How to write a great SpongeBob Square Pants essay?

SpongeBob is one of the favorite cartoons among many children and some adults. Is your favorite cartoon? You may decide to write an essay about your thoughts on the popular cartoon. It may be as easy as ABC since you have been watching it for a long time, but it is not. It is because of a deeply hidden sense found in the cartoon that needs to be revealed in the essay.

Check below on tips for writing an excellent essay that will give you a good grade in this article.

How to select an outstanding topic?

Several things should be put into consideration before writing a SpongeBob essay. You need to have a clue about which type of essay you are writing on. It will enable you to get an idea of the direction you need to follow while writing the essay. There are several types, such as persuasive, creative, narrative, argumentative, informal, and many more.

All these various types of essays have their rules in writing them. If you are selecting an argumentative kind of essay, you need to choose a controversial topic. In contrast, if you choose a comparative essay topic introducing two things compared to each other.


After selecting the topic, the next thing you need to do is to brainstorm. Think about all the things you require on the subject that is SpongeBob, such as the exciting personalities of SpongeBob, philosophy, and the themes of the cartoon. The main aim of brainstorming is to bring an idea. Make sure you are very refreshed and relaxed while brainstorming to produce unique and creative ideas.

All the things coming in your mind should be noted down, however silly they are. Partition these ideas into small topics that need further assessments of the SpongeBob. After brainstorming, you will come up with the best ideas for your essay.

Tips on writing an incredible SpongeBob Square Pants essay

Do some research on the SpongeBob

If you are not familiar with SpongeBob, make sure you research to get the full knowledge of the cartoon. Watch the cartoon episodes and do some interviews with the kids who are familiar with the cartoon. Ensure the research is well organized to enable it to get referred on

Start with an exciting hook

Give the readers incredible and captivating facts such as if they agree with the greediness of the SpongeBob boss’s greed that represents the fascinating side of the capitalist system. You may start by posing a question to the readers to catch their attention.

Also, add a thesis statement at the end of the hook. A thesis statement is the main point of the essay. Ensure the thesis statement is broad enough to make you have many things about the SpongeBob to talk about. Make sure the thesis statement is very significant and will be discussed well in the essay’s body. The following are the best hooks for the essay:

  1. Question hook. Question hooks are critical. They involve asking questions relating to what you are writing about. It will make the reader reread interested in reading the whole essay to determine the issue. People are naturally curious when they see a question or hear about it. They will want to know the solutions to the question. People will strive to know the exact answers to the particular question you have asked in the introduction. If an introduction part has an exciting question hook, it will attract readers to keep reading the essay. Here is an example of the right question hook: What are the differences between SpongeBob characters and Moana characters? This question hook aims to help you find out what the characters of SpongeBob are and what the Moana ones have.
  2. Declaration hook. A declaration hook is a sentence consisting of a bold claim relating to the topic. It joins the thesis statements and gives out the need for your essay. It does not depend on whether the audience agrees or disagrees with the statement. This makes a definite statement, a proper technique to use in your introduction part of your essay. Readers will read the article to find out how you support this statement.
    Example of a declaration hook. Online marketing is cheaper and effective than in-person marketing. This declaration statement may support what you are discussing about online marketing or argue against. It will make readers glued to the essay wanting to know your actual stance.
  3. Statistic Hook. Numbers and facts provide correct information on your topic, thus hooking the reader to the essay. Facts and statistics are essential in the introduction despite the quality of work you have written. Readers can be impressed easily with your proficiency and knowledge by giving proofs in your topic’s opening. Provide accurate, exciting, and reliable figures and facts about the topic. Look for credible sources to fetch your sources. Example of a statistic hook: Approximately three-quarter of Russian children watches SpongeBob square pants.. The statement has provided statistics about how many Russians love football. The reader will continue reading the essay to find out more information on the Russians’ here quarter that love football.
  4. Simile and Metaphors. Similes and metaphors make readers engaged in the essay as it makes them figure out more information about the topic in a different way. Readers are surprised with what exactly are you meaning and how you link a topic to something that can be connected with it. A metaphor compares objects directly to another, although the things may be unrelated. Example of a metaphor: SpongeBob’s brother is a rat. The statement does not necessarily mean that his brother is a rat but has behaviors that resemble a rat. A simile is also like a metaphor since it compares two unrelated objects. However, an analogy uses words ‘like’ and ‘as’ to connect the separate objects. A metaphor is substantial in comparison compared to a simile. Example of a simile:Doing an exam is like running a marathon at 100 degrees Celsius.
  5. Story hook. It involves starting your essay with a short story relating to the topic. Most readers love a well-written, memorable story. Ensure the story connects to the headline you are writing about directly. You can choose your own story or another person’s story. The story hook can be longer but should not take a large chunk of the essay. Put your audience into consideration also. Ask yourself if it will be acceptable. Ask qualified people such as professors to get their view if it will be appropriate to put a story hook if you are not sure about it.
  6. Description hook. It is a hook that involves an in-depth description of the scene to draw the reader’s attention. A good description will enable the reader to know what will happen next. In writing, the narrative essay is the standard form of writings using this method but can be used in all types of essay writings. However, like a story hook, you need to know if it will be acceptable to use it. Example of a description hook: The cat howled in pain and limped on the corridor. His left bag was cut, and blood was streaming down his legs. This statement will make you want to find out what will eventually happen to the cat.
  7. Quotation hook. It is a hook that involves beginning your essay with quotation marks. The quotes can be from a very famous or popular person, but it is not essential. Anyone can be quoted if they are connected to the topic you are writing about. If you are writing about the technology you could start with: Bill Gates said, “Technology is the best thing, and we should embrace it.” Make sure you use the correct words while quoting someone. Quotation hooks should be used in instances where words are powerful, memorable, and striking.

Provide background and context of your topic

After writing an excellent hook, make sure to outline the context, which will help the reader understand your argument. It involves giving background information on SpongeBob, explaining complicated terms, and describing all the essential academic essays related to the topic.

The background information should be very brief so ensure to not go into in-depth details.

Provide a map of the essay

Give an overview of the structure of the essay in the introduction bit. It should enable the readers to know what each section entails.

Create an outline

Note what you are going to write down, how many episodes are you going to talk about, the characters, exclusive scenes, and many more. An outline will help you organize your thoughts well. It is just a skeletal of the final paper.

In the outline, you will determine how long the essay should be. Know how many paragraphs will go under the body of the essay. Create a paragraph structure next. To make your essay readable, you need to arrange it in clear paragraphs and headings. Each paragraph should argue. The paragraph should introduce the topic sentence.

Make sure the paragraphs have a great flow of information connected with transition words. Back up all your information about SpongeBob after the topic sentences. Explain the pieces of evidence well and show how the paragraphs have explained the argument.

Write the SpongeBob essay

After creating an outline, you need now to start writing on the SpongeBob essay. Follow the guidelines in the draft to write a clear theme. Go through it to make sure it is the way you want it to be. Do not forget the following things.

Conclude your SpongeBob essay

Write a conclusion about the SpongeBob essay. Make sure the conclusion finishes off a memorable or summarizes all the things you have discussed the SpongeBob essay. A conclusion should be able to:

  • Draw the connection in the body
  • The results of your arguments
  • Emphasize the importance of the thesis statement of the topic
  • Results and significance of the SpongeBob essay.
  • The conclusion should have the following fantastic things.

A conclusion starter

This is a sentence involving the thesis of your statement. If you are having problems starting to write your conclusion, rewrite your thesis statement.

Summary of the main parts of the essay

Have 2 or 3 sentences summarizing what you discussed in the body of the paper. Explain their findings and how they can fit together.

A concluding sentence

This sentence brings the feeling of an end to the work; it also connects the readers to the essay’s introduction.


Go through the essay to make sure there are no mistakes. It is a step that everyone must do whether you are proficient in writing or knows a lot about SpongeBob. Going through the essay will help you in understanding the areas that have mistakes and correct them. Read it aloud to your younger siblings that know a lot about SpongeBob to help you identify the areas you have not covered on the topic.

Proofreading will enable you to correct all the mistakes, such as spelling, punctuation, and other grammar mistakes, to make the essay clean. Check the structure of the essay to make sure the essay has a correct structure. Make sure the most robust ideas are the first one appearing on top of the essay.

Make sure the sentences are complete and not fragmented and flow smoothly to each other. The word count you have asked to make sure you attain it.


Writing a SpongeBob essay is not an easy task. It requires a lot of knowledge of the cartoon that is popular among the children. It is not only important to see the cartoons on the television, but also it will be great if you can sit down and write about it. I am glad that you have read this article and help you draft an excellent SpongeBob essay. It may be similar to other types of essays but differs in very few areas that you need to know.

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