Is Edubirdie Writing Service Legitimate?

There are many essay writing companies available to students in need. EduBirdie is one of the most popular writing services around, but being popular isn’t always a sign of quality. Is the reputation that Edubirdie has built up with high school students, college students, and university students warranted? Is EduBirdie writing service legitimate? Keep reading our review to learn more about this service.

What Services Does Edubirdie Offer?

EduBirdie offers help for all kinds of assignments. The company has plenty of writing solutions on offer, including essay writing services, assignment writing, book and movie reviews, research papers, critical thinking papers, case studies, coursework, and college applications.

One thing to note about EduBirdie is that, while they have plenty of talented writers for their speech and presentation writing, they also have regular writers handle those duties. There’s a clear difference between writing a paper and writing a speech, so be sure to choose a dedicated speechwriter for your needs.

EduBirdie Pricing

EduBirdie uses a bidding pricing model over traditional pricing. Instead of offering a set price per page, users submit information about their paper and receive bids from qualified writers. This makes it difficult to get an estimate of how much the service could cost.

For their part, the company suggests that its services cost an average of $18 per page. This is on the upper end of things, though, and doesn’t mean that you’ll definitely be paying that much. That kind of price is what you can expect for a high-quality paper delivered within a short timeframe. How much you need to be written – and how quickly you need it written – can have a significant impact on the overall price.

EduBirdie Discounts

Another small downside of EduBirdie is that they don’t offer discounts or loyalty programs to customers. Many writing services do this, so it’s a shame that this one doesn’t. The company does at least guarantee the quality of the work you get. All of the content written by EduBirdie writers is double-checked before it is submitted to clients. Clients are also given the option of only paying for work they are satisfied with, so you shouldn’t have to pay for subpar work.


Quality is one of the most important things to look for in a writing service. You can tell whether or not a service is worth it by the quality of their work. With so many writers working for EduBirdie, you’re guaranteed to deal with someone who can write the work you need to the standard you want.

EduBirdie has profiles for all of their writers, where you can see what kind of education and experience they have. There are some complaints about the quality of work from EduBirdie, but for the most part, customers receive quality work from quality professionals.

Is EduBirdie Writing Service Legitimate?

EduBirdie has built up a solid reputation over the years. This reputation is well-deserved as the essay writing service is completely legitimate. It has a few flaws, but so does every other writing service on the internet. Choosing the right writer for the subject is the best way to guarantee an excellent quality finished paper.


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