How Many Words/Pages Should An Essay Be?

Whether you’re in Middle School or College, writing essays is part of your curriculum. It is very usual for students to struggle with essay limits. You might be instructed to write an essay with a 300 to 500 word count. This would be fairly easy to write. You’ll just need to stay within the limit.

However, it is common for students to be given a page count range rather than a word count range. This leads to several problems. Factors such as the font, the spacing, the sizing and many more, make a huge difference.

For example, let’s say that you’re given a two-page limit. Depending on your font sizing and your spacing, that essay could end up being between 300 to 1000 words. This can be really frustrating for many students.

If you are given a word count range of 500-700 words, try not to exceed the limit. If you believe that you have addressed the topic thoroughly and you are under 500 words, that is usually okay. But try not to go over 700 words.

If you are in Middle School or High School, you can expect to have word limits of 300 to 1000 words. For all you College students, the limits are much higher, usually ranging from 2000 to 6000 words.

We measured how many pages certain words are and vice versa. We used the font Times New Roman with the size 12. The results were really interesting.

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100 Words in Pages

A 100-word essay is not huge, but it takes a bit of space on a page. If your essay is single spaced, you can expect it to take around one-fifth (20%) of the page. If it is double spaced, it takes two-fifths (40%) of the page. As you can see, even the smallest of best essays can take some space.

1 Page in Words

A page is usually around 500 words if it is single spaced. It goes down to 250 words if it is double spaced. 1 page essays are usually questions which you should answer briefly.

200 Words in Pages

A 200-word essay takes up more space than the 100-word one. If your essay is single spaced, it will fill about half of the page. If it is double spaced, you can expect it to fill around 90% of the entire page.

2 Pages in Words

Two pages are 1000 words if they are single spaced. As you can imagine, if they are double spaced, they are around 500 words. Most High School students should expect to be assigned two-page essays.

300 Words in Pages

A 300-word essay is between half a page to one full page and a bit extra. If the essay is single spaced, it takes more than half of one page. If it is double spaced, it is one entire page and a bit more from a second page.

3 Pages in Words

Three pages range from 750 to 1500 words. If your essay is single spaced, you can expect it to be around 1500 words. If it is double spaced, it will be around 750 words.

500 Words in Pages

A 500-word essay will be at least one entire page. If it is single spaced, it will fill one full page, and maybe a tiny bit more. If it is double spaced, it will fill two entire pages. You shouldn’t expect over two pages, though.

5 Pages in Words

Five pages are usually around 2000 words. If they are single spaced, the word count might go up to 2500 words, whereas if they are double spaced, it can go down to 1300 words.

1000 Words in Pages

A 1000-word essay is usually around 2-3 pages. They are the most common assignments. If the essay is single spaced, it will take up around 2 pages. If it is double spaced, it might go up to 4 pages.

10 Pages in Words

A ten-page essay ranges from 2500 to 5000 words. Most College students should expect to write around ten pages for each essay. If the essay is single spaced, then it will be around 5000 words, whereas if it is double spaced, it goes down to 2500 words.


We hope that after reading this article, you can calculate words in pages and vice versa much more easily. You should remember, however, that our calculations are not fully accurate. They are just estimates.

You might like a different font, or different spacing on your essay. Or you like to have larger margins between words. These factors can significantly decrease or increase the amount of words that are on a page. For some of you, this might be a blessing. For others, it might be a curse.

Most essays use the Times New Roman font and the size 12. These essays also use single spaces and normal margins. So, keep that in mind when you’re going to write your next essay.

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