How to write an essay title for college?

A title of an essay entails the eye-catching headline that will make the audience want to read what is in the paper. It is essential to make the title have an excellent impression on the audience. If the title is not attractive, it can destroy the quality of work done. The words to be used and how you craft them are the critical aspects of making your title attractive.

Despite the title being attractive, your content needs to get positive feedback from the audience. In this article, I have provided ways on which you can make an eye-catching title for your essays.

Qualities of a good essay title

You should know the features and conditions of a good title before writing your headline. It will help you to craft an excellent title for your book. The following are the best qualities of a good essay:

  • Attractive. Nobody likes reading content or academic papers that have a very dull headline. Most people want to read what is attractive to the eye and appealing.
  • Believable. Most students try to make their titles catchy by moving away from the truth. It leads to an inaccurate or false title. Your audience may not be happy with you if the title does not reflect what is inside the book.
  • Understandable. Most readers dislike complicated and challenging titles. Avoid using hard phrases and difficult fonts when making the title of your book.
  • Active voice. When verbs are included to the title, make sure they are in an active voice. Avoid using the passive voice as much as possible.
  • Brief. Make sure the title of your book is very brief. Titles should be concise since long ones do not prove your skills for concise writing.
  • Accurate. Do not use an inaccurate title regardless of the topic. Give your audience a clear idea of what they will read in an essay. Do not mislead them since it will reduce the quality of the work leading to the audience disliking it.

Components of an essay title

Creating high quality content needs an excellent formula. The title also has the method to look into it. Do not just write for the sake. The key components are;

  1. Catchy hook. It helps in giving the introduction of your essay excitingly and creatively.
  2. Topic keywords. It is what the key things you are going to cover are
  3. Focus keyword. Crucial aspects of your essay are when or where. They provide a more professional headline

How to make a good essay title?

We have covered the qualities of a good title and the key components they consist of. We now learn how to make a perfect essay title. Choosing a great headline affects even some of the best writers. So do not feel bad when you fail to create a good title.

The proficiency of the writer does not matter; what matters is how you can make a perfect title. Below are the tips that will help you create a good essay title.

Title comes after writing essay

It is logical to write the title first then proceed to write the essay but writing the title first has many benefits. Most prolific writers do not start with the title. Writing essay first gives you tips of what you should include to the title.

After you complete writing the essay and go through it, you will be able to know what you say in the title to make interesting. You will save a lot of time when you create the title first. Do not spend a lot of time figuring out what the best title for your essay is. Use the time to lay out the best content for your article. Titles should be your last option.

Use of thesis

Good titles attract more readers. Try using the thesis statement written in the introduction to be part of the title.

Use popular and Clichés you can rework

The best catchphrases make your title attractive to the readers. When the phrases have a sense of humor, amusing or have an excellent pun, it will attract most readers. Use also clichés and do some tweaks that can be reworked and adapt them to the headline of your essay.


The tone of your essay is a crucial aspect in the creation of a great title. Do not be witty or off the wall with the title. If the article is a personal statement, you can use a funny but intelligent statement. The tone you use in your essay should match with the title. Avoid using jargons as much as possible. The title should also not have abbreviations.

Use a central idea/ quote

It is not necessarily essential but uses it where applicable. You can use a quote about a specific essay topic you are writing. Some of the song lyrics can serve this purpose if they are not connected to the essay.

Conclude the essay with THREE words

It is a very significant aspect of creating essay titles. Conclude your essay with three words to create a title, use a colon and put what the essay is covering.

Mistakes to avoid while creating an essay title

  • Vague language

Avoid using vague language. Try as much as possible to be precise on your title. For example a title, A BAD HABIT is a headline that is painful and does not add any meaning

  • Broad language

Do not use a more extensive language. Some essays titles cover a lot of things. For example, a title called Personal Opinion, the heading indicates that you are going to write about your personal opinion in few words. Such titles fail. It makes the readers doubt after reading the first paragraph.

  • Too much vocabulary

Use a simple, easy title that is easily understandable. Many best essay titles use straightforward languages. Do not use unnecessary syllables to look intelligent. It makes the reading hard for most of the audiences. If the title contains hard words, no one will be interested in reading.

  • Clear allusion

As much as puns, a sense of humor are excellent, not all people like them. The title may not sound useful to readers if they find it difficult to understand the allusion. It is a good thing, but you should be very careful about how you use it.

  • Clichés

Clichés are also suitable for an essay title, but not all people love them. Do not let the title rely solely on the cliché. Clichés show that you do not have anything original to say.

  • Misspellings

Try as much as possible to spell your title correct. It will look more embarrassing to the readers. Reread the title to check the spelling of the title and whole essay. Readers will lose interest in the work if the title has some spelling mistakes.


Writing titles of essays can be a very difficult task for some people. This article has provided numerous ways in which you can write a good essay title. I am glad you have read this far, and it is my wishes that the above information helps you in writing an excellent essay title for your book.

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