Free essay checkers and correctors reviews

Content is everywhere. Whether it’s an online business or a blog, in video or Word form, compelling content is what keeps them going. To create compelling content, the writer must focus on quality. While it should be original content with significant subject matter, it should also be error-free.
Writing error-free content is not humanly possible, and therefore many users prefer to use the built-in spell checker. However, these built-in tools are as useful as possible. These tools can only detect a few errors, ignoring the main concerns. That’s when advanced grammar checker tools, such as automated proofing software, come in handy.

If you are looking for some perfect free essay checkers and correctors for your writing software to increase your productivity, you have come to the right place.

In this article, we will list the best free essay checkers and correctors that you can use to write faster and better organize your notes and ideas.
These software programs ensure clean and compelling content in the shortest possible time. So, here is a review of the best free essay, checkers and correctors.


The level of proofreading offered goes beyond grammar and spelling. The software also highlights the style, tone, and also provides suggestions for the correct words. It is a perfect tool for eliminating errors and the proper structure of the sentences.

From grammar, spelling, vocabulary, or punctuation to conciseness and formality, it covers everything. Best of all, Grammarly can be added to Chrome for free, for instant correction. 99Papers is also available as an extension in Edge on Windows 10.

Price: Low


Ginger grammar checker

Another leading automatic text correction software helps users write better in English while correcting texts efficiently. It can be used for grammar and spelling errors and misused words, which does so with unbeatable perfection. The software refines the content in the same way that someone would do it manually.

From syntax errors to punctuation errors, Ginger Grammar Checker guarantees error-free English writing. Corrects a wide range of grammar mistakes. Unlike the usual free grammar checking tools, Ginger offers suggestions for correcting errors.

Whether the errors are related to the singular or plural, or there are errors in the tenses, the software uses innovative technology to correctly identify and correct it. It offers one of the easiest and fastest ways to check for grammar errors.

Price: Free trial available.


Nuance is a perfect choice for those who work with PDFs daily (especially for business users). It helps companies regulate their PDF processes in every department and for any use. It allows them to create, convert, and compile industrial-level PDF documents with a high level of perfection and cloud and DMS connectivity. It also comes equipped with many useful functions that help users edit, search, and share PDF files safely.

It also works as an automated grammar checking software, proofreading and correcting scanned PDF files’ content after switching to searchable PDF. Users can also view and rectify OCR results that other PDF software programs cannot view or edit. The software enables users to convert paper content to PDF more accurately. It produces high-quality, more professional-looking documents without errors.

Language Tool

Language Tool is a free multilingual grammar checker that detects errors in an essay that a spell checker does not. 


  • Grammar correction in more than 20 languages ​​(German, Japanese, French),
  • Correction of typographical errors,
  • Examples of grammar rules,
  • Yellow underlined for typographical errors,
  • Underlined in red for grammatical errors,
  • Possibility of downloading the application on your computer,
  • Possibility of downloading the application as a module for the browser,
  • Checker integration in LibreOffice.

Language Tool is a much more comprehensive checker than basic spell checkers: the site also fixes for gender match or wrong conjugations in essays.

The advantages:

  • The many languages ​​available,
  • The possibility of downloading the corrector for free,
  • The possibility of integrating the proofreader in your essay,
  • The discussion forum.

The downside:

  • The checker is still in development

Spell Check Plus

Spell Check Plus is a totally free grammar and spelling checker to improve the English level of your essay. Created in 2001, the site has three versions: Spell Check for English.

In addition to its proofreader, the site offers the “Spell Check Plus Xpress” that takes on the challenge of teaching you English in just 40 hours!


  • Grammar and spelling checker,
  • Vocabulary enrichment,
  • Lexical fields,
  • Verification of the final text,
  • Printing of the final text,
  • Inserting special characters,
  • Automatic English word search,
  • Possibility of sharing on social networks,
  • Option of «Text to modify»,
  • “Text to check” option,
  • Alternative vocabulary,
  • Grammar note

The grade awarded by the site works on a very simple principle: for each sequence of 100 words, the proofreader removes 4% for fault. Therefore, the level of the language is quite demanding, which allows better preparation before a real English exam.

The advantages:

  • The wealth of vocabulary proposed by the proofreader,
  • The ranking by order of relevance of the proposed words,
  • The complementary exercises to improve your grammar,
  • The word count.

The downsides:

  • The text box is too small,
  • There is no dictionary of words,
  • There is no differentiation between English in the United Kingdom and English in the United States.


It comes with a fully integrated and advanced set of English writing tools. Helps identify various errors that have been missed in previous searches. The software is easy to use and comes with a redesigned design and proven improved efficiency levels. It has been redesigned from the ground up to improve performance and provide more detail on individual errors.
The best part is that the packages for this software come packed with many features and content updates. It offers superior quality proofreading, correcting the smallest errors, including spelling, word choice, and style errors. The software is known for its grammatical power and its advantages, thanks to its innovative technology.

The products offered by the brand are based on NLP (Natural Language Processing) technology. It has artificial intelligence and exclusive and patented algorithms for the evaluation of the content. The products are available as browser-based text editors and specialized OEM versions developed for integration with third-party service providers.


For those looking for robust automated proofreading software, GrammarBase is the solution. The website offers an advanced option such as manual review by experts to polish the content by eliminating any errors. The best part is that they can deliver results in 3 hours. Also, this software’s services are much more reasonably priced than any other similar software on the market.

GrammarBase is also available as a Chrome extension, where it automatically checks the spelling and style of grammar in the browser. Strengthen the writer’s English writing skills while on the web creating content. This writing app is available in the browser for free as a web extension and corrects all errors related to grammar, spelling, and text content style. Best use is while writing emails, business letters, post comments, status updates, and tweets.

Price: Free for a basic check.

Review and correction of academic texts

In general, a doctoral thesis, dissertation, degree project, or master’s thesis is a project that we must face one or, at least, not many times in life (fortunately, some will add).

Other authors face a written product that is not so extensive or punctual, but something shorter and more frequent. We refer, for example, to articles intended for publication in specialized magazines.

As it may, we understand as academic text all that can be classified as a thesis, thesis, essay, degree work, master’s work, specialized article, or similar, including textbooks.

Considering the above, it seems unnecessary to emphasize the importance of impeccable orthography and style in this type of text.

1Essay – is the best essay writing service and offers you experience in revision and modification of thesis, degree and master’s work and other academic texts in:

  • Orthotypography
  • Style
  • Editing rules
  • Bibliographic references


The spelling and grammar rules are the same when writing a blog, a letter, an article, a doctoral thesis, or a final degree or master’s project. The same applies to typographic standards. Another thing is that they are not fulfilled.
In this way, 1Essay limits itself (which is not little) to applying these (updated) rules and the recommendations of the RAE.

The appropriate writing style has to do with everything not directly related to orthography. However, it affects the quality of the text in the same way.
It is also logical to understand that the style used in writing our thesis or degree work is the same as the one we would use in a blog, a novel, a website whose purpose is to sell Records.

Some keys in the revision and correction of the style of academic texts (among many others) are the following:

  • The clarity in the exposition of ideas should prevail at all times when an academic text it is.
  • The rhetoric should be avoided as far as possible.

It is highly recommended not to use the first person singular (“My work aims to demonstrate …”), but rather the plural (“Our work aims to demonstrate …”) or, much better, a neutral style (“This work aims to demonstrate …” ).

It is essential to clarify that, concerning the correction of style, we are no longer moving in the field of rules, but that of suggestions.

By editorial or editing standards, we refer to the form of presentation of a document, whether on paper or digital format. The editing rules refer to margins, font type, and body, line spacing, indentation, use of bold and italics, etc., but not specifically to the bibliographic citation rules.

After reviewing/correcting spelling and style, we also review and apply the relevant editorial standards in each case. The publisher or magazine typically establishes these standards. For example, they are contained in a style manual in the case of articles or monographs.

In the case of academic works such as thesis or degree works, they will generally be provided by your study center.

Achieve academic success with Scribbr services

Academic revision and correction is a discipline unto itself. A strong academic text written in the right language and style has to meet a set of rules.

Using the right words and tenses is essential for your reader to understand the ideas you want to express. That is the reason why you should make sure that your final degree project or your final master project follows the guidelines of academic writing.

Luckily, Scribbr and our team of language experts are here to make sure your texts are well written and meet all academic requirements.
Scribbr editors are experts in academic texts and are ready to review and edit all your college work, including the following:

  1. Academic Review and Editing
  2. Scribbr Review and Editing Services

Scribbr offers you professional proofreading and editing services to help you deliver a perfect academic text. The process is very easy to follow and our services are confidential.

Your editor will improve your document by following the Scribbr Improvement Model This will ensure that your college work meets the academic style requirements .

They only work with professional academic editors:

  1. Native speakers
  2. They have a university degree
  3. Experts in academic writing
  4. With knowledge in various fields of study
  5. They have successfully completed the Scribbr Academy
  6. What will your editor do for you?

Your editor will correct spelling and grammar errors in your work using Word’s change control, your Scribbr editor will also create a personalized letter for you with advice and constructive criticism to help you correct your most common mistakes.

Direct improvements:

  • Orthography
  • Grammar
  • Sentence structures
  • Punctuation
  • Academic style
  • Consistency of the text

Comments in your text

  • They help you improve your text by:
  • Questions
  • Suggestions
  • Comments
  • Tips
  • Letter of improvements

You will receive a letter with constructive and personalized criticism from your editor about the mistakes you make frequently. In this way we will help you become a better writer and you can easily start your essay with a quote.


Creating error-free text content is no longer a challenge, especially with these apps. So, get one of these super effective automated proofreading software programs today and improve your English writing skills.

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