence to support your arguments in the essay. To convince your readers, it is essential to choose the topic that offers the best research resource to find sufficient trusted and reliable evidence and examples.

Consider the Counterarguments

No matter the efforts you have made and how supportive evidence and examples you have provided, readers can still raise counterarguments about your essay. It becomes challenging if you did not plan it before.
So to keep things smooth, you should keep in mind all the possible counterarguments of those readers who disagree with your arguments in the essay. So it is good to keep in mind counterarguments while drafting a solution.

What are the top 50 popular proposal essay topics in 2021 for college students?

When we searched about the top 50 popular proposal essay topics in 2021 for college students, we have found hundreds of solid topics to use for essay writing in colleges. We found a big bath of topics, if we present them in the same sequence, you may get confused to understand, so we have numbered them in different categories. Read our content and know the best 50 proposal essay topics for college students category-wise.

When it comes to choosing the best proposal essay topics at the college level for students, then keep in mind that the topics should match with the course material that a student currently studied in that university, because you need different skills to complete your research to accumulate sufficient evidence to support your essay which you can better understand if it is related to your academic degrees.

A second thing that is necessary to keep in mind chooses the topic that currently a challenging problem for the world, and people want its solution. It will increase the interest of people if they benefit from your research.
Your topic also can present that you have an awareness of that topic, and you also did deep research to find the solution to that issue. Such a proposal essay topic will ensure your success and to write a powerful essay with correct information and research detail.

Popular Education process proposal essay topics

When we talk about the proposal essay topics in college, one of the best areas to choose from in the educational process, you can research and find the possible ways to help your teachers improve their teaching methods.
For such proposal essay topics, you will find a lot of information and supporting evidence to support your topic. You can highlight the weak areas and can closely observe those areas in colleges. After close observation, evidence, and examples, you can highlight the weaknesses and provide some possible solutions. Mainly the college proposal essay presents to teachers; if you write about them, they will take interest and read your entire essay to find helpful information. Here we are presenting the ten best education process proposal essay topics with you.

  1. How teachers can use the Psychological approach to improve the performance of their students
  2. Is there any positive impact of engaging in same-sex classes for improving students’ performance?
  3. Is it reasonable to share information about negative aspects of life with little kids in class?
  4. How quality of teachers impact the educational process
  5. What are some studying techniques that now need to banned in schools
  6. How a teacher can increase output from students with minimum efforts
  7. What are the better ways to monitor students’ performance other than grading?
  8. What are the helpful ways to taught students to improve their health?
  9. How can a teacher raise student’s confidence and self-esteem?
  10. Are typing lectures still effective?

Popular proposal essay topics for Curriculum

It is one of the most popular areas for proposal essay topics for college students. It revolves around students’ interests, which lead to teachers, institutions, and the overall education system in a country. Now, you can find the best narrative essay topic.

Some popular curriculum proposal essay topics are perfect to choose from and can provide you sufficient research background and evidence to support them.

  1. Should students offer the freedom to choose their courses? What are the benefits and drawbacks of that freedom?
  2. What are convincing reasons to include happiness studies in the curriculum?
  3. Should sexual education in the curriculum? What are the pros and cons of sexual education?
  4. What are the best physical activities to include in the curriculum of schools?
  5. How can we test the impact of curriculum changes on students’ performance?
  6. How do you select the best subjects for the curriculum of any class?
  7. Is there any knowledge that does not have any benefit but we are studying in school?
  8. Is it necessary to add religious study to the curriculum? What is the impact of that on general education?
  9. Why is it compulsory to add cultural subjects to the curriculum?
  10. Can a student pick length for education at colleges?

What are popular proposal essay topics for the internet and Mass Media?

It is also an excellent area to choose proposal essay topics for college students because everybody has a concern with that area and is interested in that. Mass media and the internet are the essences of everyone, directly or indirectly impacting our society.

So it is good to choose the topics from the area which has a direct impact on everyone. We have researched and found you will get information research background for internet and mass media topics to present your essay better. Below are some popular proposal essay topics related to the internet and Mass media.

  1. What is the best way to control internet information?
  2. Is it reasonable to keep your children away from the TV?
  3. How can parents help their children to use the internet for beneficial purposes?
  4. Why countries ban materials on the internet? Is it good or bad for countries?
  5. How can we improve the efficiency of students through the use of the internet and social media?
  6. Is it reasonable to communicate with teachers and students on social media?
  7. How can we prevent the hacking of our social media accounts?
  8. How much is social media effective to improve student’s productivity?
  9. What are the ways to protect from cybercrimes?
  10. How much information is reliable on the internet?

Popular Proposal essay topics on acute social problems

It is the best way to get people’s attention when choosing a topic about social issues. Everyone faces social issues and shows interest in social issues; you will also get supported information and examples for your essay to make it convincing. Following are some famous acute social problems proposal topics for the essay.

  1. How can we improve student’s social responsibility of students?
  2. Is it beneficial for educational institutions to cover the subcultures? What are its impacts on society?
  3. How can we maintain the cleanliness of big cities?
  4. What desire to change our attitude about disabled people in society?
  5. How can the suicide rate of young adults reduce through education in society?
  6. What are some helpful ways to help your loved one prevent alcohol or drug addiction?
  7. How important is it to reduce the stress level in citizens for society?
  8. What are the rules to follow to make our roads safe?
  9. Can we urge the students and young adults to read more books to change society?
  10. What are the impacts of population and pollution on the modern world?

Popular proposal essay topics about healthy lifestyle

Health is wealth, and it is one of the significant areas that need much attention. Health is the preference of everyone. If you want more attention from your readers, it is good to choose your essay topics from healthy style areas. We have also sorted out some best topics for you and providing you below here.

  1. What are the impacts of caffeine? Is it any healthy alternative to caffeine?
  2. Is it necessary to teach about healthy nutrition at schools and colleges?
  3. What are the most straightforward ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle?
  4. How teachers can convince a student to choose a healthy lifestyle
  5. What are the best sleep patterns, and how to choose the best patterns for sleep?
  6. How much exercise is essential for us too? How to choose a healthy exercise for us?
  7. What are the best ways to combine a healthy lifestyle and fun?
  8. How much is it important to perform drug tests for sports teams?
  9. How can we reduce the smoking rate in youth?
  10. Is marijuana is good for health? Should its cultivation allowed or not?


Writing proposal essay topics has great importance to write a powerful essay. It is necessary to choose the topics you love to write about them, and you love to research these topics. We have also shared the top 50 popular proposal essay topics in 2021 for college students with you in the above content. We have tried to cover all of the critical areas that can help you grab everyone’s attention. Need professional essay writing help? Get it from our homepage.

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