5 steps to write an argumentative essays like an expert

It needs you to choose a topic and take a position on them. Do extensive research on the viewpoint you have credible land selected facts. Also, the information should be reliable. The topic of choice usually becomes a hard thing to choose from many people. The writer tends to convince the readers to support the issue or the position h has taken. In this article, we are going to discuss the five steps that will make you write an argumentative essay like an expert.

What is an argumentative essay?

It is a type of writing which requires the writer to take a stance on a particular issue. An excellent argumentative essay involves the author trying to make the readers understand and try to support their point of view of the topic by showcasing their reasoning and providing their shreds of evidence that backs up the claims.

It is a prevalent thing in high school and college educations for students. They are mostly related to science and technology.

Ways of outlining an argumentative essay

This essay type needs to have a structure to make them accessible for the readers to read and follow. Its primary purpose is outlining the point of view, reasoning, and pieces of evidence. It should have the following parts:

  • Introduction paragraphs. It should give an overview of the topic and the background information required to understand the argument, provide the pieces of evidence you will present, and states the thesis.
  • Thesis statement. It should be brief and summarizes the main points and claims. It is usually a concise one-sentence summary of the main point and claim.
  • Body. It comprises of 3 or more paragraphs. The paragraphs show why you support the thesis statement. Every paragraph should have its idea and a topic sentence that briefly shows why readers should choose your argument point. A topic sentence at the beginning of each paragraph is concise and clear; it tells the readers why they should agree with the side you have taken. You need to back up the body’s claims by providing examples, facts, statistics, texts, and in-text citations for your work. You also need to cover the points of view that are opposing and disapprove of them or give reasons behind why you disagree with them. Give the facts and pieces of evidence to back up your argument makes the work look credible.
  • Conclusion. It is a paragraph that provides a summary of the arguments in the body. It appeals to the emotions of the readers. It may also be personal. However, you need not to introduce any new facts or any arguments a satisfactory conclusion will appeal to the emotions of the readers. There are some cases where the writers use personal anecdotes, giving reasons why the topic affects them.

Types of argumentative claim

After deciding the things you will be going to argue on and know the thesis statement, you should put into consideration how the argument will produced. Their exists five types of argument claims that will drive your essay. They include:

  1. fact- the credibility of the statement;
  2. definition- what your argument is all about. How you passionately interpret it;
  3. value- how your point is key;
  4. Cause and effect- causes of the problems and its efficient;
  5. policy- the aftermath of the argument, why the need to and the things they need to after reading it.

Types of arguments

There exist three types of arguments that can be used in the structuring of the argumentative essay. You can choose either one or combine both in writing the argumentative essay.

  • Classical. It gives the primary argument, provides your opinion, and works hard to convince readers to choose your stance. It is simple to follow hence making it the most popular strategy. It does not provide a strong opinion on the topic, making it useful to readers. It is also called the Aristotelian.
  • Rogerian. It provides the problem, puts in mind the opposing side of the argument, explains your point of view, and describes why you will benefit the audience. It helps in polarizing topics as it gives each party an acknowledgment.
  • Toumlin. Give the claim, provide evidence to back up the point, justify hose grounds, and link it to the end. It also polarizes topics but gives one side only that will make the point to argue with.

The most important thing in writing an argumentative essay is knowing how to structure it. The structure is the most important thing

What makes a good topic for your argumentative essay?

Debatable. The main aim of the argumentative essay is debating. You are not just required to give broad information about a specific topic but also motivate readers to continue the discussion. Your topic should broaden the minds of readers and allow them to view the points more quickly.
These help the audience with arguments and center arguments to enable them to see the issue from another perspective. The essay should leave each parties satisfied, so you need to strive very much to ensure that whatever you are discussing is debated well and clear outcome of the subject is understandable.

Tips for choosing the best argumentative essays

Choose a topic that intrigues you and can provide all the essential data on them. You will need to provide evidence of the topic. A topic which you are very passionate about or one that excites you will help you in the writing of an argumentative essay. Writing something which you are passionate about makes work very easy. The following are resources you will use in drafting your essay:

  1. Books;
  2. Published materials and academic research;
  3. Credible information on the internet about the types;
  4. Video materials;
  5. Legislative acts.

Select a topic you are familiar with and can discuss it:

  1. Avoid challenging issues that you cannot debate them easily;
  2. Have the audience in mind;
  3. Look for enough evidence and facts to give support to your arguments on the subject;
  4. Avoid topics that are emotionally charged;
  5. Take some risks;
  6. Brainstorm through the statement.

Writing the Thesis Statement of the argumentative essay

A thesis statement is the most crucial thing in an argumentative essay. It summarizes all the details in the argumentative essay and should be only one sentence. It gives the audience what they should expect in the article.

The following are the steps of writing it:

  • Make the topic a question and answer it later. Use a huge question in the first sentences of the essay. Use the thesis statement to answer that particular question. For example, in the introduction part, you can ask a question, what is the best football player in the world? In your thesis statement, you will answer the following questions: the best football player in the world is Lionel Messi. The question brings excitement to the readers and gets the attention that will keep them reading the essay.
  • Explain the argument and then refute it. Bring out a point that differs from your belief and immediately explain your reasons for disagreeing with it. For example, while many believe Lionel Messi is the best player globally, many players can also be termed the best in the world. There is a provision of evidence and illustrates if you are credible.
  • Outline your points shortly. Provide the main points of your arguments and demonstrate ways in which you will back it. It is an excellent idea since it makes the readers grasp a clear view of all the things discussed in the paper. It also helps the readers stay on track. Ensure you apply the above things in creating a very good thesis statement that will be showcasing everything that is going to be discussed.

Five Steps in writing an argumentative essay

The following are steps that can enable you to write an excellent argumentative essay:

Do research and select your side

If you have already chosen the side of the argument for the essay, then it will be a very great thing, if you have not, then you need to do some in-depth research. When researching, you will develop your ideas and thoughts about the subject. It is recommended to choose the side that is very easy to discuss if you are not sure.

Try arguing something you do not believe personally if you are up to the challenge. However, you need to put in mind that not all the issues have two sides.

Create an outline

An outline is a very crucial thing in any type of writing. No matter how smart you are, you need to try and create one in this type of essay. This type of essay requires you to be logical, consistent, and the argument needs to be presented consequentially and in a cohesive manner.

The introduction

The introduction is where you grab the attention of the reader. Create an excellent hook in this place. Give reasons why you are passionate about the topic you are discussing. Assess the implications and what is at stake in the introduction. Explain the other side point of view and what is detected on. The introduction should be concluded by writing down the thesis statement.

The body

This is where all the argumentative elements are contained that backs up your thesis statement. In the outline, you need to have assigned each paragraph their independent point supporting the thesis statement. Arrange them from the least to the most crucial point with at least one counterargument integrated into between.

The order and the structure of the essay are just up to you because the decisions are made from the case to case basis, and after researching the topic, you need to know how to get the best of it. Use the transition words when it comes to the paragraph structure to make them flow. The paragraph should start with the topic statement, which is essentially the point that the paragraph is trying to make.

Write the argumentation that supports the point and uses facts or statistical figures that act as evidence of the point. In the essay, you need to add at least one argument against your position. Select the counterarguments that are serious and very important. Do not show that you are not trying very much and that the position you are holding is very weak.

The conclusion

The conclusion should follow up the body if it has been well reasoned and structured incredibly. Repeat why the matter you are discussing is crucial in general and to you personally. Even if you have written it at the start, write it here but not using the same words but very different ones. State the position you had chosen and put it into the opposition of your counterargument. Use words such as’ takes place because.’ Makes sure the wording is strong and can be memorized easily

The best Argumentative essay topics for 2020

Most of the argumentative essays are controversial. Controversies bring out points and opinions that will develop an excellent argumentative essay. The following are the best argumentative essay in 2020:

  1. Do humans cause climate change?
  2. Effectiveness of the death penalty
  3. Why is torture acceptable?
  4. Is the paternity leave given to men from work justified?
  5. Is it essential to wear school uniforms?
  6. Is curfew necessary in curbing the rise of early pregnancies?
  7. Is cheating necessary?
  8. Is, is it right to depend on computers?
  9. Why should wild animals use for research?
  10. Why are phones dangerous?
  11. Should marijuana be legalized?
  12. Is the payment made to CEOs much?
  13. Is it necessary to make English the official language of the world?
  14. Effects of religion on war
  15. Who should provide healthcare?
  16. Is it necessary to go to university?


An argumentative essay is a type of essay that helps students come up with their side of view about a specific topic. This article has extensively covered the tips of writing an excellent argumentative essay, selecting the topic, and the best topics of this year.

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