The most useful cause and effect essay topics

A cause-and-effect test is one of the easiest but most fun essay type. Therefore, you can write it in a few hours, without having to spend days or even weeks on it! Its purpose is to establish causal relationships between something.

In other words, you just choose a problem, explain why it happened, and find out what the consequences are, and that sums up the entirety of the essay! You are lucky if you are given such an essay as an assignment.
The cause and effect test are based on cases where an action or event causes certain effects. Most students have a problem at first: they find it difficult to select topics for a cause and effect essay.

It would be easier for teachers to assign topics to students on cause and effect essay, but not in general. They will give you a general theme, and the student is expected to formulate their own ideas on a topic.
Writing an essay in college or university is practically not easy since it is higher education, so you need to demonstrate advanced thinking and writing skills. Like all other students, you not only have to follow the instructions but also show some creativity. Part of creativity is choosing a title for your paper.

If you have an understanding of how to choose topics and write examples of cause and effect essays, writing an essay in college will be much easier. However, if you are like most students writing this essay type for the first time, you will probably have some difficulty. You can’t rely on a random topic generator because you want this essay to be creative and unique.
We will enlighten you on how you can select a topic. In addition, we will provide examples that will definitely inspire you to create your own approach.

What is a cause and effect essay?

Cause and effect are a rhetorical essay style that centers on events that lead to certain outcomes. You may be asked to write a cause and effect essay for a writing class, but you may also have cause and effect tasks in other disciplines. For instance, you may be asked to write about the reasons for the economic downturn in a particular company in your business class, or you may be asked to write about the reasons for rising obesity rates in the United States in your nursing class.

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A cause and effect essay is based on the purpose of discovery and discussion of events that leads to certain outcomes. Whenever you are writing a cause and effect essay, you need to make sure that you research the specific causes and that you are sure that you are showing why they cause certain results. You can focus on any cause, effect, or combination of the two.

Tips on choosing good topics for cause and effect essays

When choosing your own topic for a cause and effect essay, you might have a feeling that flexibility is leverage. When you start having difficulties with the choice of topic, you realize that it is not an easy task, after all. It would be much easier to get an example of a title and work on it, wouldn’t it?
Remember that the topic of your essay must determine a situation in which one event or action will lead to another. You need to choose a major event that is relevant to the general theme that your teacher provided for you.

Suppose, for instance; the general theme is the Great Depression; you can choose low wages as one of the leading causes of why market collapse. Your statement will discuss how this cause contributed to this effect. However, the thesis statement cannot be used as the title of your essay. It needs to be shorter. The link between low pay and the 1929 stock market crash may be the ideal topic for this essay.

You can also write the topic in question form, without exposing the link between cause and effect. What is responsible for the stock market crash of 1929? This is a more general topic for this essay, but it might work.

Here are some short and important tips to help you find topics:

  • Brainstorm to find general ideas related to the topic suggested by your teacher.
  • Limit the big topic to a very specific event or action.
  • Think of a specific effect that caused that incident or action.
  • Stick to the part of the theme that you really like. This will make the writing process straightforward for you.
  • Define a short, clear title for your essay.

Choose a topic based on cause or effect.

The best way to be focused while searching for a topic is to narrow the approach you take. Eventually, each cause has a type of effect, and each effect has a causal factor. You will probably be more successful, choosing half the equation and following where the research goes. This type of writing will be more successful if you start your research with an open mind, instead of assuming you know the cause and effect of the connection before you start.

If you choose to begin your research because of the cause, there is no shortage of options. As mentioned above, you can choose something that is personal to you. If your parents are not together, you can consider divorce as a cause and start researching the types of effects it can have. If you participated in a higher education program at school, start and see if you can find a common effect that students have in a similar program. Because this method does not require a lot of research, you may want to consider hiring a professional editor to help you compile and organize your research, perhaps in a commented bibliography for ease of use and writing an article.

It may be more effective to start with an effect if it is a more limited approach. This may be better for people with little time, as it requires little research to get on the right track. If you have any trouble sleeping, focus on this effect, and start looking for possible causes of insomnia. If you think your colleagues are not interested in political action, but you are not sure why this is a great opportunity to research what causes this effect.

For students who may have very limited time or limited interest, it may be better to choose a subject from a list of suggested by a teacher. It may also be effective to have a professional writing service that manages certain topic selections to choose from and may provide a sketch to go with your selection. It all depends on the goals of the individual.

Other criteria to consider when choosing a cause and effect topic

Making a decision on the focus of your cause and effect essay solve half of the problem. If you plan to perform this task on your own, rather than consulting an essay writing service or essay tutor, you should consider some considerations:

What is the length of your paper? It would be difficult to explain that the economic principles of President Reagan are responsible for the recession in the 2000s with two pages. Likewise, if you are working on a 20-page article, you will probably run out of ideas to write about if you are limited to a simple topic, like high interest being the main cause of the recession.

What is your academic level? It is important to know the teacher’s expectations from you and what your limitations are. A freshman is expected to focus on common topics that are easy to research. A master student is expected to come up with arguments that need intensive study and complete quotations.

What is important to you? It is more important that students write what they know while writing an essay. And this case is also similar and does not have much difference. You should choose a topic that is familiar to you, but more importantly, one that interests you. It is much easier to swallow hours of research and writing if you are personally involved in the subject.

Finally, you should choose a topic that you can be accountable for conveniently. You know how much time and energy you have, more than anyone else. It is always worthwhile to write on a challenging topic and gain something new, but not if this type of burden overwhelms you for the rest of your life.

Cause and effect topics on Mental Health

  • How does working remotely affect mental health?
  • Why does e-learning cause (more or less) anxiety while taking tests?
  • How does wearing a mask throughout the day affect mental health?
  • What Causes People to Have insomnia?
  • Why are YouTube videos like ASMR (Autonomous Meridian Sensory Response) comfortable for people?
  • What we eat makes our mental health get better or worse?
  • What is causing the increase in non-pharmacological treatment for pain?

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Cause and effect topics on Relationship

  • How does working at home affect marital relationships?
  • What impact did COVID-19 restrictions and social prolongation have on family life?
  • How did the pandemic affect college students’ dating?
  • What is responsible for a divorce?
  • How does divorce affect children? Does the age of the child make a difference?
  • How does parental divorce affect their children’s dating and marital relationships?
  • How does long-distance affect relationships?

Cause and effect topics Social Problem

  • What has caused the rise in international adoption in western countries?
  • How news of natural disasters, terrorist attacks, sexual predators, and other horrific situations affects children?
  • How do nonprofit organizations (perhaps choosing one) affect social problems?
  • What is the effect of baby boomers getting to the retirement age?
  • What causes men to still out-earn paid women? What is the effect?
  • How does religious oppression affect society (can you choose a particular country or religion)?

Cause and effect essay topics for high school

  • Growing up with food insecurity: threats to children’s lives
  • Discrimination / ongoing racism in schools
  • The role of sexism in modern society
  • How do you lose/gain popularity in college?
  • How do charter schools affect the education system?

Compare and contrast essay for sixth grade.

  • Vegetarian vs. Non-vegetarians: the effects of war
  • The choice of studying French and studying Spanish
  • Different approaches to doing homework
  • Democracy or dictatorship: the decision in the best option
  • How does college differ from university?
  • What marks the distinction between the United Kingdom and the United States cultures?

Most prominent cause and effect essay topics list

  • What are the results of smoking cessation?
  • What Are the Obvious Reasons and Effects of Abortion?
  • Explain the results of low social status.
  • Choose a president from your country and explain the causes and results of his politics.
  • Being an only child and having siblings: different reasons and consequences of growing differently.
  • Investigate Hitler’s life. How did he become a dictator?
  • Why do revolutions take place? What are the results of society?

Fun cause and effect essay topics

  • Causes and consequences of laughter among the band’s drummers
  • Turning home pet successful online
  • Uploading the wrong photo to your personal Instagram
  • Reasons why “Harry Potter” is replacing “The Lord of the Rings” and the consequences of this change
  • Don’t miss the game – watch online!
  • The psychology of success
  • How can you take advantage of the improved internet connection (2G vs. 4G)?


Make sure you choose topics for your cause and effect essays that are very important to you. Choosing the right topic for your essay will surely make your work more interesting, attractive, and more successful. The subject of your assignment must have something that piques your interest. Writing directly from your mind rather than listing some pointless ideas takes your writing to the next level, and has a huge impact on the reader.

Here are some things that you need to keep in mind while choosing topics for your cause and effect essay:

  • Ensure it will give you enough options for your research
  • Be sure you are specific.
  • And it must have a connection with the general theme.
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