“Why NYU essay” writing guide with examples

The New York University is one of the most prestigious and highly competitive universities. Around 15% of candidates are shortlisted and selected from more than 85000 applications every year.

Among other criteria, to be allowed admission to NYU, there is an essay prompt that candidates have to answer. The University’s admission committee reads candidates and evaluates which candidates should be selected and which ones should be declined.

Obviously, this means that there is great competition, and essays should be written very carefully.

This is the typical NYU supplemental essay prompt that candidates have to answer:


We might want to find out about your advantage in NYU. What roused you to apply to NYU? Why have you applied or communicated interest in a specific grounds, school, school, program, and additionally zone of study? On the off chance that you have applied to mutiple, kindly likewise reveal to us why you are keen on these extra zones of study or grounds. We need to comprehend – Why NYU?

The first thing that comes to your mind is that New York University wants to know why you are interested in the campus and what motivated you to apply to the program of your interest in NYU.

Another point to note is that you cannot exceed the word limit of more than 400 words.

They further want to know that if you have applied to more than one school. If you have, then why?

At the end of the prompt, they again explain their prompt to the candidates. They want you to write why NYU?

So basically, they are two questions put in one. Why did you choose New York University, and Why did you choose the program? So, you can get help now with you from the best essay writing service.

So, how to answer this prompt:

A simple way of answering this prompt is by preparing yourself a little bit. Thinking the whole plan through. The prompt simply asks how much you have thought about your future, What you want to do in your life, and Why is New York University the best solution for you.

If you haven’t, don’t worry, then answer the following questions:

  • Question # 1: What are the benefits that you will get by admission to New York University?
  • Questions # 2: Do you like something about the University that makes you so connected to the University?
  • Question # 3: Have you studied the city and culture of the University?
  • Question # 4: Is there something about you that NYU will help in growing?

Then there are some questions that you should answer regarding your life and the program you choose for study:

  • Question # 1: What do you want to be in your life?
  • Question # 2: What is the program of your choice?
  • Question # 3: What do you love about the program?
  • Question # 4: Is there anything about the school or program that will help you achieve your ambitions.
  • Question # 5: Have you ever faced adversity? What was it like?

So, what should be the format?

There are several ways to answer the NYU supplemental essays. Every essay is different from others.

You can write your essay based on an activity or facing adversity.

Essay based on Activity

You can write your Why NYU essay based on a certain activity and your experience. Such an essay can be divided into three paragraphs.

The Experience: (starting paragraph)

You can open your topic with a story. The story that involves you and your experience. How that experience mattered so much and how it connects with your aspirations. In this paragraph, focus on metrics that enable you to think about the program and the University.

Remember, it is important to make your essay interesting. If you can’t hook your readers, you probably won’t get the admissions.

How the experience helps you today: (Second paragraph)

The second paragraph should focus on anything that connects your experience with today. Tell what you learned from that activity that improves your life in the present. Write a few lines on how these activities have nexus with choosing NYU and the program.

How do you see the future? (Third Paragraph)

The Third Paragraph should focus on how you believe learning at NYU will change your life or get you closer to your aspirations. Think of it as an achievement that you want to earn. In this paragraph, you can also write how your learning will help the future. Think of all the ways that you can improve the lives of others. Don’t forget to mention the fact that you believe will help you achieve this purpose. How will NYU be part of your life forever?.

Essay based on Adversity

Adversity is a great teacher. It can help you grow fast and forward into a successful life. But you have to know how to make lemonade from the lemons life threw at you. Admission committees love such essays; they appreciate the person who can give his maximum. So you can base your WHY NYU essay on the adversity that you faced in your life. Divide these into the following paragraphs:

How did the adversity come, and what did you do? (paragraph 1)

You can start your essay by writing on the issue. Or you can also open your topic by saying something like, what did the adversity put you in? Write a few sentences explaining the issue. Mention genuine adversity, like the death of a family member or a setback in life.

However, when you write about an adversity essay, always think about how you’ll end your topic. Because the end has to be on a positive note.

How does that adversity connect to your present? (paragraph 2)

Under the second paragraph, mention the fact of how the adversity connects your present. While mentioning these points, focus on the key question “Why NYU” and “Why the Program.”

Mention the fact that how the skills you have learned can make you a very potent member of the NYU community. You can also mention the fact that alumni or professors can be really helpful for you and your career.

What are the benefits you foresee in the future? (paragraph 3)

In the third paragraph, you can mention how your future connects with NYU and the program. How fighting back the adversity has made change your life. And how your will be changing others’ life for people like you.

“Why NYU essay” Examples for the Prompt

Example 1:

Ever since, my school teacher said, when life throws you lemons, make lemonade. I have been thinking, will I ever be able to face adversity as many do. Being born in a well-off family, I never thought that my life can change so much. I got hit by a car in an accident and got paralyzed for a few days. My doctors believed that I would recover, but I will never be the same.

I had an appointment at the NYU University Hospital, where I got a chance to see Dr. Laura J Balcer, professor at the department of neurology. She told me that my injury was serious, but I had recovered. She told me that many people don’t, and this is a gift from nature. That, I should not focus on our scars and live my life with happiness. Her words inspired me so much that I decided that I too will be a doctor of neurology like her and help people like me affected by such accidents live a better life. My other doctor, an Orthopedic, recommended me to an electronic bone stimulator that will help my bones grow fast and recover the injury fast.

After a month or two, I resumed my regular lifestyle. The therapy was working. I was recovering really fast. I realized how words can heal scars that cannot be seen from the outside. I was inspired by the technology and the research the NYU hospital had. It made me so happy, and I realized that technology does make a difference.

My life changed, and so I decided to do research and be a doctor. I believe NYU is perfect for me and my goals. I adore the Neural Science curriculum offered at CAS. I hope to study with Professor Laura and other faculty members who will help me learn how to help people with double vision and other vision problems. I will also learn how to properly understand the patient’s problems. In the future, I aim to be a member of the interdisciplinary team at NYU Langone‚Äôs Concussion Center.

Other than this, I am also interested in music. I have learned piano and guitar and have competed at the district level. Once at NYU, I will be able to be a part of the NYU A Capella Choir and other music schools there. This all means I can pursue my two aims in one place.

Analysis of this sample essay

This essay takes an unconventional approach to the personal statement.

The essay heading begins with the hook and builds on the story to explain how NYU and the writer connect. In this story, the writer also tells how he would make a difference and how NYU and he are a perfect match.

However, some writers prefer a more straightforward way, which has its potential.

Example 2:

Life is fair and unfair at the same time. The ideas about survival of the fittest in the study of evolution had nothing to do with the white man’s burden. Yet, it was used by many in support of colonization and racism.

As I was growing old, I realized that different people had been treated differently in society. So, questions started coming to me, asking what makes society the way it is now. What causes segregation. Why are some people awarded, while others are punished for the same things? With these questions in my mind, I got the chance to read an article by Assistant Professor Jacob Faber about home lending programs and racial segregation. I was astonished about the institutionalized framework created unknowingly was promoting this apartheid. I found out other faculty at the Department of Sociology was just as learned as Jacob was. I visited the school and found that this is the place where I get answers to my questions and meaning to my life.

My attraction towards sociology due to the interdisciplinary nature of the subject. I will learn a lot about how to improve the lives of people around me and apply knowledge to social problems.

Analysis of this sample essay

The second essay tells you how you start your essay differently. The conclusion can be somewhat similar. These are the point to note in the second example:

Clear thesis Statement

In the Why NYU essay, you need to have a clear thesis statement telling the readers what you want. This essay tells the readers that you are interested in the department.

The approach is different from the earlier essay, which was based on adversity.

In a Why NYU essay, you need such an introduction that hooks the readers and communicates your point to them.

Shows research

The people at the admissions committee are looking for candidates that are really interested in NYU. You can show them that you are interested in giving them facts that you have researched. The admissions committee loves when you do that.

Connects you with the department

You need to have some nexus with the department, NYU, and your interests. This will tell the admissions committee why you and NYU are a perfect match.

DO’s and Don’t:

These are the Does and Don’t are adopted from the article from the comments of the admissions department and our observations:

  • Number 1: A good “Why NYU” essay will show that you have done some research on NYU and the program of your interest.
  • Number 2: Don’t waste your space. Write only the relevant point. Don’t beat around the bush.
  • Number 3: Stay within the word limit.
  • Number 4: Don’t mention the NYC-related songs or movies, or they have inspired you because they don’t tell anything to the admissions department about you.
  • Number 5: Don’t be very specific to the topic that you want the admission so badly. Tell something about yourself.
  • Number 6: Be creative. When you write the essay, tell about yourself and have fun. Don’t worry because the readers at the admissions committee are like you.
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