How to write the best season essay?

Writing about the season is simple and equally be daunting. It works like other essays, but there might be a need to take some things into consideration. Writing an essay on a topic like this is equal to describing nature. A standard essay takes a considerable amount of time to write; however, you can become better at it with some advice and professional tips even if you are a beginner.

Every part of your essay most correlates with the said topic in the essay. Writing an essay that has to do with season requires that you understand the necessary details about the season. Whether you are writing for the summer, autumn, winter, and spring, we will consider the different types of essays for the four seasons and the different examples in this article. Writing an essay for the season becomes simpler and effortless with the guides below.

Tips on how to write the best essay season

Ensure you personalize the essay

In order to completely describe a season in your essay, then there is a need for you to talk about it as if it’s a person. Yes, it sounds odd, but you have to personalize everything about it. Trying to describe as an inanimate object or like mere weather will not allow you to give an in-depth explanation about it to your readers. So, before you start writing as some questions about the season you are writing about. Questions like, what is the season, what does the season brings with it, what month does the season fall into. Or to make it more personal, you can ask a question about the season as if you are questioning a person. For a start, if you are writing about a person, what would you need to know about such a person before proceeding. Is it gender, age, hobby, and personality? Writing the best essay for season requires that you also ask questions like this regarding the particular season you are writing about. In addition, what you want to portray to the reader is also important.


The second important thing is the effect of the season; we have talked about this in the first part. But it won’t be bad to elaborate more on it. What does such a season make you feel like? For instance, if you are writing an essay on a particular food. You might need to ask questions like; what memory does such food brings for you. Or to make things better, let’s assume you are writing about an event. What memories do such an event bring for you? What are those things that you can associate with each season? Is it the smell of the rain, the chilly wind, or probably the food that your mother makes during that particular season? Or for autumn, you might want to think about the fallen leaves or beginning of the school. Even if you don’t have anything to write concerning the season, always allow your memories to guide you.

Element of Surprise

One of the things that make essays interesting is the element of surprise and unpredictability. Describe the season in a way that will make the reader start guessing right from the introduction, and even before the essay ends.


You can talk about some dishes that are traditional to the month of each season. For example, in months such as September, October, and November, what would normally come to mind is Pumpkin pies, turkey, Apple cider, and roasted potatoes. Although, there is a need to be careful while using this as some people might not be familiar with these dishes.


Every season has representation, and there are symbols associated with these seasons. Knowing the symbols of each season makes you more creative while writing. While doing this, you can think of a poet or writer, check their works, and see exactly how they use some of these symbols to depict the true image of each season. For example, autumn represents adulthood, maturity, new birth, and so on. At the same time, summer symbolizes freedom, warmth, and joy. References in some literature refer to winter as death, loneliness, and despair. Lastly, spring refers to love, rebirth, and hope. You can use all this as a device to craft an excellent essay about any season.

The bad part

You don’t want to complete your essay without exploring this aspect because not all essay requires you to describe it as your favorite. And sometimes, writing about each season requires that you talk about how you feel about the seasons. So, if you don’t have a good feeling about a season, you can also do well to write about it in the essay. It does not make your essay bad; the only thing you need to do is adhere to the instructions given by your teacher.

Types of Season Essay

Autumn Essay

I used to associate the seaside only with the hot sunny weather and summer holidays until I went to the sea in autumn. I still remember that it was the very end of October when my parents took me to the small coastal town with them for a few days just to have some family rest. On the first day, we rented a cheap but very cozy apartment, left our bags, and literally ran to the empty beach. What we saw, heard, smelt, and felt is difficult to describe with words.

The sea was slightly stormy. The waves were gracefully rolling on the beach, and it seemed that they wanted to welcome us. Their deep sound and mysterious rustling suddenly made me think that the sea was breathing just like a human being. The water was bluish-gray, but the color did not irritate. On the contrary, until today, I think that if I was told to depict autumn as a person, I would draw a woman with the calm and wise eyes of this very color, but not yellow or brown. The cool air around us smelt with salt. We could even taste it on our lips, as the sudden blast of wind caught the splashes and left them on our faces. We simply forgot about our tiredness and could not keep our eyes off the magnificent scenery.

My Sister’s Name Is Autumn

Note: If you read the above essay very well, you would note that the style of the writing was based on personification. It is good to note that; when working on a descriptive essay that incorporates some personal impressions or experiences in your writing, it would best to write in the first person. This will add more character to your essay, originality, and probably a close relationship to your story.

Summer Essay

Summer season is the hottest season of the year with longer days, which are warm and shorter nights. Specifically, on the summer solstice, the days become the longest, and nights are the shortest. This season begins in March and lasts up until the end of June. If we consider the whole period, as the days get longer, the temperature rises, and when the days start becoming shorter again, the temperature begins to fall. The temperature is highest in the middle of the day, which makes it difficult to do any activity during the day. People prefer to be out and about during the early morning time or in the evening after the sun has set.

Along with high temperatures, there are also winds that are dusty, hot and dry. In summer season, people can experience heat stroke, dehydration, diarrhea and other issues related to high temperatures. Rivers, ponds and lakes dry up in regions where the temperature is very high. This causes several problems for people living in that area. Even other nearby areas experience water shortage. This negatively affects not only human beings but also other birds, animals and plants.

To reduce the heat effect, people tend to wear light cotton clothes so that they feel cool under in hot weather. We should consume more water and eat more fruits to avoid dehydration and sun stroke.

Although there are many inconveniences, there are several positive points also about this season. This is the time when schools take a break and children can go on summer vacations to enjoy other places. It is also the season when fruits like pineapple and mangoes are available

Note: You would note that this essay was written, identifying the impression that the summer season brings. This summer essay, different from the Autumn essay, only talks about the effect that the summer has on people and how these effects can be reduced.

Spring Essay

Maybe I am not original in my love for spring, but I just cannot help it. I really love it and can’t suppress my feelings. Why? Because it is so beautiful and great in all its manifestations!

When I walk out of my house at the beginning of spring, I can but smile and think to myself that here it is – the long-wished-for and favorite season, the one when there appear buds on trees and grass starts to grow after winter sleep, and it is so green and bright. Spring is the time when everything awakes and develops. Nature becomes renovated and gets ready for productive and warm months.

I am sure that such a change in nature has an effect on all the people. As for me, I am not an exception, as, in spring, I always plan many things I want to do in the nearest future to have a great time and improve myself. And I am especially proud that I usually succeed in achieving what I want.

Everything is owing to spring. I think that in winter, all people are in some kind of hibernation. Life becomes slower, and people rarely go out for a walk, as it is cold and not at all pleasant. In spring, everything changes.

Note: This essay talks about what the Spring brings, the changes, and the different effects it has on different people. It is clear from this writing that the writer loves Spring and expresses love through the essay.

Winter Essay

Winter in New York nookie is really challenging, with degrees centigrade storms and severe weather conditions. Not to mention that very often snow mickle block traffic, create havoc, and even cut communication utilities; in this case, winter can be indeed the worse season of the year. For me, I can say that this is so because I cannot stay outdoors for a gigantic time and do my regular activities due to the incredibly cold atmospheric conditions.

Then I find it extremely depressing to see grey colors all around, occasionally some white spots of snow here and there. Finally, to add to the lower spirits is the extreme weather, which shakes me worry about family and friends, whose qualifications be stuck and in trouble in unreachable places.

Scientists always recommend prolonged outdoor activities in order to keep the 1s body and spirit in good shape. There are numberless winter sports practiced in the open air; however, for me exposing my body to harsh temperatures and having numb limbs is not the ideal situation. Going to the lyceum is besides acceptable, but then you have to walk backspace exposed to the cold wind after you have taken a shower, so one can catch a cold or flu. Winter can be very unexpected and bring unconditional weather, which can lock you at home for days. In such cases, I become languid, and my mood is down. I am not able to go outside and enjoy the terrific sunniness and fresh smell of grass. I once read an article about the effects of colors and how they can influence people’s moods and emotions.

Winter the worst season of the year

Note: This is an example of an essay that talks about the bad part of a season. The writer talks about the bad impression that the winter has on the people.


Writing an essay on the season can be done effortlessly when the right guideline is being followed. You can follow the above tips to write an essay on any season. In addition, while writing, it would best to stick to a particular style of writing throughout your essay.

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Mahd Jalal
Mahd Jalal
1 year ago

I don’t really like spring, I prefer winter over all seasons