How to Reword My Essay for Free?

Rewording essays or other text-based documents is new to normal these days. Writing is not an easy task. However, it required a lot of hard work, research, and effort to write a reliable and authentic writing piece. We have to keep many things like grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, complex and compound sentences, tone, etc. While writing a full-length essay, it is most important to state the right content with appropriate facts and figures.

That is why essays are most challenging to write, as it requires a lot of effort to maintain readers’ interest till the end of it. We have to make it worth reading at any cost. For this purpose, we do a lot of research on both print and electronic media. We gather all the facts from different places and compile them in a single document. There are many essay rewriting tools available online to reword my essay and make the writing task effortless.

Writing is quite a tough job. To maintain good quality content is the next level. It takes a lot of time to research, think, outline, and then jot down all the data in a sequence. That is why paraphrasing or rewording tools are taking place in the market. If you need the best high quality papers, you can use one of the professional writing services from our list.

What does rewording mean?

Rewording or paraphrasing means changing your content with a more appropriate sentence structure and synonyms to make it even more worth-reading and authentic. Many students and content writers use rewording tools to make their content and essays more engaging. If your content is original and more attractive, it will bring more traffic to your website, or if you are a student, it will help you attain good scores or grades among your fellows.

That is why the trend of using rewording tools is growing. Instead of wasting a lot of time writing and researching appropriate words and sentences, people put whatever they have written on the rewording software and transform it as early as possible.

Is it Necessary to Choose a Rewording Software?

Well, the answer to this question indeed depends upon your need and requirement. If you want to save your time or make your content or essay more engaging and up to the mark, but you doubt that your self-written material will not be appropriate, you must use a rewording tool. Meanwhile, many tools are available online for free or under-paid subscriptions. If you do not have enough time and want to write more in a minimal period, you must a paid tool for more accurate results with zero plagiarism.

Advantages of Using Rewording Tool

There are many rewarding and paraphrasing tools available online. All tools, either they are paid or unpaid, have their unique features. All the tools are easy to use by anyone. There are many advantages of rewording or paraphrasing your content or an essay. A few of them are listed below:

  1. Grammar Correction. When you write yourself, there are more chances of grammatical mistakes. We do make mistakes while writing because we focus on task completion in a minimal period. That is why hassle causes many grammatical errors. Rewording tools help you point out and correct all those mistakes in very little time and make your essay and content error-free.
  2. Sentence Structure. While writing we make a lot of unclear and complicated sentence which are hard to understand, and their intent does not make any sense. This is the major problem we face. To overcome this drawback, we can use rewording tools. These tools point out complicated and unclear sentences which are hard to read and understand quickly.
  3. Time Saver. Writing long essays take a lot of time and effort. A rewording tool corrects all the mistakes and makes our content error-free in a brief period. It saves our time by finding appropriate synonyms and clearing the intent of the content. You have to pick and choose the right tool for your essay.
  4. Plagiarism-Free. Many times we research data from the internet and use the data in our essays. The software can detect the real source of data and marks “plagiarized” on your content. Rewording tools remove plagiarism from your content and make it new and fresh as never written before.
  5. Appropriate and Authentic. Our written content may be detected as incorrect or plagiarized. But rewording tools make our content authentic and genuine with appropriate grammar and sentence structure. These tools point out all the mistakes in time and allow us to write better.

How to Reword an Essay?

Students face a lot of problems while writing essays. It takes a lot of effort, research, and hard work to write an essay. Writing is becoming easier when you have the right tools to highlight mistakes and make your writing error-free. For this purpose, students, even freelancers, researchers, and bloggers, use many tools. Rewording an essay is very simple. There are a few simple and easy steps listed below to reword my essay generator:

  • First of all, take the essays you want to translate and put them on the rewording tool.
  • The rewording tool will point out all the grammatical errors and incorrect sentence structure.
  • Replace all the pointed words with their appropriate synonyms.
  • Allow rewording tool to replace all sharp incorrect sentences and remove all grammatical errors.
  • After all alterations, your essays have reworded.
  • You can submit it wherever you want to offer or publish it.

Some Words about Cheap Essay Writing Services

Many websites are offering you to write complete essays with just a click. Essaypro cheap writing services are one of them. It makes it easy to write an essay for you. This service is available at a very reasonable price for everyone. You have to visit its official website and take a turn after paying a low price. After all this, you will be able to present an authentic, genuine, plagiarism-free, and readable piece of writing, either it is an essay or any other text-based document.

TOP 10 Free Rewording Tools Available Online

There are many paid and unpaid rewording tools available online for your ease. You can choose any of them as per your requirement. Here are some rewording tools which are free to use online for anyone.

  1. GoParaphrase. To paraphrase is one of the free rewording or paraphrasing tools. It is a fundamental and straightforward tool. Just visit its official website, put your essays there, and a simplifier will reword or paraphrase the essays. It is that easy. Anyone can use this tool as it is free of cost and easy to use as well.
  2. Hemingway. Hemingway is another rewording and paraphrasing tool. When you upload your essays to its official website, it instantly points out all grammatical mistakes and incorrect or complex sentences. It highlights each error in different color and gives you a complete report of all corrections to be done. As far as you correct the mistakes, it tells you the accurate grade of your content. You do not have to make an account on this website to use this tool.
  3. QuillBot. It is another rewording tool available for free. First of all, you have to sign up on this website, and then you can get its services free of cost. After signing up, you can upload your content, highlighting all the mistakes and correcting them. It is effortless to use, just like other rewording or paraphrasing tools.
  4. Grammarly. It is one more tool for rephrasing or rewording your content. Its free features include: correcting off all grammatical mistakes, underline incorrect sentence structures, and omits unnecessary or repetitive statements. You have to sign up for this as well. You can also buy its premium features at affordable rates.
  5. SpinBot. This is one more rewording or paraphrasing tool available free online. This website offers unlimited free access to rewording. You have to upload your content, and it will do the correction and rewording job itself. It provides impressive results in a minimal period. You can use it as many times as you want.
  6. SmallSEOTolls. This is another rewording and paraphrasing tool. It allows you to do necessary grammatical and sentence structure corrections with a maximum of 2000 words at once. It is also helpful to point out incorrect complex sentences. It is effortless and easy to use. Everyone can use it as it is totally free and readily available online.
  7. Online Paraphrase. This is one more rewording or paraphrasing tool available for free. It works the same way as others. You have to upload your essays, and it detects all mistakes and highlights them. You do not require any technical knowledge about it. It is straightforward to use for all, even for students. It is useful for essays, blogs, reviews, articles, and other written documents. It is free of cost, as others discussed above.
  8. DupliChecker. It is another online tool for rewording or paraphrasing your essays, blogs, or other documents. It detects all grammatical mistakes, incorrect sentence structure, and plagiarism as well. It can take up to 2000 words. It highlights all errors and corrects them instantly. It is as easy as other tools. It rewords all essays in such a way that it becomes fresh and plagiarism-free.
  9. PrePost SEO. It is another unpaid online tool for rewording and paraphrasing essays. It works like all other tools. Upload an article, and it will highlight all the mistakes. It also helps you remove plagiarism from your essay as well.
  10. SpinBot. Here is one more option for rewording or paraphrasing your essay. It is also free of cost, and it helps you check basic grammatical mistakes and sentences. You have to upload your essay, and it will make it error and plagiarism-free. It is as easy as all other rewording tools.

Disadvantages of Using Rewording Tools

All things come with goods and bad. Similarly, there are a few disadvantages of rewording tools alongside advantages. A few of them are listed below:

  • Basic Corrections. All unpaid rewording tools can do necessary corrections only. They can detect only basic punctuation mistakes and minimal plagiarism. You have to be careful while using all these tools.
  • Unreliable. All the free rewording tools are unreliable because they can provide you with basic grammar errors and spelling mistakes. You cannot rely on such tools as they cannot highlight more significant mistakes.
  • Limited Word Search. The word count limits all these free rewording tools. Most of them can allow 1000 words, and very few will enable a maximum of 2000 words to reword. So, these are not suitable for high-end projects.
  • Time Taking. If you are writing an essay with an online tool, you have to reword my essay generator. These two things are more time-consuming; first, you will find a cheap essay writer and then have to rephrase that. It’s a lengthy process than regular essay writing or writing an essay yourself.
  • Limited Access. After a short period with limited access, you have to buy any rewording tool’s premium feature. All free tools give you limited access for a limited period. It will take both your money and time.

Students at universities have a hard time when it turns out that almost every work – a diploma, term paper, essay, and others is tested for anti-plagiarism. We have to deal with the processing (rewriting) of the text to increase the uniqueness.

To rephrase the text, you need to rewrite almost every sentence from work in your own words.

Changing the text for anti-plagiarism occurs by methodically replacing every 2-3 words with a synonym suitable in meaning. The replacement with synonyms mustn’t be a change in the case or number of words but selecting an appropriate word by implication.


Many students use reword my essay generator for paraphrasing whatever they have written. They use different rewording or paraphrasing tools for this purpose. There are many paid and unpaid rewording tools available online, along with their relevant advantages and disadvantages. We can recommend you to choose good writing service here. It all depends on you what kind of tool you need to rewrite that is easy to use. No technical assistance is required to use them.

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