The most popular reflective essay examples

Reflective essays are used in various academic courses. One of the essential points that you must consider to determine what a reflexive essay reflects yourself; you will have a specific topic that will focus on you. Your reader expects an assessment of your life over some time. Your professors may ask you to reflect on your past’s various memories, feelings, and emotions.

This is a particular type of essay, you will have a lot to think about, comprehend and explain. You must demonstrate the different feelings that you experienced in the past. For example, show how you have changed since childhood or how you played with your best friends. Your teacher may ask you to cover some social or political events. You may have memories like this, but you may not have all the details to complete the story. Take some time to reflect on what you need.

You will have to go back to your previous life experience and give a clear account of a particular event, event, or sensation. It is necessary to choose the right words and phrases while reflecting on your thoughts about how you are feeling. Therefore, you must decide on the choice of the right words to fully describe what you desire. Also, you should define your writing style so that the content is more explicit, more readable, and cheerful; reveal the original manner, try to share vital and happy feelings with your audience. However, be honest: if you have anything negative, mention it.

Sometimes you may find it useful to review other compositions; an illustrative essay may help you. It can be quite tricky for you to complete this task and create good reflective work. But you have a great chance to make an interesting essay – all you have to do is order your work online and check grammar online.

How to properly start a reflective essay?

Now that you already know what a reflective essay is, you must figure out how to write a reflective, analytical essay. This is useful information. It would help if you studied this question to understand better how to put all reflexive paragraphs together. Not to mention, you need a decent outline to write your essay – it will do you a lot of good. It will work just fine, even for your scholarship essay:

  • How to write a reflective essay?
  • What could I have done differently?
  • How do I feel about this?
  • Why did it make me feel this way?
  • How has it changed me?
  • What is the meaning of this event in my life?
  • How can I use this experience to help someone?
  • How is this event related to the rest of my life?
  • How usual is this in my life?

Reflective Essay Examples

My little sister

There have been many events in my short life that could be considered life-changing. Each event, for better or worse, changed the direction of my life. The birth of my youngest sister, however, was the most exciting experience of my life. Sara is the name of my younger sister. At the time of birth, I was nine years old, and my other brother was ten years old. We were the ultimate example of an ideal family of four. In almost every way, we fit into the ideal family. We did not know what we were missing until my youngest sister opened her beautiful eyes for the first time.

I still remember the birth of my little sister, who brought bundles of joy for all of us. She used to weep all the time, and sometimes I could not sleep because of her voice. After some days, she started smiling and touching me. I liked her to do that. Then when we got older, she started to play with me.

At first, I liked to play with her, but when she throws away my toys, my angriness could be. Indeed, I can’t ever forget how we used to fight for small toys. We used to pull each other, hit others, and then snatch the toy and run away. When we grew up a little more, those little fights gradually turned to bully each other, and we always try to pull each other’s legs. It was enjoyable to do that. Going to school and back to our house with all stunts was the best part of the time.

Homework completion and project works were a big task for me at that time. Sara always used to tease me at my school task times. When we were caught in some act by our parents, we joined hands together to get out, even though we might have been like opponents till then. Thinking back, all of them were fun. Things have changed; we have become more responsible and busier in our lives. Pulling legs of each other and bullying each other does not happen as often as they were. She is busy with her school assignments and projects, and I with my work. Still, we find time to catch up in a while and brush un our old childhood memories. This was the best part of my life that was spent with her.

No matter what, my sister is assuredly a gift from God to me; I cherish this gift more than any other wonderful gift. She is naughty, sweet, irritating, cute, short-tempered, yet she is my little sister who would stand with me even if the whole world would be against me. Many different circumstances in life change part of me as a person. But nothing profoundly changed my views and perspective of my life, like the birth of my sister.

My first trip abroad

Travelling abroad is a way that can help you to learn and explore new experiences of life. I have had many memorable tours in my life, but my favourite tour was my first one of a few summer weeks spent in Italy when I was about fifteen years old. It was a remarkable experience that I will never forget.

We all went together as a family, which was an excellent opportunity for all of us to spend that wonderful time. This was my favourite holiday memory because this was my first travelling abroad, and this trip taught me a lot and helped shape a bit of who I am today. We visited many famous places in northern Italy, but mostly we spent time in a small town where my family friends lived. It was a great feeling to arrive. All the country’s well-known attractions were terrific. Nothing more profound in Italian culture and nothing made me understand the locals’ Latin spirit than my stay in that beautiful countryside. That was almost a mystical town that few have heard of. I was quite a shallow girl at fifteen and who enjoys company with girls. I am thankful for that tour and discovered my passion for music. My parent’s friend’s daughter was a pianist. While my father tried unsuccessfully to make me study a musical instrument, I fell in love with music when I heard the piano. She taught me how to play the piano. My first music was a silly, playful little tune that still plays in my heart. There is another reason why I will never be going to forget that vacations in Italy are a short trip to Italian Alps.

I have never seen such incredible beauty before. There were snow-covered mountains with intimidating rocks and fresh air. I can never forget that experience. What impressed me more was a popular tourist area that was incredibly clean but still natural that the places seemed to be untouched by anyone. Finally, there is a curious memory of this vacation that stuck me for the cause that I can’t say I grasp. It was a pineapple and cheese sandwich that we ate during our travel. That was pure joy for the taste buds. This was the first time I tasted a blend of regular food.

My trip to Italy helped me to realize more about the cultures of another country. I loved everything about this country. This also taught me about my passion for music, taught me to cherish nature and do my best to protect it, and this inspired me to explore with courage. That’s why it is my favourite trip abroad.

Reading my favourite book

Books enhance our imagination. We can travel through worlds without moving to our place. Books are those friends who will never leave our side. Our elders, teachers, always recommend us to read books to increase our knowledge and vocabulary. It also improves our conversational skills. They taught me the importance of reading. I love reading. I have read many books but one book that will always be my favourite is Harry Potter. This book holds a special place in my heart.

It is one of the magical books. I have already read it out and love to reread it as this book has some unique attraction in it, and I never get bored of it. It is written by one of the most renowned writers, J.K.Rowling. This book shows the magical world. He has successfully shown a picture of this world that feels real. My favourite book in the series is Goblet of fire. When I started reading this book, it grabbed my attention instantly. None of the other books caught attention as this did. Goblet of fire is where the world unfolds. It’s a long book in the series.

J.K.Rowling was willing to come into her own at last and give us the world she has been building when she came with the concept of the series. The author has given the introduction of wizard schools. This book also contains some incredible characters. In the grand Victor Krum’s entry, I was stuck to this brilliant character. The writer has described his personality in a simply brilliant way. This book also has a lot of lessons. Firstly, this books us the importance of friendship. I have read many books for but like this never before. It taught me the value of a good friend. This series also taught me that no one is perfect. Everyone is good or bad inside them. We can be the ones we wish to be. Our choice helps us to make the one. We see Snape characters are good inside and how the nicest ones like Dumbledore are bad from inside. This attitude changed my perspective on people. This series gave me hope. They give me the lesson of hope and how there is a light at the tunnel’s end. This light is the reason for my strengthen, like how to conform to hope in the most critical situation. These are some of the crucial things that I learned from this series.

While there were many movies in the books, nothing beats the very essence and uniqueness of the books. Any media cannot replace the specifics and inclusiveness of books. So, the Goblet of fire will remain my favourite book.


A reflective essay is the exploration of a topic using thoughts and personal experience. Using the topic in question as a stepping stone, a writer can reflect on world events, personal history, emotional experience, or some objective fact.

Writing a GRE essay is your opportunity to reveal and talk about your vision on a topic. Reflective essays are used as a self-assessment procedure, as they allow you to address your experiences and what you have learned. You may be asked to write a reflective essay after taking a course, completing a project, or participating in some experience. The reflective essay is made up of your personal views on the topic and explains your position.

The goal of this essay is to convey your own beliefs, attitudes, and observations successfully. In some reflective essays, you will be asked to support your conclusions by citing materials such as books, magazines, articles, and other resources. A thoughtful essay should reflect your thoughts on the topic, not those of others.

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