How to write a powerful gun control essay?

One of the most controversial argumentative essays is the gun control policy-related topics. The subject has been discussed so much that everyone has something to say about it: from researchers in the social sciences to celebrities.

Even though there is a general agreement that mass shootings should be prevented, addressing this problem using gun control is a controversial approach that people see from a different perspective in society. Some people take the approach of gun control, speaking in favor of stricter regulation of the possession of a single weapon or even a ban on it, some insist on anti-gun control and say that weapons should be made available to all in order to be protected from criminals, others are somewhere in between these two extremes. Therefore, given the reality of the problem, it is often logical that students are usually given tasks to write essays on gun control, to research this urgent question, and to share their views on it.

Below we will be discussing some important tips that can help you write a gun control essay with ease. However, before considering the tips, there is a need for us to have a prior understanding of Gun Control, which will lead us to the first question.

What is Gun Control?

The well-known gun control essay identifies facts on gun control, gun control debates, and also involves statistics on gun control. Therefore, what is gun control? Gun control is defined as regulations/laws governing the use of weapons. This includes possession, background scrutiny, modification, transfer, classification, use, possession, and any issues related to publicly or privately owned weapons.

Many countries in the world have strict policies that govern the use of guns. Therefore, citizens have limited possession, transport, and use of weapons in such countries.

Some countries, like the United States, have approved gun control policies. In that sense, citizens can have and use weapons. The regulation goes back to the colonial era. In addition, it put the country at the heart of the debate on arms control, given the increasing frequency of mass shootings.

Ownership of guns in the United States is protected by the Second Amendment in the United States Constitution. Thus, the hallmark of the debate on gun control has never been a violation of human rights, but a second amendment.

There are reasons for those who oppose weapons control and arms control policies. For example, supporters of gun control contend that the constitutional right does not limit the proper use of weapons and that restrictions on the protection of life may be imposed in the future.

Types of gun control essay

  • Descriptive essay on gun control: A descriptive has more focus on the physical description of the topic in question. The appearance, how it sounds, smell, and other characteristics associated with the widespread of guns or their absence, and so on.
  • Definition gun control essay: This is basically an explanation of gun control or a more advanced version of the definition in the dictionary, I.e., the literal meaning of gun control.
  • Comparison and Contrast: For comparison and contrast, just list the differences (and probably similarities) between and against gun control approaches, or between people who take these types of approaches. You may be asked to compare the similarities and differences between the two Gun control policies. In the end, find an essay that compares gun laws, compares firearm homicide statistics in two states or one country, compares the implementation of gun control regulations by politicians, and from there, you wait to complete it and find the connection between the problems.
  • Cause and effect gun control essay: This type of essay will consider the effect of gun control and find out the causal factor.
  • Narrative essay on gun control: The narrative essay will talk about the experience of the writer or someone else with gun control.
  • Process gun control essay: This is mostly about solving certain issues related to gun control. In such a case like this, it could be how gun violence can be minimized through gun control regulations.
  • Argumentative gun control essay: In the argumentative essay on gun control, you must give your opinion by supporting facts and arguments. The arguments, when presented, must be counterproductive, specifying the other side of the debate. You can make use of models such as Toulmin, Rogerian and classical argumentation.
  • Critical essay on gun control: As the name implies, it is the critics of the gun control policy. The essay requires that you talk about the strengths and weaknesses of an approach the gun control regulations.
  • Persuasive gun control essay: A persuasive essay is very similar to an argumentative essay, and there is always confusion between persuasive and argumentative essays. However, in the persuasive, you have to present your argument and convince the reader – usually with an antagonistic opinion on the subject – that your perspective is correct. In this essay type, you intend to convince readers to take your point of view. It is expected that you discuss facts to support or against gun control policies; for example, you might also open their eyes to the limitation of adopting your opinion in the debate. A persuasive essay on gun control must be articulated, well-grounded, and well written to get the best grades. When writing a compelling essay on gun control, use ethos and pathos to persuade your audience.
  • Expository gun control essay: For an expository essay, your main task is to study the facts and present results on a chosen topic. For example, your focus could be on the influence of government in gun control. You can also reveal the truth that lobbying has a negative impact on gun control laws.
  • Annotated Bibliography: Sometimes, your professor will ask you to write an annotated bibliography on gun control after you have examined the academic literature. All bibliography information must be printed and embedded in your annotated bibliography depending on the format, whether APA, MLA, Chicago, or Harvard. Your brief description and critical analysis of the source should be approximately 150 to 200 words in total.

Steps to writing a powerful gun control essay

Writing an essay on gun control can be trivial, especially if you have never done anything like that before. However, there are a few tips that could streamline the process and help you fetch good grades. Here’s a list of things to do and things not to do when writing an arms control essay:

Select a good gun control topic

In order to choose a topic for your essay, it is always advisable to have the prompt analysis right from the class. In an essay or research paper, there is always an outline of what should be expected in the essay. You can decide to make the topic direct or indirect. Always choose a topic that inspires your judgment, so it should be a topic that interests you. All you have to do is start searching for the article according to the essay prompt. That way, you are sure to write satisfactorily. It would be best that you choose a topic that is widely discussed in the news or popularly talked about. For example, when there is a gun control problem in a state or country, you are more likely to get the facts quickly. You can also explore the concepts you have in your life or at the movies.

Search for Academic Sources

After finding an excellent essay topic essay on gun control, the next step is gathering information from online academic sources. For gun control essays, you can use trusted news channels, publications from the government, periodicals, legal notes, and peer-reviewed journals. However, you might need to take note of the things listed below while researching for your essay:

  1. News articles should not be your only source of credible information: Some news sources may tamper with data to disseminate some ideas that might not be completely true. Likewise, you should not rely on the statements of politicians, as they may be biased.
  2. Search for academic articles and official reports relating to the topic: These types of resources are usually made up of raw data, which is more reliable than interpretations from other people.
  3. Conduct research on a sample of gun control essay before you start writing: This will help you have an understanding of the full scope of the problem and the different perspectives on it. A good example of a gun control essay can give you new ideas on content, argument, titles, and structure.

Choose a side

According to the research and evidence, you can choose the side you like best. It must be something you can defend using concrete facts from academic resources. You have to choose a part after examining both sides of the argument. Make sure you can make a strong argument on your desired side.

Don’t take a side unless you have done a lot of research. Even though you might have a particular opinion on the basis of your political beliefs or the influence of others, this may prevent you from providing an unbiased view of your essay. So, make sure you read as much as you can about this topic before writing your essay on gun control.

Consider gun control in a global context.

In order to promote gun safety, many countries and states have different laws in place. Comparing different results between two or more areas with different laws on gun control will give you more to write about in the essay.

Do not overlook gun control-related issues

Gun violence is one of the clearest topics you can cover in your article. However, expand your scope to other issues such as terrorism, police brutality, illegal arms trafficking, and more. A review of the impact of gun control on other issues will give your essay a deeper depth and may shed new light on the subject.

Create a Thesis Statement

Once you have chosen a side to defend, you can move on to creating a thesis statement for the essay. The thesis statement should be one or two of the last lines in the introduction that reveal the essence of your essay.

Create an outline

The structure of the essay is dependent on the outline. This will allow you to determine the topic of the sentence, the supporting facts, and the final sentences while creating an outline for the essay body; it should speculate the thesis statement of the gun control essay.

Be mindful of the structure: The article’s logical organization and flow are as important as the content. To help with this section, create an outline of a gun control essay containing its main points. These points should include the sentences in the topic, followed by explanations or related examples.
Ensure you have the attention of the reader from the start: Essays on controversial topics, such as gun legislation issues, tend to look familiar with each other. Put yourself in your tutor’s shoes and think about the feeling of going through ten or more papers with the same ideas and arguments? To attract more attention and motivate the reader to read further, you need to make sure you have a hook in the first sentence. A good essay for gun control can be a good rhetorical question or a controversial statement from a politician.

The closure

Keep in mind that your essay needs to have proper closure, so you do not make your effort from the beginning futile. The final section of the article should provide a summary of all topics covered, as well as your conclusions, according to the research. Remember that this section of the essay should not contain any information that has not been mentioned before. Instead, redefine the thesis and the key points and show how that information influenced your interpretation of the gun control problem.


The tips above have been prepared to inspire and give you an insight into writing a compelling gun control essay. You can go through them over and over again because the more you can comprehend them, the easier writing a great essay becomes.

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