The 3 best narrative essays that you should read

Narrative essays are a branch of essay writing that revolves around a person like an author, elaborating the story from the first person’s perspective. It is mostly based on the memoirs of the person who is telling the story. The story’s focus is usually the plot around which the whole essay revolves that binds everything together.

This article will give a detailed review of some best works on narrative essays that gained popularity among the audience globally. These three articles have all the essential characteristics that a narrative essay should contain that will be discussed later in this post.

Tips for writing the best narrative essay as a student

These are some of our vital and essential tips to write an eye-catching narrative essay as a student that will give you good grades.

  1. Always elaborate your story in the first person. That is why it is called a narrative essay because you narrate a collection of words or reports to the reader. You can also do third-person pronouns if necessary.
  2. Decorate your essay with delightful surprises, the addition of extra characters, and light jokes to prevent your readers from getting bored.
  3. Give dynamics and twists to your story.
  4. Use simpler words so an audience of any grade could read and understand your essay.
  5. You don’t need to elaborate on all the things. Skip the things that should be ignored.
  6. Have a moral or theme around which your essay revolves.

We are hopeful that you can easily with a narrative essay on any topic after the implications of these useful tips. We will review the best three narrative essays that you can read for your further increase in knowledge.

Review of the three best narrative essays that everyone must read

There are several narrative stories found on the internet and libraries, and all of them are unique and have a glam of their own. But some of them have a special place in our hearts. So, today we will elaborate on the internet’s most favorite scholarship narrative essays that you need to read at least once in your life.

“He left so I could learn”

It is a narrative story where the author has shared his significant loss, which came from his father’s death. The author has told us a lesson on end. Even when we lose our loved ones and our whole world is falling apart, we have to stay healthy and steady because life is all about moving on.

Introductory paragraphs

In the first paragraph, the author tells how much he was happy with his new work and was excited to explore his new writing job. This is where the story takes turns, and the whole plot is revealed in the second paragraph.

Plot twist

In the early part of this Paragraph, little did he know that he will receive a shocking call that would turn his world upside down about his father’s sudden sickness. After losing his father due to cardiac arrest. In his narrative story, he shares three lessons that he learned from his father’s death.

Lessons we learned

Here are the following lessons that we learned:

  • You always have to be strong no matter how numb or weak you feel. After all, sometimes you have to hide your weaknesses under challenging situations when standing alone. You have to stay robust to achieve something in life, no matter how significant your loss is.
  • This there is a weak margin between love and independence. Be happy to love someone and be thankful if somebody loves you but don’t get dependent on them with your life decisions. You can lose a lot of support when losing your beloved, but you have to work things out even without them to prevent failure and collapse.
  • Make memories and keep recalling them. They are the only thing that would not cost anything, and they will remain with you for the rest of your life.

Favorite part of the essay

The main point which makes this story so unique and top-rated is that the author has beautifully explained the lesson with extreme simplicity with deep underlying morals.

Last part of the essay

In his last sentence, he told them he would be traveling the world and achieving his dreams, but there will be one less support that will hurt him forever, but he will move on for him because his father will be happy to see him in a prosperous place.

A final verdict on the essay

In the end, we want to know that no matter how sad we are with the loss of our loved ones, we have to move on to our lives even when we’re missing them every day as we cannot quit. So it is better to continue life while still loving your last ones, thinking that how happy they would be to see you at the right place in the present.

This story was all about love and life. Our precious partners may leave us sooner or later. Still, the most vital thing is to keep them alive in our hearts because it is a place that has no rent for somebody to live in. we would recommend you to read this whole essay well complete summary for interpretation of its lesson.

“Death of a moth”

Virginia wolf writes this narrative essay. It also revolves around the cycle of life and death and how they always remain to continue throughout. This is one of the three best narrative essays because the writer has used an object as a metaphor and elaborated in such a simple yet strong word. It got Easier to understand the real meaning of the narrative essay.

Introductory paragraphs

In this whole essay, the writer has explained her encounter with a moth in a garden where she saw him going through all the life changes in a short while. For some of us, it may only look like a simple encounter with an insect, but in reality, this story has a deeper meaning than we can think.

Plot twist

The writer has used the moth as a metaphor for life. And a human is replaced as a moth. However, if we exchange the words, the meaning of narrative essays would be quickly cleared to us within no time.

Lessons learned

  • In this entire essay, the writer has pointed out the restlessness of a human being. She explained that a person always remains unsatisfied, and in the end, when death pays a visit to him, they try all of their efforts to escape it, but in the future, death wins.
  • Like a moth, people also tend to repeat their life and repeatedly go after a single spot to achieve it, thinking that it makes them successful add superior to others. In reality, our medals and success become useless and unworthy after your death.

Favorite part of the essay

The author also told us that we do not value our life until we’re close to death. When we see the Angels, we know that it’s our time to leave the world, and we try all of the things that we can do to enjoy before departure. The purpose of our life is just like the moth.

We always delay our tasks thinking that we have plenty of time left, but we never know when to go. We can either die a slowly reach to death from a disease, or our loved one can hear our demise through a shocking call of a car accident. All we can do is celebrate the moment because he never knows what is ahead of us.

Last paragraph

In the end, she tries to help the mouth, but she realizes that she is too weak in front of the death, and no matter what, she does no more have to die just like other humans. This is the part where she realizes that we have to enjoy our life to the fullest and do not have any remaining wishes or not end up being full of regrets on our death bed.

Final verdict

In summary, the author describes the cycle of life in the form of a month. We are born. We live a meaningless life, always trying to find some purpose but waste it in realizing how empty life is. We live every day, eat, sleep, relax and repeat no matter how strong we are. We may even rule the world, but in the end, we are nothing but an insect in front of death. We will highly recommend you to read these narrative essays to get ideas to write yours, like in research paper outline.

“My college education”

This is a very light and entertaining essay with a short but relatively influential moral.

In this essay, the author recalls a memoir of his life that changed his references and his whole perspective of living, which we will discuss later in this review.

First paragraphs

In the earlier paragraphs, we learned about the writer’s mentality and nature that increases the reader’s interest. We saw that the author was a straightforward person who likes science and mathematics only because there are no word games and there is only a right and wrong present which he thought was logical than other subjects. Being attracted to one-word solutions, he chooses engineering as his field of study.

Plot twist

When he got into college, his first-class was a philosophy which was the opposite of his favorite subjects. He was given an assignment on the very first day. He struggled to complete it, as we mentioned before, of his rational nature. He worked to complete his project, and later, he got nervous if it was up to the mark or not.

Lessons learned:

Let’s see what we learned from his narrative.

  • Never fail to learn new things, even if they are out of your comfort zone. You might struggle in the early stage and think that you have been unable in the given task. The main element is to keep pushing yourself.
  • Please give a warm greeting to the outbound challenges while thinking that they will polish you for your future perspective.
  • It is not necessary that you like the things that suit your brain or comfort. The primary benefit of exploration is that you can find your primary passion.
  • Education is not only about scores and success rates. It’s a shape that molds individuals with the heat of knowledge and manners.

Favorite part of the essay

In the end, he got good grades on the assignment, which satisfied him. But he was happier about grooming and increased self-belief. It changed his way of thinking to ninety degrees that he opts to become a lawyer that was a suitable field for his enhanced meaningful thinking.

Final verdict

In this sufficiently written narrative essay, the author took us with his philosophy class’s journey, which amused us. The plot twist was the assignment and the change in his perspective of seeing colleges, to which we agree to an extent. Colleges are not for a career but for seeking and exploring the different levels of awareness, too, that he explained under the blanket of comforting words.

Wrapping up

In the above, we have closely discussed the definition and fundamentals of a narrative essay in simple words. With the reference and better understanding of our viewers, we shortlisted the three best narrative essays built with a narrative essay’s necessary foundation. This is further decorated with the ornaments of jump scares, plot twists and all the essential entertaining ingredients to retain the readers. Indeed, the essay is basically a philosophy that we describe in words.

You can create the basic architecture of any narrative essay with our provided reviews and add your record as a first-person, and with a little bit of hard work, you can create a perfect narrative essay that will surely get as much applause as these three. It’s a hope that this article seems informational for you and it will help you in the future.

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