TOP 50 compare and contrast essay topics

Writing a comparison and contrast essay is usually much more interesting and fun than writing a dissertation. With an essay such as this, there is a bigger chance for the student to be creative. In addition, the bike does not need to be reinvented: there are an already known purpose and theme for these essays. All you have to do is find similarities or differences between certain concepts.

A properly chosen topic will solve half of your problem while writing a comparison and contrast essay. Now, this can be complicated.

Think about it: would you prefer to read an article on a traditional topic like “Boys vs. Girls,” Or do you prefer to read an unusual essay that compares and opposes the war in Korea and Vietnam? While you know everything about the first one, the second topic seems to be very interesting. It takes a long time to get compare and contrast topics for an essay. However, with this properly prepared guidance from us, you will get an excellent topic without any problems.

What is Compare and Contrast Essay

Compare and contrast essays are compositions that are made of multiple paragraphs and give explanations on how and why two subjects are distinct and similar. In these essays, compare means explaining how the subjects are similar. If you are writing a Harvard essay on Rural life versus city life, the comparison aspect will provide a minimum of one paragraph on the connection between the lives of people in the city and the people living in the rural areas.

A contrast between the two subjects in an essay explains the difference between the subjects. After carrying a study on both subjects (rural life and city life). The writer would be able to provide a lot of details on how to live in the city that can be different from life in rural areas.

In addition, comparison and contrast essays can be used on any topic and can appear in different fields. When making decisions about what should be included, writers need to consider one thing: relevance. Relevance helps you decide which features are worth comparing and contrasting. Your thesis will help you determine the relevance or irrelevance of the facts. This means that writers need a solid dissertation statement.

Compare and Contrast Essay Outline

Writing a compare and contrast essay does not mean you should only limit yourself to the facts that you know about a topic. To make your essay informative, do extensive research to bring new information to your readers.

The quality of a compare and contrast is dependent on a good topic, a clear outline, a precise structure, and a detailed interpretation of the similarities and differences. A compare and contrast essay uses the traditional 5 paragraph outline:

  • Introduction
  • Body Paragraph 1
  • Body Paragraph 2
  • Body Paragraph 3
  • Conclusion

In the introductory paragraph, a statement that serves as a hook is used to get the attention of the readers. When you have the attention of the audience, then introduce the selected topics for comparison. In the concluding part of the introductory section, you can now present the thesis statement.

The body of the compare and contrast test is then prepared. For this essay, body paragraphs can be written using the block or point-to-point method, depending on the writer’s choice.

After the MLA format essay body, the essay ends by summarizing the main points and outlining the analysis. A writer creates a final verdict on the subject to back up the thesis statement.

Sources of Compare and Contrast Essay Topic

The most effective and proven way to choose a topic for a compare and contrast essay if your teacher has not given some is by researching different types of sources:

  1. Newspaper: A student can find an infinite source of great ideas in the newspaper. These topics will be related to current global events, the latest innovations, opinions from experts, political fluctuations, and other areas. Pay attention to the two columns, interviews and analysis conducted by an authorized person in politics, economics, and other areas of human life;
  2. News channels: Switch to your best channel without watching your regular TV show but to learn about contemporary issues. While learning, try to come up with an interesting topic, spending about half an hour of your valuable time.
  3. Magazine: If you do not have any interest in religion, politics or economics you can still get some ideas in the latest magazine or newspapers. You can check the section for technology, sports, adolescence and entertainment.
  4. Internet: It has to be the primary source of all the ideas gathered in all the previous main source altogether.

Don’t forget to attend different seminars, conferences, meetings to know more about what is happening in the world, and about what society has recently discussed.

How to Choose A Compare and Contrast Essay Topic?

Students in schools and colleges often find subjects for their Chicago format essays. However, if not, this is the time when you can show your creativity by choosing an interesting topic.

It is important to choose the right topic for your essay but can be daunting. To make the compare and contrast essay appealing to readers, it is mandatory to choose a strong topic.

If you wish to find an impressive topic for your essay, follow the tips below:

  • Identify topics that interest you and that you would love to discuss. The more interest you have in the subject, the better you will be able to talk about it.
  • List all ideas and choose topics that can be explained in detail with a different perspective.
  • Be sure that the topics you choose to create your essay belong to the same group or category.
  • Remember your target audience: Your essay should be structured based on the interest of readers in order to increase the reading of your writing, so choose a topic that interests you and your audience.
  • Select topics from the latest trends and controversies: People are more interested in discovering things that are new or controversial.
  • It is important to research before choosing the topic for the compare and contrast essay. This way, if you have selected the right topic or not.
  • You should always choose topics that fall into a related category. For example, for a literary essay, select two books or poems for comparison. Do not combine and match to show your creativity; you will not find it helpful.

To make things easier for writers and students, we have developed and researched some excellent topics for compare and contrast. Whether you are looking for topics for college students, high school students, or middle school, this list will be extremely useful.

What to consider when choosing a topic for comparison and contrast

The most important thing to remember while choosing a compare and contrast essay topic is to choose topics related or belongs to the same category. For example, you can’t select football and the Vietnam war. As you write a comparison and contrast essay, and before you reach the comparison, write a few sentences that explain how they are similar and why the two topics should be compared. We facilitate this job for you and classify various compare and contrast materials that you can use to craft an and excellent, effective essay.

Ideas for choosing compare and contrast essay topic

The course or subject with which a student is enrolled is likely to determine the topic of an essay of compare and contrast. Topic options for a compare and contrast APA style essay are huge. In courses such as literature, topic ideas may include writing about two novels, comparing a novel with a film version of the same novel, or including characters, settings, or themes from one or two different. In a scientific course, the topics could be based on comparing and contrasting two species of plants or animals or comparing a theory in one field with another theory. In a history course, an instructor could assign an essay comparing two historical figures, two time periods, two wars, or even two types of government. Options for writing or assigning a comparison and contrast essay are almost limitless.

TOP 50 compare and contrast essay topics

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics for High School

If you are a high school student, you will find the list below helpful for compare and contrast topics on your quest to search for the best topic to work with.

  • A Good student vs. bad student
  • Acting vs. lying
  • Parental control or complete freedom
  • Being afraid vs. being bored
  • A Female teacher vs. a male teacher
  • Instagram or Twitter
  • Fantastic beasts and where to find them: book and movie
  • Eliminate fast food instead of eating healthy meals
  • Get up early or get up late.
  • Public school vs. private school

Best Compare and Contrast Essay Topics for College

  • School vs. College – which is a bit easier?
  • Employed Versus unemployed students
  • Research articles vs. Essay
  • American versus British English
  • Education vs. Job
  • Bachelor degree vs. Associate degree
  • Argumentation vs. Persuasive Essays
  • Android vs. iOS
  • Online course vs. Traditional class

History Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

  • Fascism versus totalitarianism
  • Religious studies and Anthropology
  • The political approaches of Gandhi and Jinnah
  • Communism versus Liberalism
  • US President and British Prime Minister
  • America vs. the Soviet government
  • Renaissance versus Baroque Art
  • Compare the Russian Emperor
  • Karl Marx Versus Friedrich Hegel
  • Iran before and after the monarchy

Compare and Contrast Topics for Middle School

A list of comparison topics for high school is not as complicated as high school and college students. Ensure you place more focus on fun!

  • Buying products online instead of buying products from traditional stores
  • Traditional theater or cinema
  • Fiction and non-fiction
  • Holidays in the Orthodox Church against those celebrated in Buddhism
  • What kind of activity is most effective for losing weight: sports or diets?
  • Were the mythological gods real?
  • Wear school uniform or without school uniform

Sports Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

  • Sports Vs. Exercise – Which is the most effective?
  • Handball vs. badminton
  • Football Vs. Soccer
  • Cricket Vs. Hockey
  • Breakdance Vs. ballet
  • Steroids Vs. energy drinks – which is more harmful to athletes
  • Women’s Vs. men’s football
  • Australian Vs. Sri Lanka cricket team
  • The Bundesliga Vs. The Spanish Premier League
  • Chelsea Vs. Manchester United
  • Football Vs. Basketball
  • Germany team Vs. France team

Other topics for Compare and contrast that you can also find useful

Aside from the above-mentioned topics, you can still find the topics below very helpful.

  • Nature and Nurture
  • Therapy and Medication
  • Psychology and Psychiatry
  • Rehabilitation pros and cons
  • University and College – which is better?
  • Gender studies and Studies for women
  • Sociology and Anthropology
  • Traditional education Vs. online education
  • Morse code Vs. Beethoven’s fifth symphony
  • Homeschooling and traditional education
  • Growing a tree Vs. raising a child
  • Being single Vs. in a relationship
  • Drugs or Coffee – Which is better to improve performance?


Trying to search for a perfect topic on a compare and contrast essay might be daunting, and you might even get tired with time. And that’s why we have provided the top 50 compare and contrast essay topics to inspire you as you search for a convenient topic you can research on and use it with the best essay writing service. However, to give room for more creativity, it is not advisable to select the exact topics here, but you can allow the guides and the different topics to inspire you into creating your own topic from a new perspective. But it’s still okay if you want to select as it will Fastrack your work. Below are some of the things that are discussed in the article that you need to keep in mind while searching for a topic:

  • The subject you are comparing must be in the same category; for example, comparing Morse code and Raising a child would not be the right topic. Rather compare Morse code with Beethoven’s fifth symphony.
  • Choose the topic you are passionate about
  • While choosing, keep in mind your target audience.
  • Finally, ensure the topic is strong and has enough details to support them.
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