Main difference between research paper and essay?

Writing is a regular aspect when pursuing education at any level . all kinds of writing, be it academic or creative are a common aspect of English studies in school. Academic writing is also a necessary aspect of writing in schools, and every student should strive to know how to write them well.
Knowing the differences between an essay and research paper will help you in writing a quality work according to the subject you are asked. The research paper is, and essay writing is the two essential writings in schools. Most students face problems while trying to differentiate between this two because sometimes they are close to each other.

What is an essay?

Essays are among the common forms of writings. It is taught early from elementary schools. Children are exposed to essays in their early school life to grasp the knowledge about them. They can be anything; a story narrative.

Essay writing involves creativeness compared to other forms of writings, such as the research paper. We have.

Types of essays

  • Academic essays. Academic essays are for educational purposes and are usually very long. They show the intelligence level of the student and how they can put together thoughts. Academic essays involve summarizing the entire content and have a literature review. They are backed up with correct statistics, citations and references to help in assessing your argument.
  • Descriptive essay. Descriptive types of essays offer great details of senses such as emotional, physical and intellectual senses of the audience. Figurative languages, similes, metaphors denotative and connotative language should be used by the writer to make a substantial impact.
  • Narrative essay. The narrative essay emphasizes on the plot. These types of essays use flashbacks, flash forwards and transition that lead to the climax.
  • Comparison essays. They provide many differences in comparing things between two or more subjects. Causes and effect are the critical aspects of this essay. It tries to mention and describes the causes and consequences of something critically.
  • Philosophical essay. In this type of essay, the writer must provide thesis statements when giving logic and argument to reach an open-end conclusion.

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Research Paper

A research paper is content that is plagiarized-free. It involves numerous researches done in various directions to prove an objective statement or a question. It includes two types of names qualitative and quantitative. Students are advised to take a research paper as a form of the essay since the structure of writing is the same.

However, a research paper requires extensive research and evidence to back up your ideas with credible sources should also be included under references. Working on a research paper increases your experience and makes it fruitful.

A good research paper entails five and more pages in length. Research papers involve the use of factual data about a specific topic. A student summarizes the research by giving out a concise and precise analysis of the study.

A research paper involves a different formatting and references styles such as APA, Chicago and MLA. The paper consists of research and in-depth knowledge of the topic while differentiating opinions and facts is very reliable in fundings and conclusions.

Types of Research Paper

  • Argumentative research paper. It is a type of research paper that researchers select a conversational subject, create an introduction, explain subject to readers and expound a stance that is referred to as a thesis
  • Analytical research paper. Students or researchers are required to provide criticisms on the topic based on the shape of questions, usually known as exploration or essay.

Differences between an Essay and a research paper

  • Length. The length of a research paper is usually longer than that of an essay paper. Essays have to five paragraphs while a research paper has five and more pages.
  • Dependency. Research papers require knowledge of different people to prove a point. Essays, on the other hand, involve the experiences and thoughts of the writer.
  • Purpose. Research papers are carried out to write unique, deep researched information on a subject. The reason for writing an essay is to analyze work on specific topics that have been already done.
  • Proof. Research papers will give genuine work conducted by a writer on a subject. In essays, writers select their topic to make a summary while giving his views.
  • Content. The content found on a research paper contains the analysis and conclusion of the research don. In essays content, a writer gives an overview with a basic knowledge of a topic.
  • Steps. In research papers, all the steps are covered. They include hypothesis, literature review, methodology and conclusion. Essays, on the other hand, give an overall study and point of view on a topic.
  • Words. A research paper consists of 3000 to 12000 words while essays range from 300 to 500 words.

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Essays and research papers are the two types of writings that occur in institutions of learning.

People are taught how to write. In the above article, we have provided the critical differences between essays and research and looked into different websites that offer essay writing services.

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