What is a free automatic online essay grader?

Have you ever wondered why other students of your class succeed in their essay assignments while you get a list of recommendations prescribed on your assignment sheet? Then you have to learn what is a free automatic online essay grader.

Writing an essay has always been a meticulous job. Not only it has to be grammatically correct, but it also has to be well-written with great content. To do well in an essay exam, the student needs a lot of practice, appropriate feedback from a competent assessor, and a lot more revision. The problem with this approach is that it is burdensome. The assessor can’t keep up with the hundreds of essays he has to check if he gives regular assignments.

Think about the cost the institute may have to bear for arranging a separate assessor for each student. An automatic online essay grader solves all these problems by providing an efficient and well-designed grading system that is reliable, effective, and cost-efficient.

A free automatic online essay grader is an online service that grades an essay and provides constructive feedback to the student online. The accuracy and reliability of these systems may vary, but overall it can be as good as a professional assessor.

How is the online automatic essay grader free for use, a problem solver?

The free online automatic essay graders have a lot of potential to serve the needs of users. Its users can range from students to professors and professional writers who want to focus more on the content and leave the rest to the checker. Here is the list of the topmost daunting issues which an online automatic grader solves.

1. Automatic Grader is Easily Available

Online graders have solved the problem of availability. A university or college assessor would only allow you to discuss your writing issues in the class. Moreover, there will also be a limit to what you can ask because other students are as curious as you are.
The online grader solves the problem by being available 24/7. Students and writers have access to have their scripts checked anytime.

2. Free Grading is not biased

There is always a likelihood of a biased assessor. A student who usually gets an A on his test may get an A on a poorly written essay because of the bias. This prevents the student from learning from his mistakes. Likewise, a student that scores poorly on tests is likely to have poor essay grades even when his essay is good due to bias. Humans naturally prefer making generalizations regarding ideas and people, and every examiner will suffer from the imparity. However, that will not affect the online automated essay graders.

The automated online grader will be disinterested in how you scored in your semester test. It cares about how you have written your current task.

3. It suggests improvements right away

The best part of the online free essay grading system is that it delivers the feedback right away. As soon as you submit your script, it starts checking at the very moment. Within minutes you have your results, and you know how to improve your writing.

4. Automatic essay grader can check many essays at once

What makes the online free checker special is its capability to check several essays at once. The online essay checker does not glitch. It assesses every script as efficiently as it does when checking one alone. It is like the industrial revolution in checking. The grading is mass-produced.

5. Saves from financial burdens

The beauty of the online grading system is that it saves a hell of a lot of financial resources. Think of all the money required in conducting tests, collecting copies, and grading. Let us examine an example; in the year 2018, 541,750 test-takers appeared in GRE alone. In this test, every candidate had to write at least two essays, making it 1.1 million scripts to be checked by GRE alone. If an assessor must check each copy in 10 minutes, it may take him 11 million minutes. Now here is the punch, we only have 525,600 minutes in a year. A good automatic essay grader will check these copies in just 25 mins with 98% accuracy as a GRE assessor. Why don’t we give it a try?

How does an automatic essay grader for free really work?

The automatic perfect college essay graders are not new; they have been around for more than a half-century now. But their accuracy and authority have grown over the period. A typical modern automated essay grader checks grammar, clarity, content, and plagiarism. Moreover, such an automatic essay grader examines and advises on how to improve the content.

How reliable is a free online automatic essay grader?

A free online automated essay grader can be very reliable and increasingly usable. According to a report, after examining 13000 scripts, an online automated essay grader predicted the scores with more than 80% accuracy.

It’s phenomenal to have such an accurate result with such a small input. Machine learning has been advancing incredibly, and hence the results are improving with every passing day.

Likewise, upon the use of an automatic essay grader, candidates are more likely to predict their test results. They may be able to improve their issues in advance and be more productive.

A free online artificial intelligence (AI) grader may not be a replacement for the human assessor. It is a great assistant that can considerably contribute to the overall assessment procedure.

What are the most common types of automatic essay graders free for use?

We can classify automated graders into the types of the technique employed while assessing the essays. The first automated grader used to determine and advise on the style of writing. It was called Project Essay Grader or PEG. What makes it unique is that it was a prototype that scored on diction, fluency, punctuation, grammar, and their correlation. In 1966, Ellis Page developed this evaluation system upon the request of a college board. PEG is still in practice and gives a nuanced understanding of the candidate’s writing style.

While this system efficiently determined the writing style, it does not judge the originality of the content. Plagiarism and cheating were significant issues that this method was not able to withstand. Hence, researchers developed a new system called Intelligent Essay Assessor or the IEA. This system used the Latent Semantic Analysis (LSA) technique that focused on evaluating the content. Under this technique, the assessor can spot the pirate who paraphrases the original text with new words. If the online grader uses this system, the cheater is doomed! However, this mechanism also had its disadvantages that needed to improve; it lacked the style assessment.

To improvise the online assessment system, the modern online free essay graders encompass both qualities. Most of the latest online automated assessors now apply the natural-language processing (NLP) technique. This technique is commendable for both the matter style and content. After the development of machine learning, the procedure adopted has gone beyond expectations. Assessment of these essays is better than ever before.

What can an online automatic essay grader free for use do?

An online automatic essay grader, free or premium, has some features. It focuses on the errors that may originate in the idea, structure, or grammar. They must recommend improvements not only regarding the essay format, style but also the relevance. Here is the list of the features that most of the good online automatic essay checker consists of:

  • Grammar

The most essential and fundamental feature is grammar. Any reasonable essay grader would encompass this feature. A useful free online essay grader would not only point out the mistakes in your text but would also suggest how to resolve the error. Many online essay graders also explain why the error is grammatically improper.

  • Persuasiveness

Finding out the persuasiveness is also an essential feature of modern AES. The modern online essay grader is designed to guide the candidate to write persuasively and convincingly. They score your essay for reasoning and penalize you for being informative when the test requires you to write an argumentative essay. However, in modern essays assessor, you can always change the setting.

Developers added this feature because of the high demand for argumentative essays in the market. Universities require their students to be able to communicate in a critical and argumentative way. Writing an argumentative essay helps students in their whole career after passing out of university.

  • Clarity

The clarity of the text reflects how clear the article is. The AES grades an exposition clear when the thesis is easy to understand. Clarity also means that the arguments in the essay are effortlessly understandable. The clarity of text is one of the fundamental problem students are facing nowadays. The confusion in writing shows candidates’ inability to make decisions on matters. In a professional essay, such an error is inexcusable.

  • Cohesion

A good essay writer connects the essay internally. It should be such that every sentence has some nexus with the next sentence. These connections are drawn using some connectors throughout the paragraph like; further, but, meanwhile, etc. The modern online automated essay assessors have built-in recommendations for these connectors. If you have problems in this area, automated essay grading is a perfect solution.

  • Development of ideas

A new dimension that can be assessed by the online essay grader is development. It weighs how candidates have developed the ideas. If your essay lacks details and examples, your essay is not going to be interesting. This does not mean that the whole script should be full of examples. A good copy would balance between the details and brevity. The online automatic essay grader would suggest similarly.

  • Structure

All essays have the same core structure. Every essay, also if you buy it from the best essay writing service, starts with an introduction, is developed in the body, and is summarized at the conclusion. In a machine learning online essay grader, the candidates are suggested to start their essay with a hook, give a brief background, and end the introduction with the thesis statement.

Since the thesis statement is the single most important statement of the essay, writing a wrong structure means a penalty for the candidate.
Following the introduction, the essayist should also focus on developing the body. If you have developed the body with arguments, facts, or narrations, you shall be given more marks.

The conclusion of the essay should be organized, as well. The candidates should write a summary of the essay, restate the main points and thesis statement, and end with an attractive line.

A modern online essay grader guides in all these procedures.

  • Relevance

Relevance is the most important factor in the essay. It determines whether your is off-the-topic or right to the point. To maintain relevance, you should use the words in your topic quite often throughout the essay.

The online essay grader is designed to tackle this issue by looking for the words in the title and their synonyms throughout the essay. A good online grader would also suggest that the same word should not be repeated unnecessarily.

  • Style

An online automatic essay grader examines what word choice you make. Do you maintain a variety in your sentence structure? All this helps find out if your essay has a variety and colorful style. If you score high on this, your essay would be more readable. It would be something people would like to read.

  • Mechanics

Writing an essay does not mean writing arguments and stories only. It means writing something that makes the reader think about it. Something that would cause the reader to be more engaged. But while reading if a spelling mistake, punctuation error, or capitalization confuses the reader. Believe it or not, the reader loses attention instantly.

This is where an automated essay grader comes in. It helps you find out the basic problems in your text so that your reader may not lose interest in you.

  • Usage

Finally comes the usage. This classic feature is always present in an automatic online essay checker. The reason is simply that there should be no prepositional error or word choice error that would make the writer look stupid.

Why should you use an automatic essay grader for free?

Everyone probably has some interest in writing but writing well requires regular assessment, continuous feedback, and repeated revisions. A good writer always proofreads his own work several times before he publishes it. New students require a lot of work before they can be called mature writers. They need to invest time and money in the effort to reach the professional level. An online grader helps in solving immediate problems that writers have from access to immediate feedback. It has, to a great extent, revolutionized grading. Even the standardized testing systems are now suggested to use automatic essay graders due to the reliability of this system. The score given by these graders can be very accurate. Hence, a free online automatic essay grader is a problem solver able to guide you for proper essay writing.

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