Top 40 ideas for powerful research essay topics

The essay is a literary genre that consists of putting an idea in writing, analyzing, interpreting, and evaluating a specific topic. Do you know how to make it?

Advancing in higher education requires time and effort. If you have decided to sacrifice yourself and start a project, it is best to start with a specialization course related to your academic field. Universities offer workshops on research methodology and project preparation courses. It would be best if you started with a specialization course in your field. The different universities compete with each other with a very attractive offer.

The research projects’ success must be founded on a concrete basis. Before starting to investigate, you should analyze the topics already covered. The ideal is to do a previous specialization course.

There are many different types of essay, although, if what you are interested in is finding the one that best suits the content to be treated, we recommend that you inspire yourself by taking ideas thanks to the information contained in this article. The request for essays is common in university careers, as it serves to assess the level of writing and knowledge. Students must learn to write essays accurately to ensure their approval. The choice of the topic is a fundamental instance in the realization of this type of work.

The test is one of the genres most employees at the university level. The teachers tend to demand this type of work the student s to measure their knowledge on a subject, their research and analysis capabilities, and their level of writing. For students, carrying out an essay can be complicated and exhausting because, due to its structure and length, this work requires organization and hard work.

One of the most challenging instances of this type of academic work is choosing the subject to be used. Due to its characteristics, the essay has no limitations, so that with this modality, all topics can be treated. Academic research has no limits. To start a research project specializing is vital. Delve into your higher studies. Choose a specialization course within your branch.

You have a lot to contribute to the research. Do you know where to start? At the University, you can find courses that open doors for you. In some cases, teachers assign a specific topic, but in others, they leave it to students’ free choice. When this happens, it is essential to select the appropriate issue to do a good essay.

Do you have to make one soon? Are you in a career in which this type of work is frequent?

Once you select the appropriate topic, with more or fewer difficulties, the process of writing an essay is straightforward. If you have the possibility, talk about the chosen topic with your teacher and consider their opinion regarding the approach and the type of materials you can use. These topics contemplate the most used formats to make an essay, but you must remember that they only serve as examples so you can adapt them to the topic that interests you. You will work hard until you achieve a job that satisfies you, but when you see the result, you will understand that your effort has not been in vain and that you were right with your choice of topic.

Throughout your academic life, you will be challenged several times to write a good essay, so you must know how to do it. In addition to knowing the parts of an article and having a good idea to deal with in your study ( here you will find proposals for four different topics ), you need to consider the five key points that those who know how to do an essay dominate.

How to do an essay in 5 keys?

    Please do not lose sight that it is an academic work of importance, so you must use a formal tone, avoiding humor, colloquial vocabulary, and sarcasm. When your teachers correct you, they will consider that the writing of your essay is neat and up to the circumstances.
    The corresponding documentation must support all the ideas that you capture in your essay. If you are citing an author, use quotation marks and footnotes to name the citation’s bibliographic source.
    All good writers do a rough draft before starting to write their works. An essay is a complicated text that requires much order at the mental level, so you should outline the main ideas that you will capture at work before writing anything.
    An essay consists of three fundamental parts: introduction, body or knot, and conclusion. The introduction consists of indicating to the reader the purpose of the investigation, the topic, and the organization that the text will have. The body is the development of the points that were pointed out during the introduction. The organization of it will depend on the argumentation strategies you choose. In conclusion, you should briefly review the ideas presented in the previous two parts and provide a personal view of the author on the topic submitted.
    Please do not submit your essay without making sure that you have carefully reread it and correct any spelling, grammar, or typographical errors that may exist in the text.

Find the best course to specialize in and start the research project

Course on entrepreneurship and project evaluation. This course at the University of Chile is taught on Saturday mornings in person at the Santiago de Chile campus. It is focused on investing in new proposals focused on entrepreneurship.. During the course, techniques for the formulation, evaluation, and evaluation of projects will be seen. The course aims to stimulate the critical analysis of students about the possibilities to invest.

Specialization in Periodontology and Implantology. The postgraduate degrees of the Universidad Mayor in the area of ​​dentistry have prestige throughout the country. This postgraduate degree specialized in periodontology and implantology is taught at the Las Condes campus. During it, new techniques in the medical world of oral implantology will be analyzed.

Course of writing applied to work. Good writing helps organize ideas and be more efficient, also in academic research. This course at the DUOC UC Professional Institute focuses on new techniques to carry communications within different areas. During the course, various writing examples will improve communication and allow students to be more precise within the message they want to convey.

Specialization Course in Direction and Applied Management. Virtual classes are imposed. They will introduce an introduction to the figure of the project manager and what his main functions are. Techniques to manage communication, negotiation, leadership, and coaching will be stimulated.
Every student will know that, among the parts of research work, the hypothesis is the main component since it will give meaning to the goals achieved and all the activities and consultations carried out to conclude.


We start at the beginning with the introduction. Here the objective must be stated. Besides, the scope and also the limits that the investigation implies will be added.

We will start with a brief exposition, commenting on the most important of each chapter. It is also interesting to remember the methodology that has been used to research unless it is considered that it deserves its section. It can be named in the latter case, but it will not be crucial in this part of the job.


The most extensive part of the research work arrives. Development involves the body of everything made. After the introduction, everything must be explained in detail; hence, so that the complete information is presented in an organized way, it is divided into chapters. It is interesting even to add sections and sub-sections within each chapter.


Finally, among the parts of research work, the conclusions section is of particular importance. Here we will present in an orderly, concise, and obvious way what the investigation results are.

In this case, depending on the nature of the work and the research, the positive results, the negative impacts, and the pending questions can be added.

Steps to do an investigation

Once the points to be addressed in the investigation are clear, how do we begin to work on them? In an orderly manner, you must follow a series of steps that will lead you to address every one of the parts mentioned above.

Step 1. Identify the need

What topic are we going to deal with throughout the investigation? This is, without a doubt, the main point you have to work on. To do this, you should ask yourself what exactly you want to know since this will mark the entire research process.

Step 2. Topic selection

Now it is time to detail the topic to be investigated as much as possible. The more detail you put in this explanation, the easier it will be later to narrow your search for information.

Step 3. Search for previous documentation

Someone may already have been researching the topic you want to study yourself. That is why you should search for all kinds of official documentation and investigations that have been previously carried out since these can nurture yours.

Step 4. Establish the work plan

At this point, you have to establish the work plan that you are going to carry out. You can either do it in more detail, explain each of the steps, or make it more schematic, that is, making this part look more like an index.

Step 5. Writing the research paper

It is at this point that we begin the actual research work. This is probably the part where you will need to invest the most time.

Popular research essay topics:

  1. Should violent video games be banned?
  2. How will technology change our lives in twenty years?
  3. Will the time come when there will be no more technological advances?
  4. Influences of mobile phones: advantages and disadvantages
  5. Are people turning into tech zombies?
  6. Can computer games cause mass murder in schools?
  7. Should social media review and delete comments that induce bullying?
  8. Advantages and disadvantages of social networks
  9. Does technology make people feel more and more alone?
  10. Does smartphone use lead to less live communication?
  11. Technology and its influence on the educational system
  12. Does greater dependence on technology make us less and less intelligent?
  13. Should students be allowed to use smartphones at school?
  14. How do smartphones and tablets affect children’s development?
  15. Has technology decreased or increased communication between us?
  16. Is the print media dead?
  17. Should identity chips be implanted under the skin?
  18. Will technology make a lot of manual work obsolete?
  19. What should workers do when their work is replaced with technology?
  20. Has Online Dating Killed Traditional Ideas About Romance And Marriage?
  21. What are the long-term effects of living in a technological world? Are they mostly negative or positive?
  22. What new technology is the most important for solving world problems?
  23. How have social media contributed to solving and / or creating problems in the country?
  24. How will digital learning change schools and education?
  25. Do you need internet controls or censorship? If so, what type?
  26. Will traveling be different in the near future? how?
  27. Should vending machines be banned in schools?
  28. How does parental poverty affect a child’s education?
  29. How does gender affect education?
  30. Should teachers be friends with their students?
  31. Should standardized test results be used to determine whether a student is graduating or not?
  32. Why is reading important?
  33. Why are other countries ahead of ours in education?
  34. Does Homeschooling Hurt Students?
  35. How can parents facilitate learning in the classroom?
  36. Which system is better: teacher-centered or student-centered education?
  37. How to provide an educational environment free of publications, social networks, likes and tweets?
  38. What are the benefits and drawbacks of a classical education?
  39. Should children with special needs be taught separately from normal children?
  40. Should the curriculum in public schools be determined by local communities or by the state?
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