The best essay rewriter: free tools or writing services?

Writing academic papers requires you to maintain high-quality content and writing. The high-quality content is the one responsible for the reading of the materials by the audience. You need to have the best-rewriting skills as writing the materials from scratch may become a hectic task. You sometimes just required rewriting the content to twist to the needs of the audience. However, we have essay rewriters services that will do excellent work for you.

There are plenty of essay rewriter tools on the internet that will help you with your tasks. You can choose the essay rewriter free or premium ones. In this article, we are going to discuss the best essay rewriter for your essay.

How do you rewrite an essay?

You need to write down drafts first before the final piece. Work on the draft thoroughly over and over again using more persuasive words and phrases that communicate the same messages. Sometimes the quality of the content may be low, and the only option you have is to rewrite the whole paper to make it stronger with high conditions.

Most people only care about the grammar and not the overall meaning, and what is written is essential and should have an obvious meaning. The message needs to be communicated clearly and directly. If the essay you have written does not make any sense or does not convey the original message, rewrite it using other words to ensure it is appropriate for the target audiences.

Tips for rewriting paper

  • Organize a specific structure. You need to have an outline in your mind of how you want the paper to look like. List the essential parts of the essay and provide more details for each section. Have points that will start each body paragraph.
  • Look thoroughly in the paper you have written that you intend to rewrite. Go through it thoroughly to find out the essential parts and those that are not. In areas where there are omissions, delete them and replace with the words that make sense.
  • Give a different point of view of the paper.. You have to discuss the paper taking different angles and ensure that whatever you are rewriting can raise a heated discussion hence ensure that some aspects of controversy are added in it.
  • Show that you are creative.. Ensure you develop a unique writing style that will show creative you are.

Writing services vs. Free tools

Writing services are the bests compared to free tools. In writing services, you contact a person whom you give instructions to deliver the work according to your needs while a free tool relies on bots to rewrite the job and may provide content that does not make sense.

Writing services will provide work that is free of plagiarism since an individual rewrite the article while the free tools have traces of plagiarism detected in them.

Writing services provide articles that grab the attention of the readers and unique while free tools provide articles that do not have even a precise meaning.

In writing services, additional information from the professional personnel while free tools just rewrite the original content without adding any relevant information in it.

The best writing/rewriting services

Their exists services that will help you rewrite your essay, they include:

99 papers

99papers is one of the best websites that will produce an excellent research paper for you. It is a legit incredible company offering exceptional services. The prices are fair and balanced, thus being pocket friendly for most of the students. A research paper is usually longer; hence these services will hugely favor students. Looking for a better place to get a good research paper that will ensure you get excellent grades? 99 papers are the best place to be. There is a discount that is very juicy for first-time customers after making an order. A student can rewrite their article as it provides a platform for that.

The length, deadline, academic level, expertise of the writer are the factors that determine the price of your essay. Clients can choose the type of writers they want, ranging from standard, experienced, and top writers.

Price policy

99papers offers affordable services to clients, and it is the service that you can trust with your rewriting work. The pocket-friendly prices are for the high-quality content that you will get in result. However, many factors are put in place before deciding the amount such as deadline, length and many more. They offer a 15% discount and an offer to their lifetime customers of 15%. 99papers is the company that provides the cheapest price per page of $7.65.


Most of the students need their essays to be delivered on time. 99papers is the place to be that will ensure you receive your essay on time. The professional writers in the company know what it takes to beat the deadlines. It means no matter the duration of the essay; it will be done at a speedy time.

You can request an essay even one hour before the delivery time, and it will be done and delivered on time.


Few companies offer guarantees such as privacy. It gives the students the full rights of the documents once delivered, and they own them fully. The privacy of students is highly protected, and no one can access your data.

Order process

There have been numerous cases of students who have been confused and could not make. It offers one of the most confusing processes of making an order. It has, however, improved as all you need is to access the website and create an account. After creating an account, navigate through the website, and you will see a place an order button, and you place your order.


It is among the most reliable essay writing providers. They have been in the industry for more than eight years providing essay writing services. They have qualified experts as most of their writers have masters and PHDs, making them proficient for your work.

Their writers are qualified in every field and can cover all types of essays. The proficient writers will follow the right guidelines and requirements to write the best work for you. 1essay has a calculator on its website to enable you to calculate your price before making an order.

The amount of money you pay will depend on which services you are provided with. Your work will be delivered on time. The process of ordering from the services is straightforward since it involves filling an easily understandable form.



Grademiners is one of the best writing services offering rewriting services. You will get your paper on time and done incredibly well.

Appearances and features

It has a website that has all e information you may want to know on it. The website also helps you learn what the company is all about and reviews of customers about the company. The website itself is very appealing and very easy to use. There are no many graphical elements displayed that are complex to understand.

All the relevant icons are well labeled, and the page is faster and loads very quickly. The website offers smooth navigation when using it with a colour scheme of black and yellow appealing to most clients. However, there exist some graphical elements that can distract the users.


Grademiners have the stuff of approximately 1200 skilled writers that are very proficient in English that is one of the factors that will ensure that you work on the Grademiners. Going through the websites, you will see the reviews of different writers and have to choose the one that will work on your order.

Services provided

They offer a broader range of essay writing services. They work on both academic and non-academic papers; however, the majority of their clients are college students who require their essays to be written or rewritten. Grademiners has its blog, and the writers provide sample papers to ensure you get satisfied before you chose to work with them.


Free/low cost rewriting tools

  • Assignments and services offered by EssayBot

EssayBot’s main aim is to help you write the paper by giving proper guidelines on how you should go about it. It does not write the essay for you. It uses an AI bot; thus, you must be involved in the creation of your paper. EssayBot and EssayTyper will paraphrase and edit the sources for you if you choose a source. It will make your work plagiarism-free.

EssayBot will tell you how to begin sentences or paragraphs and the structure of how your paper will be.

  • Quality of writer and editors

There are no writers or editors in the EssayBot since it uses a bot. There is no one involved in proofreading, editing, and writing. However, it has unique plagiarism checking abilities, and your paper will be scanned thoroughly and also grammar. Some of the reviews stated that some of the customers were not satisfied with the services they received.

EssayBot will remove all the mistakes in your essay.

  • The appearance of the website

It has a straightforward website that has enabled easy navigation by the user. It is amicable to use, although there is no one involved. You are interacting with bots. You cannot interact with the customer care since there is no option for that. It is easy to use the website since all you have to do is put the instructions and let your paper be generated.

  • Process of ordering a paper

Type the title of your content to enable the bot to find it. There are some types of content on the right side. Click the rephrase and add button, and your paper will be rephrased and added to the essay by the bots. You should also participate in the writing by adding some information that you want to add to the paper.

The ordering process here is straightforward

  • Pricing

After creating the paper, you are asked to subscribe. The subscription is not free. It is very cheap as you only pay $ 2.95 for a week, a monthly $ 9.95, and yearly $ 59.40. These services are affordable compared to other services. EssayTyper is free service

  • Paper quality

EssayBot will give you a plagiarism-free paper. You also participate in the writing of the article. However, it will rephrase your essay which will lead to very hard readability of your text.


There are some good rewriting services like 99Papers or 1Essay, where students can get the best rewriting paper for 3-6 hours and some free/low cost tools like EssayTyper or EssayBot, where you can get your rewritings with middle quality for short time.

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