Top 3 free essay checkers in the world

Everybody in their academic lives experiences essay writing in their schools. There have been inventions of great tools that will make you write an excellent article that will enable you to write an accurate essay that will make professors less concerned with the accuracy of what you are writing. Plagiarism, on the other hand, is a very significant problem that affects students as no professor will waste his/her time marking a copied work.

Good news is there is numerous free essays spelling check in the world.
These free essay checking tools check a variety of things to ensure your essay is in excellent condition. They, however, are not created equal. You are not able to determine the accuracy of the corrections. We have compiled the best free essay grammar check tools that will help you with your essay.


Grammarly is the best essay to proofreader free services. It has a wide range of features that makes it excellent such as a spell, checker, plagiarism checker tool, and punctuation and grammar abilities by using the free programme to see if there is plagiarism in the essay. The plagiarism checker suits those in high school and not those in college or university as they require more sophisticated tools to check plagiarism.

It allows students to upload their document s or just pasting to check the grammar and spelling mistakes arising from their essays. It then extensively checks on what you have submitted and provides instant feedback consisting of the solutions of the errors resulting. Grammarly has a free browser extension that will correct any articles you are writing on various websites that include social media channels as well as emails.

Although they do not offer much help in the education sector, students can get extra use of Grammarly in this way. You need to upgrade the package to premium where you will enjoy the best-unlimited services. It is slightly costly as you pay $139.95 yearly and $11.66 per month. The prices may be expensive for some students, but the annual and quarterly prices are very reasonable after putting everything into considerations.

The premium package consists of an advanced Grammarly checker that offers suggestions on ways a mistake should be corrected and a robust checking that will teach you how to prevent repeating the errors in the future. The premium also makes your writing becomes more dynamic, avoid using too many passive voices, offers vocabulary suggestions that have made it emerge the best essay checker globally.

Grammarly also has a plagiarism checking platform that is top-notch and will help you when writing. If you run an article through it that is plagiarized, it will provide feedback detailing all the sources where you have copied the text, in a percentage form.

The only cons of Grammarly are its costly prices, language limitations that are far behind other essay checking tools. It only supports English, but that has not denied them the fact that they are the best free essay writing services in the universe.


EduBirdie is cheaper than Grammarly. It offers affordable and user-friendly online proofreading services for both Mac and Windows. It functions the same as the Grammarly as it checks grammar and spelling mistakes arising from your essay as well as punctuation and the sentence structure of your essay.

It can work on all the browsers. You can also advance to premium services where you will enjoy more great services and charges as less as $6.95 per month. The platform offers additional supports and hs three different levels of paid EduBirdie that can go up to $18 month. Despite its affordable and pocket-friendly costs, it is not as fast as Grammarly and, it is also not easy to use. It also requires you to copy-paste your final document and not just downloading.


Students in colleges and high schools mostly use it. It comprises of a free essay checker, grammar and punctuation tools, and a premium plan. The free version is straightforward and will not help you much and will be very useless to all students regardless of their academic levels. The free services limit the students to only 20 suggestions for improving sentence structure, punctuation errors, writing style and grammar. It will be a massive problem for you if you have more than 20 issues since you will miss out on others.

The site, unlike Grammarly, does not provide any plagiarism checking platform. However, when upgraded o premium, you will enjoy a wide variety of incredible features that includes; able to create citations and bibliography in the essay paper you are writing on and the correct citation formats. But id does not erase the bad limitations of the free version.

It has affordable pricing you will just fork out $9.95 a month and get unlimited suggestions on grammar, spelling, punctuation and other mistakes. The premium version offers plagiarism and missing citations. The premium version comes with a three day free trials and thein it auto-charge your credit card, so when the system is lacking, it will be advisable to remember cancelling it.

It has a great plagiarism checker that will show you the areas and the texts copied and tells you are that citations are required. However, there is no known information about the kind of database they use to check plagiarism, and you cannot export the document that is not a big deal for students. Only a teacher is allowed to export the paper if he/she wants to check the plagiarism report about a particular essay.

They also offer their services in English and do not have any mobile functionality that is a huge negative. BibMe is recommended for all students at any academic level.


No one is very perfect in writing an essay; you will always make some errors. You will take a lot of time proofreading the essay. There exist the best essay free checkers that we have discussed in this article and hope that they will be beneficial to you.

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