What are the best argumentative essay topics?

The objective of an argumentative essay is to choose a topic and then argue a viewpoint on that topic. You’ll have to do some research to back up your argument and find facts to support you. The hardest part of writing this kind of essay is choosing a topic, but the good news is there are plenty of topics to choose from with your essay.

How to Choose a Great Argumentative Essay Topic

Much of the work for an argumentative essay is done before you even begin writing it. You should choose a topic that you have some interest and knowledge about, or you run the risk of getting bored when trying to research it. Don’t worry about not researching enough, though, as you don’t need to become an expert in the subject. One of the most rewarding things about writing this kind of essay is taking the time to learn something new and maybe even change your own opinion on a subject.

Don’t forget that, while you should choose a topic that interests you, it doesn’t necessarily have to be one that you agree with. You can choose to argue against your subject. Another benefit of doing this kind fo essay is opening your eyes to different perspectives and broadening your horizons.

Argumentative Essay Topics

Sometimes we get a great burst of inspiration by looking at the different potential options. Check out our list of possible topics to see if any of them catch your eye. Write down the ones you find interesting and then consider the different options.

Which topics, if any, would be interesting to research? Is there a topic that you have a firm stance you can argue? Do you have any particular points you want to discuss? Does the issue offer something new to think about and consider? Could you understand why people might feel differently about it than you? These questions will guide you to the right approach for the right topic.

Some of the topics in our list may prove controversial, which is by design. Opinions matter for argumentative essays and controversy is bred by opinions that are – hopefully – supported by facts. Don’t think that you have to choose a controversial topic, though, as you can write about anything you want. With that said, here are some great ideas for argumentative essay topics;

  1. Do humans cause climate change?
  2. Does the country have a fair election process?
  3. Does the death penalty work?
  4. Can torture ever be justified?
  5. Has society become dependent on technology?
  6. Should smoking be banned?
  7. Should men receive paternity leave from work?
  8. Is it acceptable for companies to market products to children?
  9. Is animal research ethical?
  10. Is the current tax system fair and even?
  11. Are surveillance cameras an invasion of privacy?
  12. Should there be term limits for members of congress?
  13. Do CEOs get paid too much?
  14. Are athletes and celebrities paid too much?
  15. Do prisoners deserve the right to vote?
  16. Are there benefits to attending single-sex schools?
  17. Does homework help or hurt students?
  18. Does college cost too much?
  19. Should euthanasia be legalized?
  20. Is affirmative action fair?

If none of these topics interest you, then hopefully, they at least inspire you to find another issue that does.

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