How to write the best personal statement?

A personal statement is a very critical process of the college application. It gives you a chance to showcase how you are different. You have to persuade the college you are the best among all those applying. A personal statement should be good to give you admission to the college.

A weak personal statement can be a bad thing for a student as they will not secure a spot in the college they are applying to. There is a great reason why it should not be taken lightly. A student needs to put all his/her extra effort in putting together a great personal statement for him to get their chances of admission.

In this article, we will cover the best websites that can help you write the best personal statement if you cannot write one and the methods of writing an excellent personal statement.

Choosing the Best Topic for your Statement

Students are usually given prompts to choose from on their statements. They include:

  • Overcoming failure
  • An issue you would like to fix
  • An idea that captivates you
  • A life-changing experience
  • When you showed leadership
  • Critical aspects of your identity

This personal statement prompts provides an immediate and robust idea to the student. Students are however, advised to think less about these prompts and more about areas they are best for. Simple topics can be great for students with a unique voice as they are engaging and provide an insightful consideration on the statement entails before choosing the topic.
It may be about a failed year; you may try to discuss the topic in the statement.

How do you write a Personal Statement?

  • Approach a creative writing assignment

Personal statements are hard for some students as they have never written it. Most high schools do not teach how to write a creative piece but put effort into academic and analytical reports. Creative writing helps you have fun while telling a story.

The personal statement gives you the power to show your personality. It will help you write a more impressive statement that will make the admission office enjoy the personal statement.

  • Show, do not tell

Do not make a mistake of telling everything that happened instead of bringing the reader’s attention to the moment of the happening.

  • Use dialogue

Use dialogue to keep the office staff engaged. It will help in breaking the long paragraphs in the statement.

  • Take your time

Do not rush your work. A good statement will not just be ready overnight. Take your time, even a month, to write your statement. Take a break and come back while fresh to continue.

  • Create a draft without a character

Do not use a character counter to time yourself not to pass a certain amount of words. Having a limit of certain words will make you leave out many crucial points that will help your statement.

  • Use proper words and expressions

Look for the perfect words to write in your statement. Use also the best expressions for your statement. For example, replace ‘do’ with accomplishment.

  • Use your strength well

In a personal statement, you are trying to tell the college why they should choose you. Write about your plans, your own experiences, and knowledge.

  • Use an attention grabber in the introduction

Starting with humor, puns, and inspiring words that will give an excellent impression to the reader. Try as much as possible to use them well and where applicable. Do not just throw them there. Do not overthink, wait it will just come.

  • Let it be your work and ideas

Before writing your draft, avoid reading other personal statements, you will get a false idea. Be unique; do not follow other people’s patterns or beliefs. It is your work, not others.

  • Be honest

Do not lie about what you can do. Do not say you are fluent in English while you are not. You may be asked to prove it and fail. Do not create a false image.

  • Give a qualified person to read

Give your statement to different qualified people, such as professors, to proofread. You get enough feedback to know areas you went wrong. Some feedbacks and advice will be helpful for your statement.

  • Read out loud

Read it to friends and families loudly so that you may know where cohesion is missing between paragraphs. Readout loud to remove unclear parts.
Things to avoid in your statement

  • Give an account of everything

Do not write everything. Write only relevant points to your statement. Your goal is to share your voice, essential things to you, and who you are.

  • Writing many experiences

Do not write about all the high school accomplishments. Write about an experience that is specific and provide further details about them.

  • Using clich├ęs

Do not write using overdone quotes from famous people such as Martin Luther King jr. avoid quotes from people. Quotes will take your space and will not add anything valuable in the personal statement.

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You have read this article this far. The points provided will help you write the best personal statement for your college. Personal statements are a crucial aspect that will determine whether a college will admit to you or not. Try as much as possible to write an excellent personal statement.

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