How To Cheat Turnitin, When Buying Essay?

When education institutions assign essay work to students, most of the students due to personal reasons are not able to do that work by themselves and this is where they take the help of the internet.

Students approach online essay writers to buy the assigned project from the institute and then submit it to their professors. Unfortunately, professors are well aware of this move so they use Turnitin to check whether the project work is plagiarized or cheated from some other sources.

Turnitin is a boon for professors and a curse to students who rely on online essay writers. The main purpose of the tool is to detect plagiarism from a document and no matter how well the writer has written the project, it still may have the information from other sources which could be spotted by Turnitin as cheating.

The tool is highly effective and must be dodged if you want good grades and want to sustain your academic career. But before we see some tricks to beat this plagiarism checker let us learn about this software and see how it works.

What is Turnitin?

If you want to cheat on this software and want that your project should be accepted to improve your academic grades you must understand how it works.

Turnitin is a type of program which integrates a large database of article, journal, newspapers, web content, books and paper works that are written by students. This program is basically an originality checker and plagiarism detector.

When a professor submits a project into this service, Turnitin uses its algorithm to compare and find texts with similarity to its massive database. The robots and program will read each word and each sentence that is written in your project and then it will compare the word and sentence to the data already present in the program.

This means when a professor will upload your document in this database, after a short period of time Turnitin will analyze the project work and highlight the matching consecutive words and sentences. This will be reported as cheating or plagiarism.

This tool can be very fearful for students but, there are few tricks that can help you cheat Turnitin and get desired grades in your academics. Let us discuss these tricks now.

How to cheat Turnitin?

Due to many techniques that students have discovered to cheat the essay work and bypass the plagiarism checker; it has given an opportunity to professors and software developers to upgrade their program and catch their tricks.

Luckily, there are few tricks that are new and that the software is not aware of. If you don’t want to get in the cheating student’ category, we suggest you follow the below-mentioned tricks to dodge the Turnitin and get good academic grades.

1: Paraphrasing

This is one of the coolest tricks which almost no plagiarism checker could catch. You just have to express the text and statements using different words without changing its complete meaning. This trick may take some of your time but it is quite effective and Turnitin won’t be able to catch that.

2: Change the document’s format

This trick is considered very unique and rare. In this trick, you will have to change the word assignment format into PDF and then manipulate the structure. This trick makes the Turnitin think that you are the creator of the project and the content is original.

3: Changing the language

Looking for the cleverest trick that could cheat Turnitin? This is it. When you have written the essay, all you have to do is change the letters with identical-looking words of another language. Turnitin works on the matching-algorithm method which means it detects only copied material not this kind of change.

4: Adding photos in the paper

If you want your work to look more authentic and original even though it is not, you can try adding photos, graphs, maps to your project. This makes the work look more attractive plus it helps to dodge Turnitin and save you from the plagiarism tag.

5: Changing the order to the words

Like paraphrasing, this trick can be time taking but again, the results are good, (but not as fruitful as paraphrasing). All you have to do is rewrite and change the order of the words to avoid plagiarism.

Final words

There you go, five tricks that can help you avoid plagiarism and get good grades in your academics. Hope this article on – how to cheat Turnitin was helpful and you have learned something new from this page. Good Luck!

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