EssayTyper vs. EssayBot

Students all over the world are trying to find ways to cheat the system. They are trying to have their essays written by someone else, or by some kind of software. There are several websites online which offer these kinds of services.

Many of you have never heard of them. And it’s probably for the better. These websites are often scams. You might find a few ones which are legitimate, but even then we wouldn’t advise you to use any of them.

Most essays created by these websites are full of plagiaristic content. Their quality is usually below par as well. This will have a huge effect on your credibility at school, because no one likes a plagiarised essay.

Today, we will focus on two different websites that offer these services: EssayTyper and EssayBot.

What Is EssayTyper and What Does It Do?

We can’t really tell if the creator of EssayTyper created it as a joke or not. Many students, however, are using it for the essays. EssayTyper does something really unique.

When you’re on the website, all you need to do is input your topic. After that, with the help of some complex algorithms, EssayTyper finds information related to your topic and compiles it in an essay. Even though it is clearly stated that the essays shouldn’t be used legitimately, that hasn’t stopped students from using them. Too more students don’t understand in EssayTyper how do you copy and paste text.

The main issue with EssayTyper is that it gathers information from the internet and presents them to the user. So, the essay is full of plagiarised content, meaning that you can’t use it, because it will never pass a plagiarism test.

We, however, believe that you can use EssayTyper for reference purposes. Let’s see how.

As we said before, EssayTyper gathers information from the internet. So, you could use the essay generated for reference purposes. In other words, you could use the essay as a sample and rewrite it to remove any plagiarism.

Do We Recommend EssayTyper?

We wouldn’t recommend EssayTyper to any student. The only positive about it is the fact that it is free and there are no hidden costs. When you want a few ideas about a topic, you can just visit EssayTyper to get some.

When it comes to quality, EssayTyper is terrible. If you are lucky, you might get an essay that makes sense and is clear and easy to read. You can never use that essay, though. There is no way that it will pass a plagiarism test. And plagiarism can really harm your credibility.

Even if your essays are not required to pass a plagiarism test by your school, the quality you’ll normally get is awful. All the information comes from Wikipedia so you won’t have any proper references. The text is usually full of mistakes. And there is no proper formatting.

The interface, which resembles a Word file, did not impress us at all. You can’t even use the features that you would on an actual Word file.

The site, also, offers no customer support. So, even if you had any questions or issues to report to the developer, you can’t do that.

Is EssayTyper A Scam?

We can’t say that EssayTyper is a scam, because it doesn’t claim to be something. However, it is not a legitimate or legal way to write an essay. So don’t use it.

What Is EssayBot and What Does It Do?

According to their site, EssayBot is an AI assistant that helps you write essays. You will just input your title and prompt, and EssayBot will find you great sources, suggest and rephrase sentences, as well as create and complete entire sentences.

They boast that your essays will pass any plagiarism test, because their AI rephrases sentences to make them plagiarism-free.

So, the process is simple. You will need to start by typing your topic, so that the bot can find some relevant information. After that, the bot will present some content to you. You will need to select some of that content, and the bot will rephrase them and add them to your essay. Once you’ve added all the content you want, you can download your essay, if you have a subscription. Essay Bot is not reliable service.

It was all too good to be true, wasn’t it?

Do We Recommend EssayBot?

We recommend that you stay away from EssayBot. The only good thing about EssayBot is its plagiarism checker. It seems to be accurate most of the time, so that is a plus. Its grammar checker is also above average, but nothing too special.

Other than the two checkers, EssayBot is awful. Firstly, after you have spent much time on creating the content with the bot, you have to spend money before downloading your essay.

The actual essay is usually bad as well. Even the plagiarism checker on the site indicates that the essays generated by the bot are full of plagiarism. You would expect that by paying for the subscription, they would guarantee you 100% uniqueness on each essay. But that is not the case with EssayBot. The essays themselves are usually average quality-wise. There are several grammar mistakes and the word choice isn’t always the best.

And don’t even think about contacting support. There is no live chat on the website. You could try to contact them via email. We haven’t got a reply, and it has already been a few weeks.

Is EssayBot A Scam?

It seems pretty clear that EssayBot is a scam. You are promised 100% unique content from great sources. In actuality, you get plagiarised content of barely average quality.

EssayTyper vs EssayBot

Let’s look at the differences between EssayTyper and EssayBot, that also have mobile versions. First of all, the primary difference is that EssayTyper is free, whereas you will have to pay a subscription to access the key features of EssayBot on Reddit.

Moving on, the way EssayTyper works is different to that of EssayBot. EssayTyper will search the internet and find content. Then, it will present that content in the form of an essay. EssayBot on the other hand uses artificial intelligence to find content online. Then, it allows you to choose what content you want. The AI will rephrase that content to make it plagiarism friendly.

Another key difference between EssayTyper and essay bot is that the sources are different. EssayTyper uses Wikipedia as its only source and gathers information from there. EssayBot safe website and it finds content related to the keyword you inputted from many sources.

You might have also noticed that EssayTyper doesn’t offer any customer support. EssayBot offers customer support, but it is way below average.

So, when you compare the two, the winner has to be EssayBot. However, that doesn’t mean that EssayBot is good. It’s just better than EssayTyper.


As you saw from our reviews, both EssayTyper and EssayBot are really bad. We would advise you to stay away from these two.

If you decide to find a legitimate website that offers essay writing services, be very careful of all of the scams that are out there. We would say that it is better to write your own essays. Even if they are bad, they can’t be worse than the ones that EssayTyper and EssayBot created.

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