What is the right way to trick Turnitin?

Just about every college student has heard of TurnItIn. This plagiarism checker has been used by professors, colleges, and universities for years to ensure students deliver original work. Most colleges that have online programs and online essay delivery include TurnItIn in their online blackboard to check submitted papers for plagiarism automatically.

The problem is that the tool isn’t completely effective. Sometimes legitimately unique papers are flagged for plagiarism. Many students want to know – what is the right way to beat TurnItIn? Can it even be tricked? Here are four ways to beat TurnItIn and ensure your papers aren’t flagged for plagiarism.

Convert Documents Into PDF Files

Many TurnItIn users suggest that converting a document to a PDF file is the easiest and most effective way to trick TurnItIn. Converting the file changes the “character maps” of the text, so it’s harder for plagiarism detection to work on it. Not everyone can use this method, though, as some professors require students to submit papers as documents.

Translate Text From Another Langauge and Paraphrase It

If you understand a foreign language, you could try translating an essay written in that language. If not, you can translate the paper using software and then paraphrase it to make it unique. This method takes longer and isn’t completely effective, but is still an effective way to beat TurnItIn if you can find the right source.

Change The Language Settings On Your Keyboard

Another simple trick is to change the keyboard settings on the computer. Many languages have similar letters, such as the Cyrillic and Latin “c.” The letters look exactly the same, but plagiarism software like TurnItIn will read the word as being written in another language and ignore it. The method isn’t likely to trick a professor, but it can fool TurnItIn.

Hire an Expert to Write a Plagiarism-Free Paper

Hiring an expert essay writing service is the easiest and most effective way to cheat any kind of plagiarism detector, including TurnItIn. An excellent quality service employs professionals to create custom essays built around your topic and requirements. These people write unique quality papers that are sure to impress your professor.

The Best Option to Trick TurnItIn

While all of these methods can help you to get around TurnItIn, only hiring a professional essay writing service offers guaranteed results. You don’t have to worry about whether your paper will be flagged for plagiarism or not when you have the guarantee that there won’t even be any plagiarism to detect.

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