10 tips to write a great 200-word essay

A 200-word essay is a concise type of essay that includes 3 to four paragraphs. These type of essay does not accumulate too much space, and they take only 2 to 3 pages depending on the spacing. However, to create this type of essay, you need to put in mind the style to be applied.

General tips for writing a 200 word essay

  1. Brainstorm/ Read the prompts for an in-depth understanding. Before you start writing, read carefully through the instructions, and understand. Know what you are being asked to do. Do not just jump into writing the essay without knowing what you are supposed to write on. Your essay should have a compelling structure like any other essays. Use all the fundamental principles that are used for writing essays. Write excellent attention-grabbing in the introduction, and each paragraph should have new ideas.
  2. Choose a topic of your choice.. Please choose a topic that you are familiar with and focus on it. Write about something that interest or means something to you. Essay this will help you be authentic and produce excellent work if you are familiar with the subject you are writing on. It enables you to increase the chances of getting the scholarship.
  3. Research. Do extensive research on the details of the essay. Know what you are writing on . This information will help you write a well-detailed essay backed up with facts that will help in convincing them.
  4. Give yourself plenty of time. Take your time to think thoroughly about the prompts of the scholarship. Make a plan, draft and revise them to make sure that you write the best information on the essay. An essay or personal statement that you have taken enough time to write will standout and may help you get the scholarship.
  5. Be brief and concise. Be formal in your language. Do not use hard words or jargons in the essay. Use direct and straightforward language that is efficient.
  6. Create a thesis statement. A thesis stamen involves the main ideas of your essay. It introduces what readers should expect in the article. It is usually one or two sentences. After creating an outline of how you want to organize your thoughts, you need now to create a thesis statement. A thesis statement should bring out the purpose of the essay. Your outline will help you develop a thesis statement. The thesis statement should answer the problem. The thesis should be in the introduction and make sure you continuously refer to it as you flow with your essay.
  7. Write an introduction. After you create the thesis statement, and finalize writing the body of your essay, develop an introduction of the article. The introduction should be fascinating to grab the readers’ attention. It should allow the reader to continue reading your short essay. A lousy introduction is a turn off to the reader. He will not continue reading your article. Use the best hook, exciting story, shocking revelation, a quote, or a summary of the topic to start the introduction. The hook should be tied with the thesis statement.
  8. Write the body. In the body, you are supposed to describe or argue on the topic. The main ideas you listed in the outline should be well discussed here. Each paragraph should introduce each concept. These paragraphs must have an introduction sentence to the primary purpose.
    Explaining these ideas comes after the main introductory sentence backed up with credible information. Cite all the reference materials and the direct quotes according to the format you asked.
  9. Word count should be respected. Word count is a severe aspect in writing of your essay. If you are given the limit of words, you need to cover, respect the instruction. A slight deviation may be acceptable; however, do not overwrite or underwrite. Do not repeat the information you have already provided in the resume. The essays should be brief and have correct grammar. Please go through it to ensure that all the grammar mistakes are corrected and any other errors.
  10. Write the conclusion and proofread. Make sure you have organized your points well. The essay should not be too long, as you may lose track of your writing. A conclusion summarizes what you have covered in the paper. It should be short, comprising 4-5 sentences. Do not add new ideas in conclusion, but you can restate the thesis statement. After you write the conclusion, go through it to correct all the mistakes that are in the paper. Correct all the grammar mistakes and all the ones that may arise.

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Guidelines for writing a 200-page essay

  • Plan /create an outline

Just like any other essay, creating an outline for the 200 words essay is an important thing. This type of essay is concise and will include a brief introduction and conclusion and a broad body. Since it is a 200-word essay, you need to put in mind the number of words and distribute it in the introduction, body and conclusion.

  • Look for 200-word short essay templates.

Using the sample will ensure that you create your paper with a high-quality sample in mind while seeing the author’s structure, format and writing style.

  • Give explanations

Give an explanation of facts than directly quoting them. This will ensure that you minimize the number of words needed

  • Construct comprehensible sentences

The number of words in this essay is minimal; hence you need to write concise and clear sentences and expunging any vague words in them.

  • Proofread

This is the last thing that is done after the completion of the essay. Go through it, correcting all the mistakes that are writing from it. Check the typos, grammars, punctuation marks, format, structure and flow to ensure that the essay is good to read.

Key features of the short essays

  • Thesis statement

Even though it is a short essay, a thesis statement is critical. However, you need to know how to formulate the thesis statement. The thesis statement should be placed in any of the first three sentences. Make sure that the thesis statement appears at the beginning of the essay.

  • Opening sentences

Ensure that each paragraph starts with a topic phrase. Since it is a 200-word essay, you need to use the topic sentences in different angles and select a persuasive argument to create substantial opening sentences.

  • Supporting phrases

You are writing a concise essay hence ensure the paragraphs have supporting pieces of evidence that back up the argument of the essay. However, try as much as possible to avoid long sentences and facts that may eat up a lot of words. Expunge long quotes that may be useless in the article.

  • Concluding

Go through the thesis statement and ensure you reinstate it in the conclusion and a summary of the whole paper. A conclusion

How to remove extra details in a 200-word essay?

Writing this type of essay is very complicated due to its short nature. You can decide to write a more extended essay and try to shorten it to meet the 200 words, word count. If you have a final essay with over 200 words, you need to revise and refine it to remove unnecessary things. You can do the following things to remove unnecessary words.

Highlighting – mark the key sentences that are important for the essay and delete the rest that does not make sense.

Singling out – this ensures that the text has the important data only.
Evaluating- evaluate the sentences to check if they are connected to the main point. Those that do not ensure that they are deleted.

Simplifying – use simple words in areas of long, complex phrases to reduce the number of words.

200-word essay examples

  • A 200-word essay aboutWhy I deserve this scholarship?”

Majority of the students who got went to the university in my area, used loans to achieve their education. His is the major problem we are facing in the majority of the locations cannot afford the college education. I want to fulfill my mother’s dream as well as a mine of going to the college and study.

I have two siblings who are already in college since my mum always wanted us to have better lives. It has seen her sell the majority of her things for them to go to the college and some borrowed cash. Our father died a long time ago in a fatal road accident.

But it has not stopped me of dreaming to have a brighter vision for my future. I am a hard worker, and no one can beat in me in that. I have done numerous tasks such as blogging and volunteering to teach in a local school.

I have a passion for architecture; ever since I was a young person, I loved drawing anything that came in my mind. I m dedicated to succeed, but it is tough for me since I do not have finances that can take me to college.
I fully deserve this scholarship due to the hard work that I have portrayed in my school life by getting high grades. I promise to work harder to ensure that I succeed. I am eagerly waiting for your response.

  • A 200-word essay “About myself

The elegant mahogany coffin was covered using a red pile of rocks, organisms that had decomposed, and weeds. I was so ashamed to send him off dutifully when my time to take the shovel reached since I did not bid him a very goodbye. I refused everything, throwing dirt on him, letting my brother go, and accepting that he was no more. I could not believe that a disease can just take the life of my beloved one away.

I knew aged ten that my brother was battling sickle cell anaemia, and I became mad with myself. When my brother died, I could not take it anymore; I was trying to come with terms how I abandoned my sick brother in favor of watching T.V playing with my friends and spending more time with other people rather than him.

I devoted myself to education and wanted to know about sickle cell anaemia. I promised myself that I would memorize all the journals and books talking about sickle cell anaemia.

Sickle cell anaemia as powerful may seem just a mere fraction of a person’s life. I want to be there as a sickle cell specialist to help those suffering from the disease in terms of emotional, physical and all other supports to enable them to continue living. Through my work, I can accept the shovel without forgetting my brother’s memory.

A 200-word essay “About friends and friendships

Friendship is a significant thing in life; we learn the best stuff through friendships as you learn to love someone who is not your family. You again learn how to be yourself in front of your friends.

There is no single friend who will live you in bad times. A person who lives you when you are in trouble is not your real friend. A real friend will ensure that you are always happy and motivated and help you achieve specific goals.

Friendship also makes people learn how to be loyal. Friendship teaches us to be faithful and get loyalty in return. A loyal friend is everything everyone craves for. Friendship also makes us very stronger since it tests and shows us if we can stay healthy in times where we encounter problems. As a friend, there are times we will be fighting now and then but yet reconcile and come back together to continue with our friendships. This is what becoming stronger entails.

Best friends will help us at our low times where we need someone to uplift us. They also help us during the bad times of our lives. Friends will make you avoid dangers due to their incredible advice. Real friends are the best thing for your life.


Writing a 200-word essay may seem an easy task, but it is very complicated. In this article, we have discussed extensively on how to write a 200-word essay that will help you. If you need help with your paper, you can go to our homepage and choose one of the best essay writing services.

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