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An essay is a paper of writing that is focused on a particular subject. Essay writing provides us the opportunity to present something before others in a proper and understanding way. Essay writing is an essential part of our lives, especially academic tenure and afterward. Essay writing has many types that depend on your requirement and how to present your viewpoint.
Today here, we will provide you information about essay writing, its types, how to help students write an essay, why students must write an essay, and in the end, we will also discuss one of the best essay writing service providers firm with you. So read our content and know about the essay writing.

What is essay writing?

The word essay is derived from essayer tha is a french word, which means “to try” or attempt. But in the English language, the essay represents an attempt or a trial, but both are alternative in meanings. The first time a Frenchman, Michel de Montaigne, uses the word essay when he submitted his work.

We can say essay writing is a skill through that student, researchers and expert provide information about something, and high lights the problems and then on the base of research provide their solutions. There are many types of essay writing, but we would like to brief the essay writing history before discussing its kind.

History of Essay writing

The essay writing history starts from 1533 when Frenchman Michel de Montaigne uses the word essay for his. The term was used to attempt to put someone’s thoughts into writing.

In English, Francis bacon was the first author who published his books in 1597, 1612, and 1625 and he describes his work in the form of essays. But the oxford dictionary saying something different, that essay is derived from English word essayist, and it was first used in 1609 by Ben Johnson.

But in Asia, the essay’s history is too older than Europe, and it is reported that essay writing was used in 1000 A.D by court lady Seishonagon and by a famous Buddhist monk Yoshida kenk in the 1330s.

But now, legit essay writing has gained much popularity, and it became essential for academic degrees, and it is a widely testing tool for students’ skills.

Many United States students benefit from essay writing to get admissions in their dreamed institutions.

Types of Essay writing

There are four types of essay writing which are given below.

  • Argumentative. In this type of essay, writing opinion form based on research and argument builds on the base of evidence.
  • Narrative. This type use creative language and for presenting the compelling narratives
  • Expository. Expository essay writing means presenting knowledge of a topic and clear communication of information.
  • Descriptive. In that with use of creative language, sensory details described.

Why do students need to write essays?

When it comes to students, then essay writing is very important for the students in the academic period. Students need to write an essay from elementary level to graduate level. It is necessary for every school level student to has the ability to write an essay to go to the next level.

But all students are not efficient, and for those who have minor abilities, essay writing becomes challenging; they need proper guidelines and help develop essay writing skills. There are many reasons that essay writing is critical for students.

Why is it essential for students to write essays?

While writing the essay, students gain skills and abilities in their education that help them in the future to write different reports, findings, and much more. Through essay writing, students develop mastery of the learning career and then creating their learning abilities into a better profession.
Students adopt reading and writing abilities, organize ideas, think and analyze situations, and efficiently communicate their findings. They also gain skills for organized and formal writing methods that make them able to provide information on specific facts without any doubt.

While students write an essay, they develop skills like building their vocabulary, improving learning abilities, and presenting their thoughts in distinctive writing styles and accessible formats. When the writing skills improve, it will also show a positive impact on other assignment writings. If students still hate essays and find it challenging to write, you can encourage them to write with helpful actions.

But suppose one writes an essay, then with practice and time. In that case, a student adopts the skills to write research papers, dissertations, coursework, term papers, and other writing tasks during the academic period.

Does essay writing help to improve the learning skills of a student?

Yes, essay writing shows a positive impact on the learning skills of a student. Students rarely can write long assignments, but most of the students feel it bothering and avoid that. But with essay writing practice, they gain the ability and become proficient in writing.

We can say essay writing provides you steps to your promising future; once you get writing essays, it also improves your overall learning process. It makes the students do deep research and collect evidence and information to support their arguments.

Is it necessary for the students to write essays?

There is controversy on that question; some experts believe that essay writing is just a traditional practice, so it is part of every system’s education. But other experts recommend essay writing, and they think that essay writing shows positive impacts on over performance of a student. Once he adopts the skills to write essays, he also improves skills in other assignment writings, which positively impact students’ overall performance.

How to help students in essay writing?

All of the students do not feel comfortable writing essays, but they can get the skills to write essays with help and support.

A student’s college life is challenging without paperwork skills, and so the students need to have writing skills for writing assignments, compositions, and dissertations. So a teacher must guide the students with proper essay writing skills. A teacher or instructor can help the student in the following way to develop essay writing skills.

Helpful tips for teachers to teach students essay writing

  1. Step one. First of all, teach them to determine the type of essay; a student may ask various kinds of writing at elementary and secondary school level. A student should teach to choose the argumentative, expository, literary, narrative, comparative, or persuasive. After proper determination of the essay time, students will become able to write an essay correctly.
  2. Step two. The second helpful tip for teaching the student is how they create an outline for the essay. The outline will guide the student in actual the outline is a road map, which will help the students throughout their essay writing and help them write the essay with ease.
  3. Step Three. Teach them techniques to develop a thesis statement; it will teach the students how to set their points in the essay that make the readers understand what they are reading and what question they are reading the answer.
  4. Step four. It is necessary for good essay writing skills that teach your students the tactics to introduce their essay topic. A better introduction to an essay provides helpful directions to write the complete essay. It isn’t easy to start the essay once you have created then it becomes easy to write the essay.
  5. Step five. The body is the portion where most of the information is provided to the readers, such as examples, pieces of evidence, analysis reports, and much more to support your arguments. So the instructor must help the students to know and understand skills about how to write the body of your essay. Only a good written body of the essay ensures powerful essay writing skills. Because if they do not teach them how to add reliable and suitable information with proper pieces of information and evidence, then all of their efforts become waste. The body is the essential part of an essay where you add supportive information for your writing to convince the readers with proof.
  6. Step Six. The Last and the only important point in the essay writing is the conclusion of your essay. It is the part of your essay where you restate all of your findings and information about your paper. So the instructor should help the students to develop skills in how to conclude their entire essay in a short but more explanatory way.

A conclusion must be killer, otherwise, it will lose readers’ interest. Why I am saying that readers’ interest will fail, but he is reading at the end. The reason is that research shows more than 70 percent, people, before reading the essay, people read its conclusion; if the conclusion makes them satisfied, they read the essay in detail. So teach your students to write a killer conclusion to attract the attention of the readers.

Is it possible to get online essay writing services?

Yes, many online essay writing firms are working worldwide, and they are providing excellent services regarding all types of writing. If a student has spent a lot of time developing skills but could not gain much or is afraid of losing his education scores, it is good to get online essay writing services.
They have a team of perfect and efficient writers who have the skills to write essays and provide quality work in the time that resolves your issue and gets good grades for you. So when you are in a hurry or do not have sufficient time or skills to write an essay, it is suitable to get online essay writing services.

Which one is the best Online Essay writing service provider?

When you search on the internet about online essay writing services, you may find hundreds of online service providers. Still, not all online service providers need to provide you perfect essay writing services. You need careful selection for the service because many fake people sometimes scam with you or offer you garbage work or complete plagiarism work, which is risky for your grades.

So we have researched to find the best essay writing service providers, and we have found that 99papers is the best online essay writing service provider. They are one of the experienced and best firms with many satisfied clients, and thousands of students get help from them to get good grades.

They provide experienced writers who ensure you quality work and deliver on time and at affordable rates. No need to worry about essay quality, rates, or time of delivery.

It is pretty easy to place your order; you need to choose the writer, after discussion, place your order, lock your payment, after writing check the file, approve the file, disburse amount and disburse the cost it’s done.

Why choose 99papers?

There are the following reasons to choose 99papers online essay writing services:

  • They ensure plagiarism free content because they use paid tools to check the content.
  • You have the choice to get your money back if you do not satisfy with your work.
  • They have a team of hundreds of experienced writers
  • You will get your orders on time
  • Easy process to place an order and get the written essays
  • A simple way to make payments
  • Ensure the safety of payments
  • They offer unlimited revisions
  • Rates for writing essays are affordable
  • Customer satisfaction is their first preference


Final Thoughts

Essay writing is the best source to present your thoughts, findings to your readers with proper evidence and information. You have the opportunity to present your findings in more appealing ways. It is essential for professionals, but it is necessary to learn essay writing because essay writing is necessary for students to develop writing assignments, reports, and much more.

A student needs proper guidelines for essay writing, and teachers can help the student to get skills. However, if a student still cannot develop skills to write an essay, many online platforms offer essay writing services such as 99papers and many others.

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