What are the best alternative websites for Chegg?

Chegg is an educative company based in the USA. It gives users and subscribers textbooks in both physical and digital form, provides tutoring and other Chegg help- Students with homework and lessons on their app. Chegg provides not only education but also internship and scholarships on their website. However, you need to pay to access these services.

Most of the companies have emerged that offers the same services. They have enabled you to seek an alternative way of finding solutions to your academic problem. In this article, we are going to discuss other websites alternative to Chegg and why PaperHelp is the best alternative to Chegg.

Services offered at Chegg

  • Assist students in completing their assignment, homework and research papers.

Students pay a monthly fee on Chegg and are permitted to review papers and check their grammar if it is correct, Plagiarism services and proper citations. Chegg has a math solver that helps students struggling with math to find out and understand the solution.

  • Purchasing textbooks

Chegg helps students purchase in purchasing textbooks. Students can buy new or used textbooks depending on their budget and offers a significant discount to them. You can also hire a book for a certain period, for example, a semester.

  • Connects students to the tutors

Chegg has a wide range of tutors on their website. Each tutor has the amount of money they charge depending on their expertise in the field. Many plans are depending on what you need.

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PaperHelp is the Best Alternative to Chegg

PaperHelp has been in the academic world for a very long period. Many students globally use the services of PaperHelp. So what makes it the best alternative for Chegg? Let us find out:

  • Prices and order. PaperHelp website provides a lot of many writings. A student chooses what type of writing they want the level they need and what tie you will wish for your paper. These factors will be put into consideration and final price calculated to you depending on what you have chosen. PaperHelp offers students that are not satisfied with a refund of their money and also If the websites fail to meet the deadline or submit a shoddy work. This helps the company look honest in front of its clients.
  • Deadline. A student should provide the deadline for their work. PaperHelp will strive to give you your work on time. It may be even delivered before the actual time reaches. The website manager is online throughout to assist the students requiring clarifications.
  • Plagiarism. Most students worry about the quality of their assignment. They do not want to know whether the task was copied or not. A professor will not grade your work if it is copied. PaperHelp helps you write an original work that has never been published anywhere from scratch. They vividly follow your instructions provided to them to submit quality work.PaperHelp does not provide samples, but you will not find the work submitted anywhere even from the internet.
  • Security. Many students tend to worry about the privacy of their information and data. They are afraid that their data may be shared by a third party or other unnecessary parties and accessed by anyone. PaperHelp is safe and secure since only the ID can be seen after registration. From the above points, PaperHelp stands out among other websites offering services that are same as Chegg. PaperHelp will be very useful to do your assignment, paper or any academic work. Most students prefer the functions of this website to Chegg.


Other best alternative websites in 2020

Despite Chegg being a huge company offering academic services, their site has several negative reviews by unsatisfied clients. Some of the problems are issues on a credit card, a bad experience with customer services and poor content. If you are unsatisfied somewhere, you will tend to look for other options.

Unsatisfied Chegg users try to look for alternatives on other websites to get a good deal. Below are some of the best alternative sites for Chegg in 2020.

Book Finder

The company was established in 1997 and had been providing help o students that are looking for different types of books with the best prices. It involves searching over 100,000 inventory booksellers around the world. ISBNs are used to help the student get the exact book and edition they need.
It is a secure platform to use and straightforward. You can choose the books according to the budget you have as searches will show results from cheaper to expensive. You are also provided with the costs of shipping costs so that you grasp enough knowledge about a book.


There are many tutoring websites online. If you are struggling with a particular homework or topic for example if you are undertaking a Uni degree you want, you want to find an experienced tutor to guide you on the writing.

School provides tutoring services by screening their tutors to find out if they are highly skilled and their level of education. Uni graduates are the most preferred tutors for Grademiners. Pricing in Grademiners is straightforward. You pay the same amount, no matter which field you are seeking help. There is a monthly subscription or payment, but you pay according to the time you spend with your tutor.

Similarities between Grademiners and Chegg

They both give their services 24/7 and have significant interactions with students by providing instant feedback. Their best features are:

  • Good video
  • Good audio session
  • Digital whiteboards
  • Good messaging

Differences between Chegg and Grademiners

  • Costs. Grademiners is expensive than Chegg. In Chegg, you can select a weekly or monthly plan at a very affordable price than Skooli. It can help a student if they require clarity for a particular session. Skooli allows you to pay depending on what you need.
  • Tutor skills. Grademiners has more proficient tutors than Chegg. Although Chegg has qualified tutor, Skooli’s tutors are more qualified considering their strict standard.
  • Reviews. Grademiners and Chegg have reviews depending on individual tutor. On Chegg however, users experience problems on changes that are added on their credit card. Skooli endures technical issues when users access it via edge or internet explorer.



Not everyone is eligible to write high quality content. Despite having the skills, students require assistance to check their grammar, spelling and tone of writing is of a good standard.

99Papers also checks plagiarism and assist students not to submit plagiarized content.



Chegg has been the most preferred and popular website that offers academic services to students. Many sites have been created to rival the facilities of Chegg. In this article, we have explained the major alternative websites for Chegg in 2020.

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