Why do students hate writing essays in college?

Writing an essay can be a very daunting task for most college students. It is one of the activities that is most disliked by students. Writing an essay requires a lot of hard work, and it becomes even more complicated when writing numerous essays, and they are also significantly stricter during the grading process of the essay. The innumerable amount of essays you need to write in college can make the student look for essay writing services for their work to be done.

Essay writing services are found everywhere online. The platforms such as Reddit, yahoo answers will give you suggestions for the best essay writing services that will help you with an essay that will provide you with good grades. In this article, we are going to show you why college students hate writing essays, tips for writing an excellent college essay and some of the best companies that will help you with your essay like 99Papers, EssayPro or 1Essay.

Reasons why students hate writing essays in college

  1. Not comfortable when writing it. Numerous students just do not like writing since they find it very uncomfortable with the general activity of writing process due to lack of enough preparations. Some high schools do not emphasize a lot of writing hence making students have difficulty when they reach colleges as they will not be able to write a good college essay; it will make them lack necessary writing skills for the essay. If a student is not comfortable with writing, they will not be passionate. It is one of the main reasons students have turned to essay writing services for help.
  2. Weak grammar and Spelling skills. A student will not be writing if they numerously repeat mistakes in their writing. It will make them look stupid, and no one in this universe wants to look silly. It will make the student hate writing, as these mistakes will lead to low grades. Poor grades will be a very discouraging thing to them. They will always be afraid that if they write, their work will contain numerous mistakes that will see them get low grades. These mistakes are most common among the students using English as their second language. When college students want to write but are afraid that they will not sound as smart as they are, they will have a hatred of writing. Students encountering these problems usually get essay help from the best essay writing services.
  3. Not have a feeling of writing. Their exist a lazy bunch of students who do not like writing. However, being proficient in a particular subject plays a vital role in that. A student who is majoring in English will write a lot of excellent essays; however, when specializing in a subject such as mathematics, a student will have a feeling that writing an essay is not essential. Students hat have majored in other subjects rather than English always argue that writing is not necessary to their leanings as they are dealing with figures, numbers, data and not words. Students will hate writing when they understand that it is not essential.
  4. Irrelevant essay topic. Students are usually encouraged to come up with their own topics, but in some cases, the topics are provided by their supervisors. Students may see them as irrelevant. The current students can name all the football players in the world but cannot write on the history of the country. Some students find the topics they have been given to write on as very boring and irrelevant to their daily activities. When students have these feelings, they tend to lose their interest and become less engaged and enthusiastic about writing. If the topics do not match their daily activities and experiences, they will hate writing about them.
  5. Writing is subjective. Writing an essay is just like solving a mathematical problem; they both require you to provide a solution. However, writing is very challenging and challenging; hence you will not offer one answer but a variety of them. Writing involves coming up with an argument and then defending your point of view. It can be tough for some students to grasp because of the subjective nature of the college essay and objective nature of the high school essays they wrote.
  6. Revision is repetitive and tiresome. Writing is boring to some college students; however, revising the already written essay is more tedious. Proofreading your work to remove the small mistakes that are arising from them can be a challenging and tedious exasperating task. Your instructor can demand a revision or some changes that will force you to go back to work for even a fifth time can be a very exasperating exercise. It is because students are just making changes to suit what the instructor wants and not learning anything new that excites them.
    It makes students hate essay writing a lot.
  7. Do not understand the work. A student can hate writing if they do not understand the work at all and leads them to fail in the essay continuously. Students will pay someone to write an essay for them simply because they have not grasped the knowledge of the work they are being taught to write on. The essay can be very long or very short and brief that makes the students fail to understand what they are supposed to write on. A mismatch between the students usually causes it, and the instructor and students are advised to always ask for clarifications from the instructor when they experience problems.

What to do to ensure your essay stands out?

You may hate writing, but it is an essential thing in college. For most of the students majoring in English, it will be their daily task.

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However, all the subjects require writing at some point. So what should you do to craft an excellent essay? Let us find below:

  • Brainstorm/ Read the prompts for an in-depth understanding. Before you start writing, read carefully through the instructions, and understand. Know what you are being asked to do. Do not just jump into writing the essay without knowing what you are supposed to write on. Write down an outline of what your essay will involve. Organize your thoughts, opinions, facts together to create a good flow of your essay.
  • Create a thesis statement. A thesis stamen involves the main ideas of your essay. It introduces what readers should expect in the article. It is usually one or two sentences. After creating an outline of how you want to organize your thoughts, you need now to create a thesis statement. A thesis statement should bring out the purpose of the essay. Your outline will help you develop a thesis statement. The thesis statement should answer the problem. The thesis should be in the introduction and make sure you continuously refer to it as you flow with your essay outline.
  • Write an introduction. After you create the thesis statement, and finalize writing the body of your essay, develop an introduction of the article. The introduction should be fascinating to grab the readers’ attention. It should allow the reader to continue reading your essay. A lousy introduction is a turn off to the reader. He will not continue reading your article. Use the best hook, exciting story, shocking revelation, a quote, or a summary of the topic to start the introduction. The hook should be tied with the thesis statement.
  • Write the body. In the body, you are supposed to describe or argue on the topic. The main ideas you listed in the outline should be well discussed here. Each paragraph should introduce each concept. These paragraphs must have an introduction sentence to the primary purpose. Explaining these ideas comes after the main introductory sentence backed up with credible information. Cite all the reference materials and the direct quotes according to the format you asked.
  • Write the conclusion and proofread. Make sure you have organized your points well. The essay should not be too long, as you may lose track of your writing. A conclusion summarizes what you have covered in the paper. It should be short, comprising 4-5 sentences. Do not add new ideas in conclusion, but you can restate the thesis statement. After you write the conclusion, go through it to correct all the mistakes that are in the paper. Correct all the grammar mistakes and all the ones that may arise.


Most students hate writing essays. They see them as a very boring task as a challenging task. I am glad that you have read this article and it is my sincere hope that it will help you write an incredible college essay even if you find it boring for you.

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3 years ago

thanks for the nice articles about essays, can you also tackle the importance of the essays?
why writing essays is difficult
also why essays are easy to write, why the structure of the essays are important, importance for writing essays for college students, are essays academic? is it okay to write essays in points, also can you talk about the non fiction and fiction esays, please? thanks. and how to order essays from the services you have discussed here