How to write the best lab report paper?

A lab report is not just something you will write to get a good grade. You need to prove that you understand what you are going to experiment with, the actual reason for your report.

It is a necessary part of those undertaking laboratory courses and an important aspect of your grades. A lab instructor usually gives out instructions to be followed that you must adhere to.

In this article, we will show you how the best lab report is written.

Lab report format

  • Title
  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Method
  • Results
  • Discussions

Title page

A title page will show what the study entails. It has variables that are being investigated. Avoid writing the title as a question. It has the following aspects:

  • Title
  • Names
  • Instructor’s name
  • Date of experiment

The title indicates what you did or wants to do. Write a brief title explaining man areas of the experiment. For example, “Effects of Salty Water on Plants.” Avoid using articles such as ‘The’ and ‘A’ when writing a title and instead start writing a keyword.


It contains an extensive summary of the lab report. It should be written last and should be brief. An abstract should not be more than 150 words.

Tips on how to write an abstract:

  • The first one or two sentences should point out the rationale of the study;
  • Participants should be described and also the setting. Use 5Wsand two Hs to explain;
  • Explain the method;
  • Describe findings, major ones;
  • Conclusion.

An abstract is written after the experiment since it involves a summary of the experiment you have carried out.


It shows where the hypothesis came from. It has its formula of starting broad as you go on to become specific. You should not just throw the aim of the experiment anywhere. The aims and hypotheses of the experiment are derived from a review of the psychological literature.

How it should be written:

  • Explain the topic broadly;
  • Describe the theoretical framework;
  • Summary of previous studies;
  • Rationale;
  • Hypothesis;
  • Tips on the best introduction;
  • The theory generally should be the first aspect. Define terms of the study that are important;
  • Describe the theoretical framework;
  • Rationale- here it explains how the tests address the gap in the literature;
  • Aims and hypothesis- show what you are investigating and produces the results you are expecting;
  • The introduction should be concise and avoid adding irrelevant details.


It involves showing procedures undertaken to complete the investigation. Give detailed information that is very clear to read and understand by anyone. Methods should be accurate. Use good paragraphs structure and show all the steps involved in the order.

Use tables, graphs, calculations, and figures to show the results. Label all the tables or figures. Use sentences that attract the attention of the reader fully. Discuss your points clearly and extensively. You need to analyze and interpret the experiment.

Subheadings to be used under the methodology:

  • Participants;
  • Number of participants;
  • Mode of getting the sample;
  • Give demographic information such as gender, age, etc. of the participants.


  • Explain the test design;
  • Independent and dependent variables;
  • Operationalization of IV and DV;
  • Identity of control used.


  • Materials and measurements;
  • Avoid low-level examples of materials;
  • Reliability.


  • Detailed information on the procedure followed in the experiment;
  • A deep description of findings;
  • A concise description and avoid trivial details;
  • How to write the best methodology;
  • You should put in mind the audience does not know anything about the study and may want to copy it for their use;
  • Past tense;
  • Avoid explaining or justification;
  • Concise so that you provide quality information.


  • The results describe the statistics;
  • Report the means, modes and standard deviation used;
  • Give correct statistics;
  • Report magnitude, importance, and direction of the results;
  • Effects, although it is not necessary.


  • Use formal English in your findings;
  • Results should be compared to the background materials from the introduction;
  • Give the audience confidence in the results;
  • Outline the best ways to improve the test if approved;
  • Consequences of the findings;
  • Give an idea of further research;
  • Conclusion.


It shows all the sources you used in the experiment. They should be written in alphabetical order. If you write a name or words of a particular person, you need to refer to a source of information. All sources should be cited, and the best tools to use for citation are Google scholars.

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A laboratory report is an important aspect of the students’ academic life. Students need to know how an experiment is conducted and writing good reports for their tests. It is also important for those studying sciences and laboratory courses. The article above has provided steps that are followed when writing a good lab report.

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